School bus schedule as released by the Cabot School District transportation department. For more information call 501-743-3531.


001-6:22a.m.-6925 Hwy 38

001-6:24a.m.-Hwy 38/Gray Rd

001-6:27a.m.-Hill Rd/ Hwy 31 N

001-6:29a.m.-785 Bland Chapel Rd

001-6:30a.m.-1185 Bland Chapel Rd

001-6:33a.m.-434 Ables Loop

001-6:34a.m.-335 Ables Loop

001-6:38a.m.-1225 Pigeon Rd

001-6:38a.m.-1235 Pigeon Rd

001-6:39a.m.-1135 Pigeon Rd

001-6:41a.m.-442 Pigeon Rd

001-6:41a.m.-615 Pigeon Rd

001-6:42a.m.-215 Pigeon Rd

001-6:42a.m.-386 Pigeon Rd

001-6:45a.m.-2151 Bland Chapel Rd

001-6:46a.m.-Bland Chapel Rd/Butlerville Rd/Virgil Rd

001-6:48a.m.-Hattie Ln/Virgil Rd

001-6:53a.m.-Bonnie Blue Ln/E Melody Ln/W Melody Ln

001-6:54a.m.-105 Bonnie Blue Ln

001-6:55a.m.-55 Bonnie Blue Ln

001-6:56a.m.-250 Tara Ln

001-6:56a.m.-Bonnie Blue Ln/Tara Ln

001-6:57a.m.-Butlerville Rd/Tara Ln(1315) Butlerville Rd

001-6:58a.m.-Ashlyn Ln/Butlerville Rd

001-6:59a.m.-1106 Butlerville Rd

001-6:59a.m.-1133 Butlerville Rd

001-6:59a.m.-1283 Butlerfille Rd

001-7:01a.m.-636 Butlerville Rd

001-7:02a.m.-320 Butlerville Rd

001-7:03a.m.-131 Butlerville Rd

001-7:08a.m.-Hwy 38/Crossroads Subdivision

002-7:02a.m.-204 Katie Ln

002-7:03a.m.-280 Katie Ln

002-7:04a.m.-359 Katie Ln

002-7:08a.m.-110 Brookridge Rd

002-7:10a.m.-11 Apple Hill Rd

002-7:12a.m.-841 Apple Hill Rd002

002-7:15a.m.-3364 Hwy 319 W

002-7:15a.m.-Hwy 319 W/Tyler Ln

002-7:16a.m.-3425 Hwy 319 W002

002-7:16a.m.-Hwy 319 W/Melissa Ln002

002-7:17a.m.-3627 Hwy 319 W

002-7:18a.m.-4400 Hwy 319 W

002-7:21a.m.-405 Mk Ln

002-7:22a.m.-Chris Dr/Sandy Ln

002-7:24a.m.-4843 Hwy 319 W

002-7:25a.m.-4906 Hwy 319 W

002-7:25a.m.-4970 Ar Hwy 319 W

002-7:26a.m.-5044 Ar Hwy 319 W

002-7:26a.m.-Hwy 319 W/Griffin Ln

002-7:28a.m.-Happy Trails/Stone Ridge Rd

002-7:30a.m.-5872 Hwy 319 W

002-7:31a.m.-Hwy 319 W/Covey Ln

002-7:32a.m.-6492 Hwy 319 W

002-7:34a.m.-7224 Ar Hwy 319 W

002-7:37a.m.-Hwy 319 W/Ray Wall Rd

005-6:54a.m.-28 Wishing Well St

005-6:55a.m.-Ray St/Wolverine Dr

005-6:55a.m.-Wolverine Dr/Elk Bear Ln

005-6:56a.m.-Elk Bear Ln/Tacoma Dr

005-6:57a.m.-Tacoma Dr/Timberwood Dr

005-6:58a.m.-42 Timberwood Dr

005-6:58a.m.-Timberwood Dr/War Eagle Dr

005-7:00a.m.-318 Ray St(Pre-K)

005-7:00a.m.-Timberwood Dr/White Eagle Cv(Pre-K)

005-7:02a.m.-Jewett St/N Polk St

005-7:04a.m.-300 N Polk St

005-7:05a.m.-Crestwood Cv/Crestwood Dr

005-7:06a.m.-29 Crestwood Dr

005-7:06a.m.-Birchwood Cir/Birchwood Dr/Crestwood Dr

005-7:07a.m.-32 Crestwood Dr

005-7:08a.m.-122 Birchwood Cr

005-7:08a.m.-Birchwood Cir/Edgehill Cv

005-7:09a.m.-133 Birchwood Cr

005-7:10a.m.-Birchwood Cir/Paradise Cv

005-7:10a.m.-Birchwood Cir/Skylar Cv

005-7:12a.m.-1 Crestwood Dr

005-7:13a.m.-201 N Polk St

005-7:14a.m.-Matthews Ln/N 2nd St

005-7:15a.m.-Fortson Dr/N 3rd St/W Cherry St

005-7:16a.m.-Mockingbird Ln/N 4th St

005-7:17a.m.-Galloway Dr/North St

005-7:18a.m.-N Park St/North St

005-7:20a.m.-Glendale Dr/Woodhaven Dr

010-6:41a.m.-1310 Gun Club Rd

010-6:41a.m.-Gun Club Rd/Gw Ln

010-6:42a.m.-1494 Gun Club Rd

010-6:42a.m.-1535 Gun Club Rd

010-6:43a.m.-1753gun Club Rd

010-6:44a.m.-945 Besancon Rd

010-6:45a.m.-736 Besancon Rd

010-6:46a.m.-442 Besancon Rd

010-6:49a.m.-295 White Ln

010-6:52a.m.-Graham Rd/Kerr Station Rd

010-6:53a.m.-2360 Graham Rd

010-6:56a.m.-73 Morgan Rd

010-6:58a.m.-144 Mooney Rd

010-6:58a.m.-166 Mooney Rd

010-6:59a.m.-92 Mooney Rd

010-7:00a.m.-Graham Rd/Oak Grove Dr

010-7:06a.m.-2135 Graham Rd

010-7:08a.m.-Elmore Rd/Graham Rd

010-7:10a.m.-327 Hwy 236 W

010-7:11a.m.-457 Hwy 236 W

010-7:12a.m.-1141 Hwy 236 W

010-7:13a.m.-1193 Hwy 236 W

010-7:14a.m.-1723 Hwy 236 W

010-7:16a.m.-135 Mcdonald Dr

010-7:17a.m.-Hwy 89 S/Underwood Ln

010-7:19a.m.-Ivy Dr/Sandhill Rd

010-7:20a.m.-517/539 Sandhill Rd

010-7:21a.m.-125 Yates Ln

010-7:26a.m.-5655 Hwy 89 S

010-7:28a.m.-Hwy 89 S/Woodland Dr

010-7:29a.m.-3865 Hwy 89 S

011-6:51a.m.-2312 Dogwood Ln

011-6:51a.m.-3105 Campground Rd

011-6:52a.m.-2494 Dogwood Ln

011-6:52a.m.-Dogwood Ln/Poage Rd

011-6:54a.m.-644 Dogwood Meadows Ln

011-6:55a.m.-502 Dogwood Meadows Ln

011-6:56a.m.-203 Dogwood Meadows Ln

011-6:56a.m.-295 Dogwood Meadows Ln

011-7:01a.m.-145 Confederate Woods Rd

011-7:03a.m.-250 Bull Run Lp

011-7:05a.m.-2441campground Rd

011-7:06a.m.-2317 Campground Rd

011-7:07a.m.-Sarah Ln/Staton Rd

011-7:08a.m.-Elvie Ln/Staton Rd

011-7:11a.m.-2100 Cherry Rd

011-7:11a.m.-2150 Cherry Rd

011-7:13a.m.-21 Windwood Heights Ln

011-7:13a.m.-2535 Cherry Rd

011-7:14a.m.-N Windwood Hts/S Windwood Hts/Windwood Heights Ln

011-7:15a.m.-188 N Windwood Heights Ln

011-7:19a.m.-Cherry Rd/Cobblestone Ln

011-7:24a.m.-Byrd Ln/New Country Rd

014-6:58a.m.-Rockwood Rd/Valley Rd

014-6:59a.m.-Sun Terrace Dr/Sunset Ln

014-7:00a.m.-Suncrest Dr/Sunrise Pl

014-7:01a.m.-10 Sun Terrace Cv

014-7:01a.m.-14 Suncrest Dr

014-7:02a.m.-33 Suncrest Dr

014-7:03a.m.-43 Suncrest Dr

014-7:05a.m.-16 Sun Valley Dr

014-7:06a.m.-Sun Valley Dr/Sunset Ln

014-7:07a.m.-Ridge Rd/Sun Valley Dr

014-7:08a.m.-24 Ridge Rd

014-7:08a.m.-35 Ridge Rd

014-7:09a.m.-19 Ridge Rd

014-7:13a.m.-946 W Locust St (Century 21 Driveway)

014-7:13a.m.-W Locust St/Northside Trailer Park

014-7:15a.m.-N 8th St/Oak Grove Cir (Hs Only Stop)

014-7:17a.m.-20 Glendale Dr

014-7:17a.m.-Glendale Dr/Woodhaven Dr

014-7:20a.m.-Galloway Dr/N 5th St/W Locust St

014-7:21a.m.-N 4th St/W Locust St

014-7:22a.m.-105 E Locust St

014-7:23a.m.-E Locust St/N Jackson St

016-6:40a.m.-7690 Kerr Station Rd

016-6:41a.m.-7455 Kerr Station Rd

016-6:41a.m.-7650 Kerr Station Rd

016-6:43a.m.-6985 Kerr Station Rd

016-6:43a.m.-Custom Dr/Kerr Station Rd

016-6:45a.m.-6350 Kerr Station Rd

016-6:47a.m.-6584 Kerr Station Rd

016-6:49a.m.-5960 Kerr Station Rd

016-6:49a.m.-5983 Kerr Station Rd

016-6:50a.m.-284 Poppy Ln

016-6:51a.m.-Chickory Ln/Poppy Ln

016-6:55a.m.-Kerr Station Rd/Shady Oak Trl

016-6:56a.m.-213 Sunset Cir

016-6:57a.m.-Sunset Cir/ Sunset Cir

016-6:59a.m.-661 Sunset Cr

016-7:00a.m.-980 Sunset Cir

016-7:01a.m.-1112 Sunset Cr

016-7:02a.m.-1244 Sunset Cr

016-7:02a.m.-1304 Sunset Cr

016-7:03a.m.-Sunset Cir/Sunny Ln

016-7:04a.m.-Summerwood Dr/Sunset Rd

016-7:05a.m.-Springwood Ct/Sunset Rd

016-7:07a.m.-Oliver Ln/Red Oak Airpark

016-7:08a.m.-908 Oliver Ln

016-7:09a.m.-1026 Oliver Ln

016-7:09a.m.-1064 Oliver Ln

016-7:10a.m.-4805 Kerr Station Rd

016-7:12a.m.-4182 Kerr Station Rd

016-7:13a.m.-Fitzhugh Trl/Pickthorne Rd

016-7:14a.m.-Pickthorne Rd/Tims Trl

016-7:18a.m.-3420 Kerr Station Rd

016-7:19a.m.-3140 Kerr Station Rd

016-7:20a.m.-3105 Kerr Station Rd

018-6:53a.m.-215 W Elm St

018-6:54a.m.-S 10th St/Saint John St

018-6:55a.m.-Bellaire Dr/Saint John St

018-6:56a.m.-Bellaire Dr/Rodney Guthrie Dr

018-6:57a.m.-Rodney Guthrie Dr/Waymack Rd

018-6:59a.m.-S 10th St/W Myrtle St

018-7:01a.m.-62 Nevada Ln

018-7:03a.m.-10 Nevada Ln

018-7:04a.m.-Westhaven Pl/Dakota St

018-7:05a.m.-508 Dakota Dr

018-7:07a.m.-Dakota Dr/Reno Dr

018-7:07a.m.-Reno Dr/Silverado Ct

018-7:08a.m.-Reno Cv/Reno Dr

018-7:11a.m.-E Elm St/S Jackson St

018-7:12a.m.-E Myrtle St/S Jackson St

018-7:13a.m.-Bailey Ave/S Lincoln St

018-7:14a.m.-E Myrtle St/S Lincoln St

018-7:16a.m.-That Church (615 E Main St)

