The 2013 Carlisle Bison Booster Club Sports Banquet was the final event for outgoing football coach Scott Waymire.

Waymire is leaving Carlisle after seven seasons to become head coach at Class 4A Trumann. However, during the sports banquet, Waymire was honored by several times.

Former State Sen. Bobby Glover, whose grandsons J.R. and Chris Hart played football for Waymire, presented Waymire with a Capitol Citation from Mark Martin, secretary of state.

Waymire was also inducted into the Bison Booster Club Hall of Fame by outgoing president John Hillman.

Waymire, while addressing the crowd at Bison Arena, thanked his wife Michelle and his children.

“This has been the best seven years of my life and my family’s life, so I thank you,” Waymire said.

Waymire said when he was hired at Carlisle in 2006, it was the week of the Fourth of July. He was ready to get work in his first job as a head coach.

“I said ‘Mr. Marshall, can I come get a key to the field house tomorrow?’ He said it was Fourth of July weekend and nobody was going to be at school. He said that he would meet me up at the school,” Waymire said, referring to former CHS principal Floyd Marshall.

Waymire told a story about how he overheard at a local restaurant where patrons were talking about the new football coach.

“From that day on, the whole town has done nothing but open their arms to me and my family,” he said. “It’s not one person … it’s the whole town that has treated me well.”

Waymire said when he told his team in February that he was leaving was the “hardest day” of his life.

“I think that they believe in themselves,” he said of his team. “They believe that hard work pays off. That is the trait that I think they got from me.

“For my players, I couldn’t ask for a better group … you’ve been a true blessing.”

This past year, Waymire has served both as high school principal and football coach. At Trumann, he will coach football and work part of the day as an assistant principal at the elementary school.

“I was meant to coach,” he told his players. “Do what you love, whatever it is because that is what it’s all about.”