Three Webelo Scouts from Pack 103 in Lonoke recently received their Arrow Of Light. They are Aaron Watkins, Ben Main and Lee Glover Langdon, all fifth graders who have all been friends since joining up since first and second grade.

According to a Lonoke spokesman, what made it more special this year was the Webelo 2 and Webelo 1 all built a bridge that will be used every year from now on for the actually "cross/bridging over" from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts.

Troop 205 of Cabot was there to present the new troop badges to Scouts who will be crossing over into their troop.

Before Cub Scouts cross over into Boy Scouts, they must all be accepted by their new troop. The Lonoke boys are excited about their new adventures in Scouts, the spokesman said.

Within a week of jointing, the Scouts will be taking part in selling "Camp Cards" to help pay their way into different camps and activities taking place. And within two weeks, they go on their first Boy Scouts camping trip in Hope with their troop. While there, they will earn their archery badge.