018-7:22a.m.-Jr High South

019-6:41a.m.-462 Tucker Rd

019-6:42a.m.-354 Hickory Hills Dr

019-6:43a.m.-292 Hickory Hills Dr

019-6:51a.m.-1037 Williams Rd

019-6:52a.m.-910 Williams Rd

019-6:56a.m.-1911 W Main

019-6:57a.m.-256 Rodney Ln

019-6:57a.m.-97 Rodney Ln

019-6:58a.m.-Rodney Ln/Valley Oak Ln

019-6:59a.m.-351 Valley Oak Ln

019-7:00a.m.-271 Valley Oak Ln

019-7:04a.m.-Oakridge Dr/Rolling Meadows Ln

019-7:05a.m.-983 Oakridge Dr

019-7:06a.m.-697 Oakridge Dr

019-7:06a.m.-E Oakview Dr/Oakridge Dr/Oakview Dr

019-7:07a.m.-Hidden Valley Trl/Oakridge Dr

019-7:08a.m.-570 Oakridge Dr

019-7:11a.m.-3330 Hwy 367 N

019-7:12a.m.-3388 Hwy 367 N

019-7:13a.m.-Penny Penny Day Care

019-7:14a.m.-111 Wyate St

019-7:14a.m.-Hwy 367 N/Brewer

019-7:15a.m.-N Pool St/W Allison St

019-7:16a.m.-102 S Pool St

019-7:16a.m.-108 N Pool St

019-7:17a.m.-S Pool St/W Verser St

019-7:19a.m.-E Main St/N 1st St/S 1st St

019-7:20a.m.-300 N 2nd St

022-6:44a.m.-Hwy 89 S/Jacob Ln

022-6:45a.m.-5780 Hwy 89 S

022-6:46a.m.-5925 Hwy 89 S

022-6:47a.m.-Hwy 89 S/Mccuin Ln

022-6:48a.m.-434 Tower Lp

022-6:50a.m.-Tower Hill Ln/Tower Loop

022-6:51a.m.-Hwy 89 S/Tower Loop(7510,7512,7544)

022-6:52a.m.-Ivy Dr/Sandhill Rd

022-6:57a.m.-116 Forbus Rd

022-6:59a.m.-Forbus Rd/Mahoney Loop

022-6:59a.m.-Forbus Rd/Mahoney Rd

022-7:00a.m.-203 Mahoney Loop

022-7:00a.m.-Mahoney Loop/Staggs Ln

022-7:01a.m.-1015 Mahoney Rd

022-7:01a.m.-348 Mahoney Loop

022-7:02a.m.-923 Mahoney Rd

022-7:05a.m.-33 Harris Rd

022-7:06a.m.-331 Harris Rd

022-7:06a.m.-418 Harris Rd

022-7:07a.m.-Mahoney Rd/Tommy Ln

022-7:08a.m.-204 Sexton Dr

022-7:09a.m.-Kala Ct/Oglesby Rd

022-7:09a.m.-Oglesby Rd/Strain Rd

022-7:10a.m.-34 Williamsburg Dr

022-7:11a.m.-Williamsburg Dr/Williamsburg Cv

022-7:14a.m.-Hwy 89 S/Woodland Dr

023-6:55a.m.-162 Lassiter Ln

023-6:55a.m.-Lassiter Ln/Ponderosa Rd

023-6:56a.m.-Lassiter Ln/N Candlewood

023-6:57a.m.-Candlewood Cir/N Candlewood/S Candlewood

023-6:59a.m.-Candlewood Cir/Candlewood Cv

023-7:00a.m.-Candlewood Cir/S Candlewood

023-7:01a.m.-985 Pickthorne Rd

023-7:02a.m.-Elkridge Cv/Pickthorne Rd

023-7:02a.m.-Lamar Dr/Pickthorne Rd

023-7:03a.m.-Andrew Dr/Pickthorne Rd

023-7:04a.m.-95 Andrew Dr

023-7:05a.m.-Andrew Dr/Chickadee Cv

023-7:06a.m.-Andrew Dr/Blue Bonnet Dr

023-7:07a.m.-150 Jeffery Ln

023-7:07a.m.-318 Jeffery Ln

023-7:08a.m.-Jeffery Ln/Jeffery Park

023-7:10a.m.-Hwy 89 S/Russell Rd

023-7:13a.m.-211 Barrett Ln

023-7:15a.m.-325 Barrett Ln

023-7:17a.m.-35 Oliver Ln

023-7:18a.m.-Oliver Ln/Red Oak Airpark

023-7:19a.m.-355 Red Oak Airpark

023-7:21a.m.-371 Oliver Trl

023-7:25a.m.-3865 Hwy 89 S

023-7:26a.m.-Highland Dr/ Hwy 89 S

023-7:27a.m.-Hwy 89 S/Horton Dr

024-(1st load) 7:02a.m.-18/19 Deerfield Dr

024-(1st load) 7:02a.m.-30 Deerfield Dr

024-(1st load) 7:03a.m.-14 Deer Run Dr

024-(1st load) 7:04a.m.-Deer Run Dr/Ten Point Ln

024-(1st load) 7:06a.m.-17 Fawn Dr

024-(1st load) 7:09a.m.-Griffin Pl/W 2nd St

024-(1st load) 7:10a.m.-2 Helen St

024-(1st load) 7:11a.m.-12/16 Helen St

024-(1st load) 7:11a.m.-6 Helen St

024-(1st load) 7:12a.m.-38 Willow Lake Dr

024-(1st load) 7:12a.m.-Helen St/Willow Lake Dr

024-(1st load) 7:13a.m.-47 Willow Lake Dr

024-(1st load) 7:14a.m.-68/69 Willow Lake Dr

024-(1st load) 7:14a.m.-89/90/91 Willow Lake Dr

024-(1st load) 7:16a.m.-12 Lakeside Dr

024-(1st load) 7:16a.m.-Lakeside Dr/Opal St

024-(1st load) 7:17a.m.-Pintar St/Willow Lake Dr

024-(1st load) 7:18a.m.-16 Willow Lake Dr

024-(1st load) 7:18a.m.-17 Opal St

024-(1st load) 7:19a.m.-6/4 Opal St

024-(1st load) 7:20a.m.-213 Peyton

024-(1st load) 7:20a.m.-550 S 2nd St

024-(1st load) 7:21a.m.-229 Peyton St

024-(1st load) 7:21a.m.-310 Peyton St

024-(1st load) 7:21a.m.-384 Peyton St

024-(1st load) 7:21a.m.-689 Peyton St

024-(1st load) 7:22a.m.-761 Peyton St

024-7:00a.m.-(1st load) 18 Whitetail Dr

024-7:31a.m.-(2nd load) Chantileer Ln/Orchard Hollow Dr

024-(2nd load) 7:30a.m.-Wc 2nd Load

024-(2nd load) 7:33a.m.-Apricot Dr/Castleton Dr

024-(2nd load) 7:33a.m.-Green Apple Dr/Castleton Dr

024-(2nd load) 7:34a.m.-Peach Tree Ln/Castleton Dr

024-(2nd load) 7:35a.m.-16 Peach Tree Ln

024-(2nd load) 7:35a.m.-Orchard Hollow Dr/Peach Tree Ln

024-(2nd load) 7:36a.m.-Apricot Dr/Peach Tree Ln

024-(2nd load) 7:36a.m.-Green Apple Dr/Peach Tree Ln

024-(2nd load) 7:37a.m.-10 Green Apple Dr

026-6:42a.m.-1021 Hwy 321 N

026-6:43a.m.-492 Angel Ln

026-6:44a.m.-461 Angel Dr

026-6:45a.m.-295 Angel Dr

026-6:46a.m.-264 Angel Dr

026-6:47a.m.-141 Angel Dr

026-6:47a.m.-4800 Campground Rd

026-6:48a.m.-215 Laser Ln

026-6:50a.m.-425 Laser Ln

026-6:51a.m.-492 Laser Ln

026-6:52a.m.-4660 Campground Rd

026-6:55a.m.-1032 Webber Ln

026-6:55a.m.-1171 Webber Ln

026-6:56a.m.-992 Webber Ln

026-6:57a.m.-781 Webber Ln

026-6:57a.m.-892 Webber Ln

026-6:58a.m.-412 Webber Ln

026-6:58a.m.-Prairie Ln/Webber Ln

026-6:59a.m.-92 Webber Ln

026-6:59a.m.-Shadow Ln/Webber Ln

026-7:02a.m.-717 Skinner Rd

026-7:02a.m.-Mimosa Ln/Skinner Rd

026-7:03a.m.-928 Skinner Rd

026-7:03a.m.-Hobbitt Ln/Skinner Rd

026-7:04a.m.-11 Shafer Tr

026-7:05a.m.-112 Shafer Tr

026-7:05a.m.-317 Shafer Trl

026-7:06a.m.-184 Wylie Tr

026-7:06a.m.-Shafer Trl/Wylie Trl

026-7:07a.m.-325 Wylie Tr

026-7:08a.m.-385 Wylie Trl

026-7:09a.m.-Madison Ln/Skinner Rd

026-7:10a.m.-1265 Skinner Rd

026-7:10a.m.-1269 Skinner Rd

026-7:11a.m.-1350 Skinner Rd

026-7:15a.m.-Dogwood Ln/Watercrest Ln

026-7:16a.m.-Dogwood Ln/Lorene St

027-6:42a.m.-Bear Ln/Charlie Olds Rd

027-6:43a.m.-1009 Charlie Olds Rd

027-6:45a.m.-374 Allen Cv

027-6:46a.m.-305 Allen Cv

027-6:47a.m.-247 Allen Cv

027-6:48a.m.-144 Allen Cv

027-6:49a.m.-785 Charlie Olds Rd

027-6:50a.m.-200 Charlie Olds Rd

027-6:52a.m.-16391 Ar Hwy 31 N

027-6:53a.m.-80 Robert Young Rd

027-6:55a.m.-419 Robert Young Rd

027-6:59a.m.-220 Jackson Rd

027-7:00a.m.-1027 Jackson Rd

027-7:01a.m.-1106 Jackson Rd

027-7:02a.m.-Jackson Rd/Old Red Rd

027-7:05a.m.-3577 Cocklebur Rd

027-7:07a.m.-2663 Cocklebur Rd

027-7:08a.m.-2266 Cocklebur Rd

027-7:09a.m.-Bayles Ln/Cocklebur Rd

027-7:09a.m.-Cocklebur Rd/Foxwood Ln

027-7:11a.m.-1460 Cocklebur Rd

027-7:13a.m.-54 Bud Grimes Rd

027-7:13a.m.-73 Bud Grimes Rd

027-7:14a.m.-27 Bud Grimes Rd

027-7:15a.m.-561 Brewer St

027-7:16a.m.-Brewer St/Chris Dr

027-7:17a.m.-Brewer St/Kirkland St

028-6:46a.m.-Shantera Pl/ Hwy 31 N

028-6:47a.m.-14446 Hwy 31 N

028-6:47a.m.-Bell Rd/ Hwy 31 N

028-6:51a.m.-30 Bridgewater Ln

028-6:52a.m.-355 Bridgewood Dr

028-6:53a.m.-252 Bridgewood Dr

028-6:54a.m.-Sandy Creek Dr/ Hwy 31 N

028-6:55a.m.-240 Jackson Rd

028-6:56a.m.-324 Jackson Rd

028-6:57a.m.-1027 Jackson Rd

028-6:58a.m.-1041 Jackson Rd

028-6:59a.m.-Jackson Rd/Old Red Rd

028-7:01a.m.-2457 Jackson Rd

028-7:03a.m.-3557 Cocklebur Rd

028-7:03a.m.-3590 Cocklebur Rd

028-7:04a.m.-4014 Cocklebur Rd

028-7:05a.m.-Cocklebur Rd/Eastland Acres Dr

028-7:06a.m.-4534 Cocklebur Rd

028-7:07a.m.-4880 Cocklebur Rd

028-7:20a.m.-Moon Rd/Moonridge Dr

028-7:21a.m.-Margie Dr/Moon Rd

028-7:22a.m.-Black Oak Cir/Moon Rd (2nd Entrance)

028-7:22a.m.-Black Oak Cir/Moon Rd(1st Entrance)

028-7:23a.m.-Emily Cir/Moon Rd

028-7:24a.m.-Moon Rd/Palm Dr

028-7:25a.m.-Moon Rd/Sundown Dr

028-7:27a.m.-792 Sweetwater Dr

028-7:28a.m.-403 Sweetwater Dr

028-7:28a.m.-Sweetwater Dr/Lisa Marie Cv

028-7:30a.m.-90 Sweetwater Dr

034-(ESL to WS) 7:11a.m.-E Main St/N Monroe St

034-(ESL to WS) 7:12a.m.-615 E Main St

034-(ESL to WS) 7:13a.m.-523 E Main St

034-(ESL to WS) 7:14a.m.-E Main St/N Lincoln St/S Lincoln St

034-(ESL to WS) 7:14a.m.-E Myrtle St/S Lincoln St

034-(ESL to WS) 7:15a.m.-E Myrtle St/S Jackson St

034-(ESL to WS) 7:16a.m.-306 S Jackson St

034-(ESL to WS) 7:16a.m.-Bailey Ave/S Jackson St

034-(ESL to WS) 7:17a.m.-S Jackson St/Suda St

034-(ESL to WS) 7:18a.m.-18 Oak Meadows Dr

034-(ESL to WS) 7:18a.m.-28 Oak Meadows Dr

034-(ESL to WS) 7:19a.m.-45 Oak Meadows Dr

034-(ESL to WS) 7:21a.m.-10 Oak Meadow Dr

034-(ESL to WS) 7:22a.m.-Meadowlark Dr/Robinson St

034-(ESL to WS) 7:23a.m.-Frances St/Meadowlark Dr

034-(ESL to WS) 7:24a.m.-Frances St/Jay Cir

034-(ESL to WS) 7:24a.m.-Frances St/Jay Cir

034-(ESL to WS) 7:27a.m.-Barnwell St/Pear St

034-(ESL to WS) 7:28a.m.-Barnwell St/Liberty Ln

034-(ESL to WS) 7:29a.m.-Barker Ln/Kerr Station Rd/Liberty Ln

034-(ESL to WS) 7:30a.m.-79 Pond St

036-6:48a.m.-13 Greystone Blvd

036-6:50a.m.-47 Gleneagle Dr

036-6:51a.m.-31 Gleneagle Dr

036-6:52a.m.-Gleneagle Dr/Turnberry Dr

036-6:56a.m.-114 Ridgecrest Sq

036-6:57a.m.-72 Greystone Blvd

036-6:58a.m.-80 Greystone Blvd

036-7:01a.m.-56 Cypress Creek Dr

036-7:01a.m.-Cypress Creek Dr/Cypress Knee

036-7:02a.m.-70 Cypress Creek Dr

036-7:02a.m.-82 Cypress Creek Dr

036-7:03a.m.-88 Cypress Creek Dr

036-7:03a.m.-91 Cypress Creek Dr

036-7:04a.m.-709 Greystone Blvd

036-7:06a.m.-11 Waters Edge Dr

036-7:08a.m.-27 Sawgrass St

036-7:08a.m.-Cypress Pt/Sawgrass St

036-7:09a.m.-22 Cypress Point St

036-7:11a.m.-Cypress Pt/Marquee Cir

036-7:11a.m.-Cypress Pt/Mcafee Cir

036-7:13a.m.-1589 Calcutta Dr

036-7:14a.m.-1564 Cypress Pt

036-7:17a.m.-914/916 Greystone Blvd

036-7:17a.m.-920/924 Greystone Blvd

036-7:18a.m.-Greystone Blvd/Pinehurst Lp

036-7:19a.m.-801 Mystery Lake Dr

036-7:20a.m.-807 Cascade Dr

036-7:25a.m.-401 Greystone Blvd

036-7:26a.m.-29 Wellington Pl

036-7:29a.m.-35 Hickory Bend Dr

036-7:31a.m.-Ridgecrest Ct/Ridgecrest Dr

036-7:38a.m.-40 Wildwood Dr

036-7:39a.m.-Wild Plum Cv/Wild Plum Dr/Wildwood Dr

040-6:46a.m.-276 Pearlstone Dr

040-6:47a.m.-443 Pearlstone Dr

040-6:48a.m.-660 Pearlstone Dr

040-6:52a.m.-10 J B Dr

040-6:52a.m.-Jb Dr/Juanita Dr

040-6:53a.m.-225 Jaunita Dr

040-6:55a.m.-Juanita Cv/Juanita Ln(Turn Around)

040-6:57a.m.-365 Triple J Dr

040-6:58a.m.-520 Triple J Dr

040-6:58a.m.-Bird Watchers Ln/Mt Tabor Rd

040-7:00a.m.-3582 Mt Tabor Rd

040-7:08a.m.-1703 Campground Rd

040-7:08a.m.-80krooked Kreek Cr

040-7:09a.m.-Krooked Kreek Cir/Willow Dr

040-7:11a.m.-20 Krooked Kreek Cr

040-7:11a.m.-36 Krooked Kreek Cr

040-7:12a.m.-Krooked Kreek Cir/Krooked Kreek Cv

040-7:13a.m.-Rosebud Cir/Violet Ln

040-7:15a.m.-Orchid Ln/Rosebud Cir

040-7:17a.m.-Magnolia Dr/Orchid Ln

040-7:17a.m.-Magnolia Dr/Rosebud Cir

040-7:19a.m.-Buttercup Cv/Buttercup Ln/Magnolia Dr

040-7:21a.m.-Magnolia Dr/Violet Cv/Violet Ln

040-7:25a.m.-810 Campground Rd

040-7:26a.m.-29 Oakwood Dr

040-7:28a.m.-11 Oakwood Dr

040-7:28a.m.-18 Oakwood Dr

040-7:30a.m.-Harvest Ln/Hillsboro Dr/Summerset

040-7:31a.m.-16 Hillsboro

040-7:33a.m.-1703 Campground Rd

042-6:51a.m.-1614 Ar Hwy 319 W

042-6:51a.m.-Hwy 319 W/Covewood Ln002

042-6:52a.m.-1023 Hwy 319 W

042-6:53a.m.-Hwy 319 W/Ar-319/Ridgeway Rd

042-6:55a.m.-Moore St/North St

042-6:56a.m.-Lawrence St/W 2nd St

042-6:57a.m.-Elm St/W 2nd St

042-6:57a.m.-W 2nd St/Phillips Cir (Turn Around Across From Phillips Circle)

042-6:58a.m.-105 Elm St

042-7:00a.m.-Ar Hwy 367/Markham

042-7:01a.m.-621 E 2nd St

042-7:01a.m.-Meadow Cir/Milam St

042-7:02a.m.-208 Cross St

042-7:02a.m.-Campbell St/Cross St

042-7:03a.m.-Cross St/ Hwy -319/North St/W 3rd St

042-7:04a.m.-Hwy -319/North St/W 4th St

042-7:05a.m.-N Scott St/North St

042-7:06a.m.-Hickory St/North St

042-7:07a.m.-Hickory St/Shamsie Dr

042-7:08a.m.-Hickory St/Marshall St

042-7:08a.m.-Hickory St/W 4th St

042-7:09a.m.-221 Hickory St

042-7:12a.m.-Griffin St/Stephens St

042-7:13a.m.-Griffin St/Langford St

042-7:14a.m.-8 Ariel Dr

042-7:16a.m.-8 Heather Dr

042-7:16a.m.-Ariel Dr/Heather St

042-7:17a.m.-Brittani Dr/Pintar St

042-7:18a.m.-41 Pintar St

043-7:00a.m.-1903 S Pine St

043-7:01a.m.-Glenwood Dr/S Pine St

043-7:02a.m.-Oakwood Dr/Pinewood Dr

043-7:06a.m.-Harvest Ln/Hillsboro Dr/Summerset

043-7:07a.m.-20 Hillsboro Dr

043-7:08a.m.-Diederich Ln/Jackson Park Cv

043-7:09a.m.-Diederich Ln/House Ln

043-7:10a.m.-Bradley Dr/Diederich Ln

043-7:11a.m.-20 Thunderbird Dr

043-7:12a.m.-Corvette Dr/Thunderbird Dr

043-7:13a.m.-Jaguar Dr/Porsche Dr

043-7:14a.m.-Crosswinds Dr/Mt Carmel Rd

043-7:15a.m.-11 Kings Rd

043-7:15a.m.-20 Castle Heights

043-7:17a.m.-512 Kingwood Cr

043-7:21a.m.-Dina Ln/Mt Carmel Rd

045-7:04a.m.-13 Geraldine St

045-7:05a.m.-4 Geraldine St

045-7:07a.m.-21 Willard St

045-7:09a.m.-213 Peyton St

045-7:09a.m.-Peyton St/Eddy Dr

045-7:10a.m.-310 Peyton St

045-7:10a.m.-369 Peyton St

045-7:11a.m.-384 Peyton St

045-7:12a.m.-10 Green Apple Dr

045-7:12a.m.-689 Peyton St

045-7:13a.m.-Peach Tree Ln/Apricot Dr

045-7:14a.m.-Peach Tree Ln/Orchard Hollow Dr

045-7:15a.m.-761 Peyton St

045-7:16a.m.-1510 Peyton St

045-7:17a.m.-Peyton St/Grant St

045-7:17a.m.-Peyton St/Magnolia Ln

045-7:18a.m.-1871 Peyton St

045-7:19a.m.-2350 Peyton St

045-7:20a.m.-2436 Peyton St

045-7:20a.m.-Peyton St/Circle B

045-7:21a.m.-Peyton St/Bryant St(2879 Peyton St On Corner)

051-6:54a.m.-Nevada Ln/Waymack Rd

051-6:55a.m.-66 Nevada Ln

051-6:56a.m.-Nevada Cv/Nevada Ln

051-6:57a.m.-45 Nevada Ln

051-6:59a.m.-23 Nevada Ln

051-7:01a.m.-604 Dakota St

051-7:02a.m.-503 Dakota Dr

051-7:03a.m.-302 Dakota Dr

051-7:04a.m.-36 Reno Dr

051-7:05a.m.-Reno Dr/Silverado Ct

051-7:06a.m.-15 Reno Dr

051-7:06a.m.-Reno Dr/Tahoe Ct

051-7:11a.m.-Rockwood Rd/Valley Rd

051-7:12a.m.-Rockwood Rd/Sun Terrace Dr/Sun Vista Ln

051-7:13a.m.-Sun Terrace Cv/Sun Terrace Dr/Suncrest Dr

051-7:15a.m.-45 Suncrest Dr

051-7:16a.m.-16 Suncrest Dr

051-7:17a.m.-20 Sun Valley Dr

051-7:18a.m.-Sun Valley Dr/Sunset Ln

051-7:19a.m.-Ridge Rd/Sun Valley Dr

051-7:20a.m.-18 Ridge Rd

051-7:22a.m.-252 Douglas Rd

051-7:23a.m.-Douglas Rd/Crepe Myrtle Lp/Hawthore Dr

051-7:24a.m.-12 Willow Lake Rd

051-7:25a.m.-191 Willow Lake Rd

051-7:26a.m.-Lakeview Cv/Willow Lake Rd

051-7:28a.m.-Deer Creek Dr/Kristy Dr/Spotted Fawn Ln

051-7:29a.m.-32 Seven Point Ln

051-7:30a.m.-11/14 Buck Ridge Cv

051-7:34a.m.-Northport Dr/Westport Dr

051-7:37a.m.-W Locust St/Northside Trailer Park

068-6:43a.m.-288 Mt Springs Rd

068-6:45a.m.-1016 Golden Hills Dr

068-6:46a.m.-1036 Golden Hills Dr

068-6:47a.m.-Hillcrest Ln/Southhills Dr

068-6:48a.m.-1018 S Hills Dr

068-6:48a.m.-1030 S Hills Dr

068-6:49a.m.-1010 S Hills Dr

068-6:50a.m.-1033 Highland Blvd

068-6:51a.m.-1067 Highland Blvd

068-6:52a.m.-6 Cabot Cv

068-6:53a.m.-2032 N Hills Dr

068-6:54a.m.-15 Pinnacle Pt

068-6:54a.m.-2025 N Hills Dr

068-6:55a.m.-Highland Blvd/Hillside Cv

068-6:59a.m.-James Dr/Maple St

068-7:00a.m.-James Dr/Mulberry St

068-7:02a.m.-708 James Dr

068-7:03a.m.-900 James Dr

068-7:03a.m.-Epperson Dr/James Dr

068-7:04a.m.-106 Epperson Dr

068-7:06a.m.-106 Tanya Dr

068-7:07a.m.-114 Brungardt Dr

068-7:07a.m.-121 Brungardt Dr

068-7:08a.m.-107 Brungardt Dr

068-7:09a.m.-100 Brungardt Dr

068-7:11a.m.-706 Mt Springs Rd

068-7:12a.m.-25 S Summit Dr

068-7:14a.m.-18 N Sunland Dr

068-7:14a.m.-N Sunland Dr/S Sunland Dr/Summit West Cv

068-7:15a.m.-N Sunland Dr/Sunflower Dr

068-7:16a.m.-21 Sunflower Dr

068-7:17a.m.-S Sunland Dr/Sundown Cv

068-7:22a.m.-1234 Mtn Springs Rd

068-7:23a.m.-11 Cossatot Cr

068-7:24a.m.-40 Cossatot Cir

068-7:25a.m.-57 Cossatot Cir

068-7:27a.m.-Edgewood Dr/Woodfred Dr

068-7:28a.m.-1501 Mountain Springs Rd

068-7:29a.m.-10 Thompson Dr

068-7:30a.m.-13 Back Forty

068-7:32a.m.-1702 Pioneer Dr

071-6:37a.m.-750 Ernie Davis Rd

071-6:43a.m.-1782 Willie Ray Dr

071-6:45a.m.-162 Tanglewood Dr

071-6:45a.m.-331 Tanglewood Cv

071-6:48a.m.-891 Briarwood Lp

071-6:49a.m.-632 Briarwood Lp

071-6:50a.m.-342 Briarwood Lp

071-6:51a.m.-211 Briarwood Lp

071-6:51a.m.-281briarwood Lp

071-6:52a.m.-151 Briarwood Lp

071-6:52a.m.-71 Briarwood Lp

071-6:53a.m.-1009 Highland Blvd

071-6:54a.m.-1024 Highland Blvd

071-6:55a.m.-1044 Highland Blvd

071-6:56a.m.-1062 Highland Blvd

071-6:56a.m.-1075 Highland Blvd

071-6:57a.m.-2035 N Hills Dr

071-6:58a.m.-Northhills Dr/Pinnacle Pt

071-7:00a.m.-1010 S Hills Dr

071-7:01a.m.-1040 S Hills Dr

071-7:02a.m.-1042 Golden Hills Dr

071-7:03a.m.-1028 Golden Hills Dr

071-7:10a.m.-N 8th St/Oak Grove Cir

071-7:13a.m.-Fortson Dr/N 3rd St/W Cherry St

071-7:13a.m.-Mockingbird Ln/N 4th St

071-7:14a.m.-607 N 2nd St

071-7:16a.m.-N Grant St/N Jackson St

071-7:17a.m.-705 N Jackson St

071-7:20a.m.-641 E Main St (That Church)

071-7:21a.m.-E Main St/N Lincoln St

074-7:01a.m.-Jones Rd/Lenderman Ln

074-7:02a.m.-Jones Rd/Woodhaven Cv

074-7:03a.m.-2192 Covington Rd

074-7:03a.m.-Covington Rd/J And J Ln

074-7:04a.m.-2294 Covington Rd

074-7:05a.m.-2324 Covington Rd

074-7:06a.m.-1202 Patty Rd

074-7:07a.m.-172 Rainwater Dr

074-7:07a.m.-663 Allison Rd

074-7:10a.m.-2121 Ar Hwy 321 N

074-7:15a.m.-504 Jack Faucett Rd

074-7:15a.m.-654 Jack Faucett Rd

074-7:16a.m.-Jack Faucett Rd/Wild Rose Cv

074-7:17a.m.-1032 Jack Faucett Rd

074-7:18a.m.-1595 Ray Sowell Rd

074-7:18a.m.-1759 Ray Sowell Rd

074-7:19a.m.-1558 Ray Sowell Rd

074-7:20a.m.-Ray Sowell Rd/Trailwood Dr

074-7:21a.m.-363 Ray Sowell Rd

074-7:22a.m.-Hula Dr/Ray Sowell Rd

074-7:23a.m.-Ray Sowell Rd/Sooiee Cv

074-7:24a.m.-161 Ray Sowell Rd

074-7:24a.m.-Moss Ln/Ray Sowell Rd

075-6:23a.m.-69 Ballard Rd

075-6:25a.m.-670 Ballard Rd

075-6:34a.m.-15520 Hwy 5

075-6:36a.m.-Hwy 5/Memory Ln

075-6:37a.m.-Hwy 5/Hilltop Rd

075-6:40a.m.-15911 Hwy 5

075-6:45a.m.-395 W Crickett Rd

075-6:46a.m.-575 W Cricket Ln

075-6:46a.m.-594 W Crickett Rd

075-6:47a.m.-669 W Crickett Rd

075-6:49a.m.-321 E Crickett Ln

075-6:53a.m.-Goode Ln/W Mountain Springs Rd

075-6:55a.m.-1855 W Mountain Springs Rd

075-6:57a.m.-871 W Mountain Springs Rd

075-6:58a.m.-795 W Mtn Springs Rd/Dorman Dr

075-7:00a.m.-Dorman Dr/E Earlene Cv/W Earlene Cv

075-7:02a.m.-254 Dorman Dr

075-7:05a.m.-Cedar Ridge Cv/W Mountain Springs Rd

075-7:06a.m.-336 W Mountain Springs Rd

075-7:08a.m.-134 W Mt Springs Rd

075-7:09a.m.-15529 Hwy 5

075-7:13a.m.-15361 Hwy 5(Greystone Medical Clinic)

075-7:14a.m.-Greystone Townhouse Bus Lane

075-7:31a.m.-Jr High North

077-6:49a.m.-252 Douglas Rd

077-6:50a.m.-Douglas Rd/Hawthore Dr

077-6:52a.m.-Lakeview Cv/Willow Lake Rd

077-6:54a.m.-262 Deer Creek Dr

077-6:55a.m.-Deer Creek Dr/Kristy Dr/Spotted Fawn Ln

077-6:56a.m.-Buck Ridge Cv/Seven Point Ln

077-6:57a.m.-Red Doe Cv/Seven Point Ln

077-7:02a.m.-Oak Brook Dr/Oak View Dr

077-7:03a.m.-Oak Crest Dr/Oak View Dr

077-7:04a.m.-Oak View Dr/W Oak Dr

077-7:07a.m.-Paula Ln/W Main St

077-7:12a.m.-Northport Dr/Westport Dr

077-7:23a.m.-1805 N Lincoln (Msn,Jhn Only)

078-(1st Load) 6:49a.m.-207 Walker

078-(1st Load) 6:50a.m.-Moore St/Corner St/Owens St/Scott St

078-(1st Load) 6:51a.m.-Spring St/Winston St

078-(1st Load) 6:53a.m.-Markham St/Willow Ave

078-(1st Load) 6:54a.m.-Markham St/Owens St

078-(1st Load) 6:55a.m.-161 Cook St

078-(1st Load) 6:55a.m.-230 Cook St

078-(1st Load) 6:56a.m.-257 Cook St

078-(1st Load) 6:57a.m.-421 Cook St

078-(1st Load) 6:58a.m.-Cook St/Morrison St

078-(1st Load) 6:59a.m.-543 Morrison St

078-(1st Load) 6:59a.m.-Morrison St/Oddie Ln

078-(1st Load) 7:00a.m.-Lucy Ln/Morrison St

078-(1st Load) 7:01a.m.-91 Morrison St

078-(1st Load) 7:04a.m.-22 Mattie Lene Dr

078-(1st Load) 7:05a.m.-4 Mattie Lene

078-(1st Load) 7:08a.m.-Markham St/Sally St

078-(1st Load) 7:09a.m.-280 Wilson Loop

078-(1st Load) 7:10a.m.-13 Willard St

078-(1st Load) 7:11a.m.-21 Willard St

078-(1st Load) 7:12a.m.-27 Geraldine St

078-(1st Load) 7:13a.m.-11 Geraldine St

078-(2nd Load) 7:17a.m.-Peyton St/Poplar Ln

078-(2nd Load) 7:18a.m.-Appleton Pl/Peyton St

078-(2nd Load) 7:19a.m.-2436 Peyton St

078-(2nd Load) 7:20a.m.-90 Sweetwater Dr

078-(2nd Load) 7:22a.m.-792 Sweetwater Dr

078-(2nd Load) 7:23a.m.-854 Sweetwater Dr

078-(2nd Load) 7:25a.m.-Moon Rd/Palm Dr

078-(2nd Load) 7:25a.m.-Moon Rd/Sundown Dr

078-(2nd Load) 7:27a.m.-32 Emily Cr

078-(2nd Load) 7:27a.m.-45 Emily Cr

078-(2nd Load) 7:28a.m.-57 Emily Cr

078-(2nd Load) 7:29a.m.-77 Emily Cr

078-(2nd Load) 7:30a.m.-14 Emily Cr

078-(2nd Load) 7:30a.m.-93 Emily Cr

078-(2nd Load) 7:31a.m.-Black Oak Cir/Moon Rd (2nd Entrance)

078-(2nd Load) 7:33a.m.-Black Oak Cir/Moon Rd (1st Entrance)

078-(2nd Load) 7:34a.m.-1337 Moon Rd

078-(2nd Load) 7:34a.m.-Margie Dr/Moon Rd

078-(2nd Load) 7:36a.m.-Moon Rd/Moonridge Dr

078-(2nd Load) 7:37a.m.-Crosswind Cv/Wilson Loop

078-(2nd Load) 7:37a.m.-Wilson Loop/Windwood Cv

078-6:47a.m.-(1st Load) Brewer St/Kirkland St

078-6:48a.m.-(1st Load) Brewer St/Hilburn St

078-6:52a.m.-(1st Load) 240 Brewer St/Chris Dr

078-7:03a.m.-(1st Load) 50 Bud Grimes Rd

078-7:03a.m.-64 Bud Grimes Rd

078-7:07a.m.-(1st Load) 530 Brewer St

079-6:18a.m.-215 Indian Point Rd

079-6:19a.m.-234 Indian Point Rd

079-6:22a.m.-Shantera Pl/ Hwy 31 N

079-6:23a.m.-Bell Rd/ Hwy 31 N

079-6:25a.m.-Hill Rd/ Hwy 31 N

079-6:29a.m.-419 Robert Young Rd Turn Around

079-6:31a.m.-153 Robert Young Rd

079-6:32a.m.-106 Robert Young Rd

079-6:41a.m.-475 Ables Loop( Turn Around)

079-6:43a.m.-35 Ables Loop

079-6:48a.m.-1235 Pigeon Rd

079-6:50a.m.-1225 Pigeon Rd

079-6:52a.m.-1135 Pigeon Rd

079-6:53a.m.-1015 Pigeon Rd

079-6:55a.m.-557 Pigeon Rd

079-6:56a.m.-333 Pigeon Rd

079-6:56a.m.-395 Pigeon Rd

079-6:57a.m.-215 Pigeon Rd

079-7:02a.m.-384 Bland Chapel Rd

079-7:04a.m.-84 Charlie Olds Rd

079-7:05a.m.-Charlie Olds Rd/Nikki Belle

079-7:06a.m.-685 Charlie Olds Rd

079-7:10a.m.-305 Allen Cv

079-7:11a.m.-247 Allen Cv

079-7:12a.m.-144 Allen Cv

079-7:12a.m.-34 Allen Cv

079-7:13a.m.-997 Charlie Olds Rd

079-7:14a.m.-1009 Charlie Olds Rd

079-7:14a.m.-1041charlie Olds Rd

079-7:22a.m.-Bayles Ln/Cocklebur Rd

079-7:24a.m.-Cocklebur Rd/Ruby Rd

079-7:28a.m.-261 Wilson Lp

079-7:29a.m.-Weatherwood Ln/Wilson Loop

079-7:30a.m.-Champlin Ln/Wilson Loop

079-7:31a.m.-1081 Wilson Loop (Wilson Loop/Golden Meadows Lp)

079-7:32a.m.-Wilson Loop/Golden Meadows Loop

084-7:10a.m.-Fieldcrest Dr/S 1st St

084-7:11a.m.-Lakeshore Ln/Lakewood Cir

084-7:12a.m.-2354 Lakeshore Ln

084-6:52a.m.-3675 Carrington Rd

084-2a.m.-Lancashire Ln/Palisade Dr

084-7:13a.m.-2417 Lakewood Cir

084-6:53a.m.-Carrington Rd/S Carrington Rd

084-6:44a.m.-233 Deer Acres

084-6:45a.m.-251 Deer Acres

084-6:46a.m.-4520 S 1st St

084-6:49a.m.-S 1st St/Ryleigh Cir

085-6:50a.m.-Spring St/Spring St

085-6:51a.m.-206 Owens St

085-6:53a.m.-184 Cook St

085-6:53a.m.-257 Cook St

085-6:54a.m.-421 Cook St

085-6:55a.m.-Cook St/Morrison St

085-6:56a.m.-543 Morrison St

085-6:56a.m.-Morrison St/Oddie Ln

085-6:57a.m.-Morrison St/Spears Dr

085-6:58a.m.-144 Morrison St

085-6:59a.m.-Brewer St/Markham St

085-7:01a.m.-Markham St/Sally St

085-7:02a.m.-Sally St/Wilson Loop

085-7:03a.m.-Weatherwood Ln/Wilson Loop

085-7:05a.m.-Champlin Ln/Wilson Loop

085-7:06a.m.-Gold Meadows Loop/Wilson Loop

085-7:09a.m.-Wilson Loop/Windwood Cv

085-7:10a.m.-Wilson Loop/Windamere Cv

086-6:54a.m.-Alma Dr/Savilla Dr

086-6:55a.m.-Morgan Dr/Savilla Dr

086-6:57a.m.-Alma Dr/Carriage Cv

086-6:57a.m.-Alma Dr/Chariot Cv

086-6:59a.m.-43 Gunsmoke Ln

086-7:00a.m.-173 Gunsmoke Ln

086-7:01a.m.-Cobra Cv/Lariat Dr

086-7:03a.m.-Cindy Ln/W Main St

086-7:05a.m.-115 Cross Creek Dr

086-7:05a.m.-307 Austin Creek Dr

086-7:06a.m.-Rolling Rock Dr/Running Creek Dr

086-7:07a.m.-243 Creek View Dr

086-7:08a.m.-265 Creek View Dr

086-7:12a.m.-1471 W Main St

086-7:13a.m.-Weathering Cir/Weathering Dr (Stop At 115 Weathering Dr)

086-7:14a.m.-302 Weathering Ln

086-7:14a.m.-Weathering Dr/Weathering Ln

086-7:15a.m.-308 Weathering Ln

086-7:16a.m.-Oakridge Dr/Weathering Ln

086-7:21a.m.-Rodney Ln/Valley Oak Ln

086-7:24a.m.-1911 W Main

086-7:25a.m.-2068 W Main St

086-7:27a.m.-481 Omni Farms Rd

086-7:28a.m.-1005 Omni Farm Rd

087-6:41p.m.-Hwy 5/Cedar Ln Trailer Park(12904 Hwy 5)

087-6:43p.m.-Hwy 5/Quail Trl

087-6:46p.m.-Strawberry Cv/Wildwood Dr

087-6:47p.m.-Wild Plum Cv/Wild Plum Dr/Wildwood Dr

087-6:49p.m.-40 Wildwood Dr

087-6:58p.m.-13 Ridgecrest Dr

087-6:58p.m.-Ridgecrest Ct/Ridgecrest Dr

087-6:59p.m.-41 Ridgecrest Dr

087-7:01p.m.-102 Ridgecrest Sq

087-7:01p.m.-114 Ridgecrest Sq

087-7:03p.m.-Greystone Blvd/Hickory Valley Dr

087-7:04p.m.-Hickory Bend Dr/Hickory Valley Dr

087-7:05p.m.-81 Hickory Bend Dr

087-7:09p.m.-Gleneagle Dr/Turnberry Dr

087-7:10p.m.-Gleneagle Cv/Gleneagle Dr

087-7:12p.m.-31 Gleneagle Dr

087-7:13p.m.-Castle Rock Ct/Greystone Blvd

087-7:13p.m.-Greystone Blvd/Prestwick Ct

087-7:14p.m.-Greystone Blvd/Greystone Ct

088-6:43a.m.-647 Bobwhite Rd

088-6:44a.m.-Bobwhite Holw/Bobwhite Rd

088-6:47a.m.-105 Bobwhite Rd

088-6:48a.m.-4340 Mt Tabor Rd

088-6:48a.m.-Booker Dr/Mt Tabor Rd

088-6:49a.m.-Jb Dr/Juanita Dr

088-6:51a.m.-Juanita Cv/Juanita Ln

088-6:51a.m.-Juanita Dr/Juanita Ln

088-6:52a.m.-225 Jaunita Dr

088-6:55a.m.-635 Pearlstone Dr

088-6:56a.m.-388 Pearlstone Dr

088-6:58a.m.-4453 Mt Tabor Rd

088-6:58a.m.-Triple J Dr/Mt Tabor Rd

088-6:59a.m.-144 Triple J Dr

088-7:00a.m.-365 Triple J Dr

088-7:00a.m.-520 Triple J Rd

088-7:01a.m.-Bird Watchers Ln/Mt Tabor Rd

088-7:02a.m.-3582 Mt Tabor Rd

088-7:02a.m.-Pinehill Rd/Mt Tabor Rd

088-7:03a.m.-3557 Mt Tabor Rd

088-7:04a.m.-Ford Dr/Mt Tabor Rd

088-7:05a.m.-Royal Ridge Cv/Mt Tabor Rd

088-7:06a.m.-2322 Mt Tabor Rd

088-7:07a.m.-2192 Mt Tabor Rd

088-7:08a.m.-1755 Mt Tabor Rd

088-7:09a.m.-1470 Mt Tabor Rd

088-7:11a.m.-125 Mt Tabor Rd/Hunt Dr

089-6:16a.m.-3322 Clay Hill Rd

089-6:19a.m.-Channing Ln/Tippitt Rd

089-6:21a.m.-402 Tippitt Rd

089-6:21a.m.-Casteen Rd/Tippitt Rd

089-6:22a.m.-304 Tippitt Rd

089-6:23a.m.-10150 Ar Hwy 31 N

089-6:24a.m.-10385 Ar Hwy 31 N

089-6:27a.m.-Bethlehem Rd/Casteen Rd

089-6:29a.m.-1172 Bethlehem Rd

089-6:33a.m.-2973 Bethlehem Rd

089-6:34a.m.-3055 Bethlehem Rd

089-6:37a.m.-1212 Salem Cemetery Rd

089-6:42a.m.-2034 Clay Hill Rd

089-6:43a.m.-Clay Hill Rd/Lucy Ln

089-6:44a.m.-923 Clay Hill Rd

089-6:45a.m.-730 Clay Hill Rd

089-6:50a.m.-Pine Valley Rd/Willow Oak Ln

089-6:51a.m.-55 E Green Tree Rd

089-6:52a.m.-238 E Green Tree Rd

089-6:53a.m.-306 E Green Tree Rd

089-6:54a.m.-632 E Green Tree Rd

089-6:56a.m.-835 E Green Tree Rd

090-6:36a.m.-Hwy 319 W/Harris Ln

090-6:37a.m.-7852 Hwy 319 W

090-6:38a.m.-7325 Hwy 319 W

090-6:39a.m.-7224 Ar Hwy 319 W002

090-6:41a.m.-6828 Hwy 319 W

090-6:43a.m.-6576 Hwy 319 W

090-6:44a.m.-6274 Hwy 319 W

090-6:44a.m.-6492 Hwy 319 W002

090-6:45a.m.-Hwy 319 W/Sentell Rd

090-6:46a.m.-6030 Hwy 319 W

090-6:46a.m.-Hwy 319 W/Sunset Dr

090-6:49a.m.-95 Stoneridge Dr

090-6:49a.m.-Happy Trails/Stone Ridge Rd002

090-6:50a.m.-222 Stone Ridge Rd

090-6:51a.m.-434 Stone Ridge Rd

090-6:52a.m.-595 Stone Ridge Rd

090-6:54a.m.-Hwy 319 W/Griffin Ln002

090-6:55a.m.-4606 Hwy 319 W002

090-6:56a.m.-4776 Ar Hwy 319 W002

090-6:56a.m.-4794 Hwy 319 W

090-6:58a.m.-405 Mk Ln002

090-7:00a.m.-Chris Dr/Sandy Ln002

090-7:01a.m.-4348 Hwy 319 W

090-7:02a.m.-3985 Hwy 319 W002

090-7:03a.m.-Hwy 319 W/Melissa Ln002

090-7:04a.m.-3418 Hwy 319 W002

090-7:06a.m.-364 Apple Hill Rd

090-7:08a.m.-841 Apple Hill Rd002

090-7:12a.m.-165 Burns Rd

090-7:12a.m.-Brookridge Rd/Burns Rd

090-7:13a.m.-66 Katie Ln002

090-7:14a.m.-216 Katie Ln

090-7:14a.m.-280 Katie Ln002

090-7:15a.m.-383 Katie Ln

090-7:18a.m.-1071 Hwy 319 W002

090-7:19a.m.-Ar-319/Ridgeway Rd

090-7:20a.m.-906 North St

092-7:04a.m.-1850 S 2nd St

092-7:05a.m.-2005 S 2nd St

092-7:06a.m.-2105 S 2nd St

092-7:07a.m.-Toccata Ln/Versailles Dr

092-7:08a.m.-Canterbury Ct/Canterbury Ln

092-7:08a.m.-Canterbury Ln/Versailles Dr

092-7:09a.m.-Bluestone Ln/Canterbury Ct

092-7:11a.m.-S 1st St/Versailles Dr

092-7:12a.m.-Country Village Cir/S 1st St

092-7:12a.m.-S 1st St/Trinity Dr

092-7:14a.m.-S 1st St/Winchester

092-7:16a.m.-Fox Run Cir/S 1st St

092-7:16a.m.-S 1st St/Stonehaven

092-7:17a.m.-Lee St/S 1st St

092-7:18a.m.-Pheasant Run Dr/S 1st St

092-7:19a.m.-Pheasant Run Dr/S 1st St

093-6:24a.m.-1215 Gun Club Rd

093-6:24a.m.-Gun Club Rd/Gw Ln

093-6:25a.m.-166 Gun Club Cv

093-6:27a.m.-1494 Gun Club Rd

093-6:27a.m.-1535 Gun Club Rd

093-6:28a.m.-1750 Gun Club Rd

093-6:29a.m.-Besancon Rd/Gun Club Rd

093-6:30a.m.-895 Besancon Rd

093-6:31a.m.-745 Besancon Rd

093-6:32a.m.-442 Besancon Rd

093-6:34a.m.-247 Pleasant Meadows Cv

093-6:37a.m.-45 Pleasant Meadows Cv

093-6:39a.m.-1133 Old Stagecoach Rd

093-6:41a.m.-1332 Old Stagecoach Rd

093-6:42a.m.-Dean Ln/N Dean Ln/Old Stagecoach Rd

093-6:44a.m.-Graham Rd/Kerr Station Rd

093-6:48a.m.-166 Mooney Rd

093-6:50a.m.-41 Washington Rd

093-6:50a.m.-92 Washington Rd

093-6:52a.m.-60 Morgan Rd

093-6:54a.m.-Graham Acres Rd/Graham Rd

093-6:54a.m.-Graham Rd/Oak Grove Dr

093-6:57a.m.-2015 Graham Rd

093-6:58a.m.-1623 Graham Rd

093-6:58a.m.-1705 Graham Rd

093-6:59a.m.-Graham Rd/White Ln

093-7:00a.m.-1376 Graham Rd

093-7:00a.m.-Elmore Rd/Graham Rd

093-7:03a.m.-113 Ar Hwy 236 W

093-7:04a.m.-Hwy 236 W/Joice Ln

093-7:05a.m.-457 Hwy 236 W

093-7:06a.m.-1060 Ar Hwy 236 W

093-7:07a.m.-1141 Hwy 236 W

093-7:08a.m.-1723 Hwy 236 W

093-7:12a.m.-Hwy 89 S/Mcdonald Dr

093-7:13a.m.-Hwy 89 S/Underwood Ln

093-7:19a.m.-5205 Hwy 89 S

095-6:51a.m.-51 Tanglewood Dr

095-6:53a.m.-331tanglewood Dr

095-6:57a.m.-941 Briarwood Lp

095-6:58a.m.-891 Briarwood Lp

095-6:59a.m.-791 Briarwood Lp

095-7:01a.m.-412 Briarwood Lp

095-7:02a.m.-281 Briarwood Lp

095-7:03a.m.-231 Briarwood Loop

095-7:04a.m.-12 Briarwood Lp

095-7:04a.m.-172 Briarwood Lp

095-7:11a.m.-372 Grayhawk Cv

095-7:14a.m.-38 Gatepost Dr

095-7:15a.m.-25 Gatepost Dr

095-7:15a.m.-6 Gatewood Dr

095-7:20a.m.-8714 A J Patton Rd

095-7:22a.m.-8310 Hwy 5

095-7:24a.m.-11312 Hwy 5

095-7:24a.m.-Hwy 5/Clayton Freeman Rd

095-7:26a.m.-525 Paula Ln

095-7:28a.m.-Oak Brook Dr/Oak View Dr

095-7:28a.m.-Oak Crest Dr/Oak View Dr

095-7:29a.m.-Oak View Dr/W Oak Dr

095-7:30a.m.-12904 Hwy 5 (Trailer Park)

095-7:31a.m.-13008 Hwy 5

095-7:33a.m.-15 Lindulake Dr

099-6:30a.m.-Salem Cemetery Rd/Magdala Ln

099-6:32a.m.-Hwy 38/Deer Meadow Rd

099-6:33a.m.-Hwy 38/Deer Meadow Ln

099-6:39a.m.-2286 Black Jack Rd

099-6:43a.m.-2434 Black Jack Rd

099-6:45a.m.-1304 Black Jack Rd

099-6:47a.m.-780 Black Jack Rd

099-6:48a.m.-243 Black Jack Rd

099-6:51a.m.-Burnett Rd/Chaz Rd

099-6:52a.m.-201 Burnett Rd

099-6:53a.m.-11943 Ar Hwy 38

099-6:54a.m.-11721 Hwy 38

099-6:55a.m.-42 Becca Rd

099-6:55a.m.-76 Becca Rd

099-6:57a.m.-Becca Rd/E Chad Rd/W Chad Rd

099-6:58a.m.-Becca Rd/E Timothy Rd/W Timothy Rd

099-7:00a.m.-Becca Rd/E B Zackary Rd/W B Zackary Rd

099-7:04a.m.-11423 Ar Hwy 38 E

099-7:05a.m.-Hwy 38/Worthey Ln

099-7:06a.m.-Hwy 38/Haylea Ln

099-7:08a.m.-9985 Hwy 38

099-7:09a.m.-9863 Hwy 38

099-7:10a.m.-9330 Hwy 38

099-7:10a.m.-9565 Hwy 38

099-7:11a.m.-9224 Hwy 38

099-7:11a.m.-Hwy 38/Ashtin Pl

099-7:12a.m.-Hwy 38/Princeton Pl

099-7:23a.m.-3900 Hwy 38

099-7:24a.m.-Peyton St/Bryant St

110-6:59a.m.-Matthews Ln/N 2nd St

110-7:02a.m.-Elk Bear Ln/Wolverine Dr

110-7:04a.m.-18 Tacoma Dr

110-7:04a.m.-Tacoma Dr/Timberwood Dr

110-7:06a.m.-36 Timberwood Dr

110-7:06a.m.-Timberwood Dr/Wolverine Dr

110-7:08a.m.-Elk Bear Ln/Springwater Cv/Timberwood Dr

110-7:09a.m.-Bradford Dr/N Polk St/Ray St

110-7:09a.m.-Ray St/Timberwood Dr

110-7:11a.m.-5 Crestwood Dr

110-7:11a.m.-Crestwood Cv/Crestwood Dr

110-7:12a.m.-Birchwood Cir/Birchwood Dr/Crestwood Dr

110-7:14a.m.-Birchwood Cir/Edgehill Cv

110-7:15a.m.-123 Birchwood Cr

110-7:15a.m.-133 Birchwood Cr

110-7:16a.m.-Birchwood Cir/Paradise Cv

110-7:16a.m.-Birchwood Cir/Skylar Cv

111-6:33a.m.-1588 Waterford Dr

111-6:37a.m.-1116 Aberdour Dr

111-6:37a.m.-Aberdour Blvd/Lethamhill Cv

111-6:38a.m.-956 Augusta St

111-6:38a.m.-Greystone Blvd/Augusta St

111-6:39a.m.-Arnold Palmer Dr/Greystone Blvd/Pinehurst Lp

111-6:40a.m.-803 Mystery Lake Dr

111-6:40a.m.-Mystery Lake Dr/Tumbling Cir

111-6:41a.m.-800 Tumbling Cir

111-6:41a.m.-807 Cascade Dr

111-6:42a.m.-817 Cascade Dr

111-6:43a.m.-709 Greystone Blvd

111-6:44a.m.-609 Greystone Blvd

111-6:45a.m.-35 Cypress Creek Dr

111-6:45a.m.-56 Cypress Creek Dr

111-6:46a.m.-70 Cypress Creek Dr

111-6:46a.m.-Cypress Creek Dr/Cypress Knee

111-6:47a.m.-91 Cypress Creek Dr

111-6:48a.m.-303 Greystone Blvd

111-6:49a.m.-35 Wellington Pl

111-6:49a.m.-Wellington Cv/Wellington Pl

111-6:50a.m.-42 Wellington Pl

111-6:52a.m.-401 Cobblestone Dr

111-6:53a.m.-513 Cobblestone Dr

111-6:55a.m.-11 Waters Edge

111-6:56a.m.-18 Cypress Pt

111-6:57a.m.-Approach Dr/Cypress Pt

111-6:57a.m.-Arnold Palmer Dr/Cypress Pt

111-6:59a.m.-Cypress Pt/Mcafee Cir

111-7:00a.m.-Cypress Pt/Marquee Cir

111-7:03a.m.-481 Omni Farms Rd

111-7:32a.m.-Campbell Dr/Gum St/Lueada St

111-7:33a.m.-Shenandoah Way/Shiloh N/Shiloh S

111-7:34a.m.-Confederate Dr/Shiloh S

111-7:35a.m.-Confederate Dr/Gettysburg S

111-7:36a.m.-Charleston Cv/Cumberland Dr

112-6:35a.m.-Yielding Rd/Morden Rd

112-6:36a.m.-765 Yielding Rd

112-6:41a.m.-Deller Rd/Mallory Ln

112-6:42a.m.-312 Deller Rd

112-6:43a.m.-76 Deller Rd

112-6:44a.m.-11311 Hwy 31 N

112-6:45a.m.-11701 Ar Hwy 31 N

112-6:45a.m.-11762 Ar Hwy 31 N

112-6:46a.m.-12175 Hwy 31 N

112-6:47a.m.-12490 Hwy 31 N

112-6:49a.m.-345 E Horizon Rd

112-6:49a.m.-E Horizon Rd/Red Bud Ln

112-6:50a.m.-215 E Horizon Rd

112-6:51a.m.-35 E Horizon Rd

112-6:52a.m.-13265 Ar Hwy 31 N

112-6:53a.m.-276 Willow Tree Rd

112-6:54a.m.-192 Willow Tree Rd

112-6:56a.m.-13787 Ar Hwy 31 N

112-6:56a.m.-215 Indian Point Rd

112-6:57a.m.-364 Indian Point Rd

112-7:00a.m.-654 Covington Rd

112-7:01a.m.-Covington Rd/Myka Dr

112-7:02a.m.-Chad Chesney St/Covington Rd

112-7:02a.m.-Covington Rd/Louisville Dr

112-7:03a.m.-Covington Rd/Rockefeller Blvd

112-7:04a.m.-Covington Rd/Lenderman Trl

112-7:05a.m.-1962 Covington Rd

112-7:19a.m.-95 S Pine St

113-6:40a.m.-18358 Hwy 5

113-6:43a.m.-9377 Hwy 319 W

113-6:43a.m.-Hwy 319 W/Tater Ln(9190 Hwy 319 W) 002

113-6:44a.m.-Hwy 319 W/Dragonfly Ln

113-6:45a.m.-10073 Ar Hwy 319 W

113-6:46a.m.-10260 Hwy 319 W

113-6:47a.m.-10838 Hwy 319 W

113-6:48a.m.-10227 Hwy 319 W

113-6:51a.m.-885 W Lewisburg Rd

113-6:53a.m.-562 W Lewisburg Rd

113-6:54a.m.-550 W Lewisburg Rd

113-6:55a.m.-Eagleview Rd/W Lewisburg Rd

113-6:58a.m.-17870 Hwy 5

113-6:59a.m.-281 16th Section Cemetery Rd

113-7:00a.m.-343 16th Section Cemetery Rd

113-7:01a.m.-16th Section Cemetery Rd/52 Lewisburg Rd

113-7:01a.m.-565 16th Section Cemetery Rd

113-7:02a.m.-199 Lewisburg Rd

113-7:05a.m.-Eagles Nest Cv/Eagles Nest Dr

113-7:06a.m.-636 Lewisburg Rd

113-7:07a.m.-741 Lewisburg Rd

113-7:08a.m.-967 Lewisburg Rd

113-7:09a.m.-Cooper Ln/Lewisburg Rd

113-7:10a.m.-1385 Lewisburg Rd

113-7:12a.m.-1837 Lewisburg Rd

113-7:16a.m.-Bailey Rd/Ainley Rd

113-7:18a.m.-626 Bailey Rd

113-7:18a.m.-Bailey Rd/Carter Rd

113-7:22a.m.-Champlin Rd/Lewisburg Rd

113-7:23a.m.-3326 Lewisburg Rd

113-7:24a.m.-Lewisburg Rd/Griffin Ln

113-7:25a.m.-3634 Lewisburg Rd

113-7:25a.m.-3704 Lewisburg Rd

113-7:25a.m.-3765 Lewisburg Rd

113-7:26a.m.-3830 Lewisburg Rd

113-7:27a.m.-4174 Lewisburg Rd

113-7:28a.m.-4514 Lewisburg Rd

113-7:29a.m.-5087 Lewisburg Rd

113-7:29a.m.-Lewisburg Rd/Sally Haymes Rd

115-6:20a.m.-255 D Plummer Rd

115-6:21a.m.-6553 Mt Tabor Rd

115-6:22a.m.-902 Heather Loop

115-6:23a.m.-838 Heather Loop

115-6:26a.m.-467 Heather Lp

115-6:26a.m.-493 Heather Lp

115-6:27a.m.-276 Heather Lp

115-6:29a.m.-94 Heather Loop

115-6:30a.m.-35 Heather Loop

115-6:30a.m.-6905 Mt Tabor Rd

115-6:39a.m.-Bobby Lee Rd/Woodlawn Rd

115-6:40a.m.-1054 Woodlawn Rd

115-6:41a.m.-1114 Woodlawn

115-6:41a.m.-1217 Woodlawn Rd

115-6:42a.m.-1688 Woodlawn Rd

115-6:43a.m.-35 Candy Ln

115-6:44a.m.-124 Candy Ln

115-6:50a.m.-85 Michelle Ln

115-6:51a.m.-182 Michelle Ln

115-6:52a.m.-244 Michelle Ln

115-6:53a.m.-335 Michelle Ln

115-6:57a.m.-481 S Oak Grove Rd

115-6:58a.m.-6023 Mt Tabor Rd

115-7:00a.m.-Amaco Dr/Lasiter Rd

115-7:01a.m.-96 Amaco Dr

115-7:02a.m.-14 Honey Ln

115-7:02a.m.-141 Amaco Dr

115-7:06a.m.-Cinel Dr/Lemay Loop

115-7:07a.m.-623 Lemay Lp

115-7:07a.m.-732 Lemay Loop

115-7:11a.m.-404 Hwy 321 N

116-6:30a.m.-86 Bizzell Rd

116-6:31a.m.-Bizzell Rd/Rodeo Dr

116-6:32a.m.-485 Bizzell Rd

116-6:33a.m.-625 Bizzell Rd

116-6:35a.m.-305 Mcfadden Dr

116-6:35a.m.-343 Mcfadden Rd

116-6:36a.m.-230 Mcfadden Rd

116-6:36a.m.-236 Mcfadden Rd

116-6:37a.m.-152 Mcfadden Dr

116-6:38a.m.-907 Bizzell Rd

116-6:39a.m.-1491 Woodlawn

116-6:40a.m.-1497 Woodlawn Rd

116-6:42a.m.-554 Lasiter Rd

116-6:42a.m.-710 Lasiter Rd

116-6:43a.m.-412 Lasiter Rd

116-6:44a.m.-285 June Ln

116-6:45a.m.-201 June Ln

116-6:45a.m.-254 June Ln

116-6:46a.m.-110 June Ln

116-6:47a.m.-1315 Oak Grove Rd

116-6:48a.m.-264 J C Rd

116-6:49a.m.-293 J C Rd

116-6:51a.m.-704 Oak Grove Rd

116-6:51a.m.-786 Oak Grove Rd

116-6:52a.m.-1315 Mccollum Rd

116-6:53a.m.-1243 Mccollum Rd

116-6:53a.m.-966 Mccollum Rd

116-6:54a.m.-554 Mccollum Rd

116-6:55a.m.-402 Mccollum Rd

116-6:56a.m.-161 Mccollum Rd

116-6:57a.m.-566 Lemay Rd

116-6:58a.m.-1253 Lemay Rd

116-6:58a.m.-Bella Grace Dr/Lemay Rd

116-6:59a.m.-1407 Lemay Rd

116-7:00a.m.-1679 Lemay Rd

116-7:00a.m.-Lemay Rd/Valley Brook Dr

116-7:01a.m.-1883 Lemay Rd

116-7:02a.m.-5824 Mt Tabor Rd

116-7:03a.m.-5632 Mt Tabor Rd

117-6:44a.m.-10898 Hwy 319 W

117-6:51a.m.-18231 Hwy 5

117-6:52a.m.-(Turn Around At The Storage Blds)

117-7:06a.m.-Dyson Rd/Lewisburg Rd

117-7:06a.m.-Lewisburg Rd/Sally Haymes Rd

117-7:07a.m.-4455 Lewisburg Rd

117-7:08a.m.-Ed Haymes Rd/Rocky Branch Rd

117-7:14a.m.-2200 Ed Haymes Rd

117-7:16a.m.-Ed Haymes Rd/Valley Rd

117-7:19a.m.-3830 Lewisburg Rd

117-7:20a.m.-3704 Lewisburg Rd

117-7:20a.m.-3756 Lewisburg Rd

117-7:21a.m.-3353 Lewisburg Rd

117-7:22a.m.-444/462 Tucker Rd

117-7:23a.m.-Griffin Ln/Lewisburg Rd

117-7:25a.m.-Champlin Rd/Lewisburg Rd

117-7:27a.m.-Bailey Rd/Ainley Rd

117-7:28a.m.-626 Bailey Rd

117-7:33a.m.-1172 Lewisburg Rd

117-7:33a.m.-1385 Lewisburg Rd

117-7:34a.m.-Cooper Ln/Lewisburg Rd

117-7:35a.m.-741 Lewisburg Rd

117-7:36a.m.-564 Lewisburg Rd

117-7:37a.m.-Eagles Nest Cv/Eagles Nest Dr

117-7:39a.m.-564 16th Section Cemetery Rd

117-7:39a.m.-594 16th Section Cemetery Rd002

117-7:40a.m.-527 16th Section Cemetery Rd

117-7:41a.m.-245 16th Section Cemetery Rd

117-7:41a.m.-343 16th Section Cemetery Rd

117-7:42a.m.-195 16th Section Cemetery Rd

122-6:52a.m.-Park Dr/S 2nd St

122-6:53a.m.-Chapel Ridge Dr

122-6:55a.m.-Chalet St/Collins St

122-6:56a.m.-Collins St/Stacy St

122-6:57a.m.-Brookwest Cv/Richie Rd

122-6:58a.m.-Park Cir/Richie Rd

122-6:59a.m.-Burns Dr/Richie Rd

122-7:00a.m.-14 Murray Dr

122-7:00a.m.-19 Murray Dr

122-7:01a.m.-Mcarthur Dr/Parkview Dr

122-7:02a.m.-40 Parkview Dr

122-7:03a.m.-16 Parkview Dr

122-7:04a.m.-563 S 2nd St/Oak Lane Trailer Park

124-6:45a.m.-372 Grayhawk Cv

124-6:48a.m.-14 Gatelight Dr

124-6:48a.m.-4 Gatelight Dr

124-6:49a.m.-19 Gatepost Dr

124-6:52a.m.-Hwy 5/Clayton Freeman Rd

124-7:04a.m.-9385 A J Patton Rd


124-7:06a.m.-8611 A J Patton Rd

124-7:09a.m.-Browning Cv/Southfork Dr

124-7:10a.m.-Ewing Ln/Southfork Dr

124-7:11a.m.-Mcneill Cv/Southfork Dr

124-7:12a.m.-Steeplechase Apts Office

124-7:13a.m.-2510 S 2nd St

127-6:55a.m.-Cedar Hills Dr/Pine Tree Rd

127-6:59a.m.-Cedar Hills Dr/Evergreen Rd

127-7:01a.m.-3655 Dogwood Ln

127-7:14a.m.-14 Castle Heights Dr

127-7:18a.m.-(1st Load) 29 Brentwood Cv

127-7:19a.m.-(1st Load) 19 Brentwood Cv

127-6:44a.m.-700 Hickory Ln

127-6:47a.m.-Casey Ln/N Emery St

127-6:48a.m.-Emery St/Hardester Dr/N Emery St

127-6:50a.m.-Emery St/Henrietta Dr/Sandhill Rd/Terri Ln

127-6:51a.m.-Henrietta Dr/Hickory Ln

127-6:53a.m.-4298 Dogwood Ln

127-6:54a.m.-Dogwood Ln/Taylor Ln(3925 Dogwood Ln)

127-6:57a.m.-18 Evergreen Rd

127-6:58a.m.-10 Evergreen Rd

127-7:02a.m.-Mt Carmel Rd/Irish Ln

127-7:02a.m.-Mt Carmel Rd/Welock Cv

127-7:03a.m.-Mt Carmel Rd/Oasis Rd/Hunter Chase Dr

127-7:04a.m.-1775 Mt Carmel Rd

127-7:05a.m.-4 Fairway Dr

127-7:06a.m.-20 Fairway Dr

127-7:08a.m.-Belmont Pl/Mt Carmel Rd

127-7:09a.m.-11 Kings Rd

127-7:10a.m.-10 Kings Rd

127-7:11a.m.-431 Kingwood Cr

127-7:12a.m.-512 Kingwood

127-7:12a.m.-695 Kingwood Ln

127-7:16a.m.-20 Crosswinds Dr

127-7:17a.m.-13 Tradewinds Dr

127-7:18a.m.-265 Mt Carmel Rd

128-6:49a.m.-13 Shadow Creek Dr

128-6:50a.m.-39 Shadow Creek Cir

128-6:51a.m.-Hudson Branch Dr/Shadow Creek Dr

128-6:52a.m.-111 Nixon Ln

128-6:55a.m.-99 Hudson Branch Dr

128-6:55a.m.-Creekside Dr/Hudson Branch Dr

128-6:57a.m.-Crystal Lake Rd/Hudson Branch Dr

128-6:58a.m.-150 Crystal Lake Rd

128-6:59a.m.-Creekside Dr/Hudson Branch Dr

128-7:00a.m.-169 Creekside Dr

128-7:03a.m.-621 Old Austin Rd

128-7:05a.m.-2931 Peyton St

128-7:05a.m.-Peyton St/ Hwy 38 (3790 Hwy 38 Daycare)

128-7:08a.m.-Seven Gables Rd/Spence Ln

128-7:09a.m.-647 Dogwood

128-7:09a.m.-Dogwood Ln/Kay Vonne Cir

128-7:11a.m.-3718 Hwy 38

128-7:13a.m.-Hwy 38/Jerry Ln

128-7:14a.m.-Hwy 38/Tracye Ln

128-7:15a.m.-Hwy 38/Henry Ln

128-7:15a.m.-Hwy 38/Old Country Ln

128-7:16a.m.-Cheyenne Dr/Seminole Cir

128-7:17a.m.-Seminole Cir/Sioux Dr

128-7:18a.m.-Chickasaw Dr/Seminole Cir

128-7:19a.m.-Seminole Cir/Sioux Dr

128-7:20a.m.-18 Seminole Cir

128-7:21a.m.-86 Vise Ln

128-7:23a.m.-377 Vise Ln

128-7:24a.m.-519 Vise Ln

128-7:27a.m.-Gettysburg N/Shenandoah Way

128-7:27a.m.-Shenandoah Way/Shiloh N

128-7:29a.m.-Charleston Cv/Cumberland Dr

128-7:29a.m.-Cumberland Dr/Cumberland Cv

128-7:30a.m.-19 Gettysburg S

129-6:46a.m.-Hwy 319 W/Dragonfly Ln

129-6:47a.m.-10073 Hwy 319 W

129-6:50a.m.-134 W Lewisburg Rd

129-6:55a.m.-69 Ballard Rd

129-7:06a.m.-594 W Crickett Rd

129-7:07a.m.-667 W Crickett Rd

129-7:21a.m.-Brandon Ct/Lakeland Dr

129-7:21a.m.-Old Mountain Springs Rd/Lakeland Dr

129-7:22a.m.-Lakeland Dr/Payton Dr

129-7:23a.m.-Emma Dr/Lakeland Dr

129-7:24a.m.-Cara Dr/Lakeland Dr

129-7:25a.m.-Lakeland Dr/Sarah Beth Dr

129-7:26a.m.-Danya Dr/Lakeland Dr

129-7:26a.m.-Jonathon Cv/Lakeland Dr

129-7:27a.m.-Lakeland Dr/Tyler Cv

129-7:29a.m.-Brett Ct/Lakeland Dr

129-7:30a.m.-Cassie Cv/Lakeland Dr

129-7:31a.m.-108 Lakeland Dr

129-7:32a.m.-Lakeland Dr/Lauren Cv

129-7:33a.m.-116 Lakeland Dr

129-7:33a.m.-Ashlee Dr/Lakeland Dr

129-7:34a.m.-Lakeland Dr/Savannah Ct

129-7:35a.m.-Cooper Cv/Lakeland Dr

132-7:04a.m.-Ar-319/E 2nd St/Moore St/W 2nd St

132-7:04a.m.-Elm St/W 2nd St

132-7:05a.m.-504 Ar Hwy 367 S

132-7:06a.m.-E 2nd St/Markham St

132-7:07a.m.-205 Cross St

132-7:07a.m.-Meadow Cir/Milam St

132-7:08a.m.-Campbell St/Cross St

132-7:08a.m.-Cross St/ Hwy -319/North St/W 3rd St

132-7:09a.m.-Hickory St/North St

132-7:09a.m.-Hwy -319/North St/W 4th St

132-7:10a.m.-Hickory St/Shamsie Dr

132-7:11a.m.-Hickory St/Marshall St

132-7:11a.m.-Hickory St/W 4th St

132-7:13a.m.-Griffin Pl/W 2nd St

132-7:18a.m.-2110 N 2nd St

132-7:19a.m.-1912 N 2nd St

132-7:19a.m.-N 2nd St/Wishing Well St

133-6:47a.m.-Gunsmoke Ln/Lariat Dr

133-6:48a.m.-Lariat D/Gunsmoke Ln

133-6:50a.m.-Cindy Ln/W Main St

133-6:51a.m.-115 Cross Creek Dr

133-6:52a.m.-Austin Creek Dr/Running Creek Dr

133-6:53a.m.-Creek View Dr/Running Creek Dr

133-6:56a.m.-Weathering Cir/Weathering Dr

133-6:57a.m.-Weathering Dr/Weathering Ln

133-6:58a.m.-Oakridge Dr/Weathering Dr

133-7:01a.m.-Morgan Dr/Savilla Dr

133-7:02a.m.-Alma Dr/Savilla Dr

133-7:03a.m.-Alma Dr/Chariot Cv

133-7:29a.m.-Jr High North

134-6:40a.m.-4744 Hwy 321 E

134-6:41a.m.-4960 Hwy 321 E

134-6:42a.m.-4982 Hwy 321 E

134-6:43a.m.-5415 Hwy 321 E

134-6:44a.m.-Oak Grove Rd/ Hwy 321 E

134-6:45a.m.-5735 Hwy 321 E

134-6:47a.m.-6101 Hwy 321 E

134-6:48a.m.-6144 Hwy 321 E ( Turn Around At Fire Station)

134-6:55a.m.-6404 Hwy 321 E

134-6:56a.m.-6244 Hwy 321 E

134-7:04a.m.-643 Seaton Rd

134-7:05a.m.-395 Seaton Rd

134-7:05a.m.-Parris Ln/Seaton Rd

134-7:08a.m.-Hwy 321 E/Castle Rd

134-7:10a.m.-3656 Hwy 321 E

134-7:10a.m.-Gilliam Rd/ Hwy 321 E

134-7:13a.m.-3065 Dogwood Ln

134-7:15a.m.-Campground Rd/Breezewood Ln

134-7:16a.m.-25 Jenni Leigh Dr

134-7:16a.m.-Campground Rd/Holly Ln

134-7:17a.m.-110 Jenni Leigh Dr

134-7:18a.m.-384 Jenni Leigh Rd

134-6:42a.m.-Burton Rd/ Hwy 321 E

134-6:58a.m.-25 Saddle Brook Cr

134-7:01a.m.-405 Saddle Brook Rd

134-7:02a.m.-755 Saddlebrook Cir

134-7:02a.m.-830 Saddlebrook Cir

134-7:11a.m.-Sanders Ln/ Hwy 321 E

135-6:44a.m.-Shadow Creek Cir/Shadow Creek Dr

135-6:45a.m.-Hudson Branch Dr/Shadow Creek Dr

135-6:46a.m.-Nixon Ln/Shadow Creek Dr

135-6:48a.m.-Creekside Dr/Hudson Branch Dr

135-6:49a.m.-70 Hudson Branch Dr

135-6:50a.m.-Crystal Lake Rd/Hudson Branch Dr

135-6:51a.m.-175 Crystal Lake Rd

135-6:52a.m.-157 Crystal Lake Rd

135-6:53a.m.-Creekside Dr/Peach St

135-6:54a.m.-Nectarine St/Peach St

135-6:55a.m.-125 Peach St

135-6:55a.m.-137 Peach St

135-6:57a.m.-1106 E Main St

135-6:57a.m.-E Main St/Corum Cv

135-6:59a.m.-571 Old Austin Rd

135-7:00a.m.-2879 Peyton St

135-7:03a.m.-Seven Gables Rd/Spence Ln

135-7:04a.m.-Dogwood Ln/Kay Vonne Cir

135-7:07a.m.-Hwy 38/Jerry Ln

135-7:08a.m.-Hwy 38/Tracye Ln

135-7:09a.m.-Hwy 38/Old Country Ln

135-7:10a.m.-Morgan Ln/Vise Ln

135-7:11a.m.-377 Vise Ln

135-7:12a.m.-519 Vise Ln

135-7:14a.m.-842 Vise Ln

136-6:40a.m.-Cinnamon Ln/Sandhill Rd

136-6:40a.m.-Nutmeg Dr/Sandhill Rd

136-6:42a.m.-3965 Sandhill Rd

136-6:45a.m.-2929 Sandhill Rd

136-6:46a.m.-2575 Sandhill Rd

136-6:48a.m.-Milner Rd/Sandhill Rd

136-6:49a.m.-2014 Sandhill Rd

136-6:51a.m.-80 Fuscata Lp

136-6:52a.m.-1725 Sandhill Rd

136-6:52a.m.-1799 Sandhill Rd

136-6:53a.m.-1891 Sandhill Rd

136-6:56a.m.-416 Sunset Country Ln

136-6:56a.m.-Forbus Rd/Sunset Country Ln

136-6:57a.m.-31 Sunset Country Ln

136-7:00a.m.-250 Hummingbird Hollow Ln

136-7:03a.m.-Bratton Rd/Sandhill Rd/Sharp Ln

136-7:04a.m.-25 Sunnyvale Ln

136-7:05a.m.-241 Sunnyvale Ln

136-7:06a.m.-388 Sunnyvale Ln

136-7:10a.m.-120 Romine Rd

136-7:11a.m.-545 Romine Rd

136-7:12a.m.-570 Romine Rd

136-7:17a.m.-16 Dillon Dr

136-7:17a.m.-1620 Mt Tabor Rd

136-7:18a.m.-95 Dillon Dr

136-7:19a.m.-Dillon Dr/Hallie Ct

136-7:20a.m.-365 Dillon Dr

136-7:20a.m.-Dillon Dr/Southwood Dr/Southwood Ln

136-7:21a.m.-65 Southwood Rd

137-6:51a.m.-Amanda Ln/James Dr

137-6:52a.m.-James Dr/Maple St

137-6:55a.m.-S Summit Dr /View Dr

137-6:57a.m.-S Sunland Dr/Sundown Cv

137-6:58a.m.-S Sunland Dr/Sunshine Ct

137-7:00a.m.-15 S Sunland Dr

137-7:01a.m.-22 N Sunland Dr

137-7:02a.m.-N Sunland Dr/Sunflower Dr

137-7:03a.m.-19 Sunflower Dr

137-7:05a.m.-25 S Summit Dr

137-7:09a.m.-Epperson Dr/James Dr

137-7:10a.m.-104 Epperson Dr

137-7:11a.m.-114 Epperson Dr

137-7:11a.m.-125 Epperson Dr

137-7:12a.m.-106 Tanya Dr

137-7:13a.m.-110 Brungardt Dr

137-7:14a.m.-103 Brungardt Dr

137-7:15a.m.-100 Brungardt Dr

140-6:47a.m.-253 Burkhead Rd

140-6:48a.m.-50 Kenzie Dr

140-6:49a.m.-2735 Ar Hwy 321 N

140-6:49a.m.-2787 Hwy 321 N

140-6:50a.m.-Hwy 321 N/Mchenry Ln

140-6:51a.m.-Howell Rd/Patty Rd

140-6:56a.m.-193 Jones Rd

140-6:56a.m.-45 Jones Rd

140-6:57a.m.-6517 Hwy 38

140-6:58a.m.-Hwy 38/Minton Rd

140-6:59a.m.-Hwy 38/Stacey Lynn Ter

140-7:00a.m.-5386 Hwy 38002

140-7:01a.m.-Hwy 38/Marywood

140-7:06a.m.-4 Shady Grove Rd

140-7:07a.m.-1 Shady Grove Cv

140-7:09a.m.-16/17 Shady Grove Rd

140-7:13a.m.-Hwy 38/Bryson Dr

140-7:14a.m.-40/60 E Old Austin Rd

141-7:06a.m.-30 G St

141-7:08a.m.-Forest Dr/G St/White Oak Dr

141-7:08a.m.-G St/Red Oak Dr

141-7:09a.m.-Country Wood St/G St

141-7:12a.m.-Linda Ln/Willow Cv

141-7:12a.m.-Linda Ln/Willow Dr

141-7:15a.m.-Buttercup Cv/Buttercup Ln/Magnolia Dr

141-7:15a.m.-Daisey Cv/Magnolia Dr

141-7:16a.m.-Lilac Ln/Magnolia Dr/Rosebud Cir

141-7:17a.m.-Magnolia Dr/Orchid Ln

141-7:18a.m.-Magnolia Dr/Rosebud Cir

141-7:18a.m.-Magnolia Dr/Tulip Ln

141-7:19a.m.-Rosebud Cir/Tulip Ln

141-7:20a.m.-Buttercup Cv/Rosebud Cir

141-7:20a.m.-Lilac Ln/Rosebud Cir

141-7:21a.m.-Rosebud Cir/Violet Ln

141-7:22a.m.-Krooked Kreek Cir/Krooked Kreek Cv

141-7:22a.m.-Krooked Kreek Cir/Krooked Kreek Dr

141-7:23a.m.-Krooked Kreek Cir/Willow Dr

141-7:24a.m.-39 Krooked Kreek Cr

141-7:24a.m.-Krooked Kreek Cir/Willow Dr

141-7:25a.m.-Krooked Kreek Cir/Krooked Kreek Dr

141-7:13a.m.-Aleatha Cv/Linda Ln

142-6:56a.m.-18 Bellamy

142-6:56a.m.-30 Bellamy

142-6:57a.m.-1505 E Main St

142-6:58a.m.-E Main St/Rebecca Ln

142-6:59a.m.-E Main St/Talbert Dr

142-7:00a.m.-E Main St/Woodiel Dr

142-7:01a.m.-2304 E Main St

142-7:02a.m.-2388 E Main St

142-7:10a.m.-190 Cedar Creek Lp

142-7:12a.m.-10 Cedar Creek Lp

142-7:13a.m.-E Main St/Cedar Creek Lp

142-7:14a.m.-222 N Stagecoach Rd

142-7:15a.m.-N Stagecoach Rd/Windwood Loop

142-7:16a.m.-N Stagecoach Rd/Pamela Dr/Windwood Loop

142-7:17a.m.-Glenna Ln/N Stagecoach Rd

142-7:18a.m.-Lana Ln/N Stagecoach Rd

142-7:18a.m.-N Stagecoach Rd/Charles Dr

142-7:21a.m.-34 Seminole Cir

142-7:21a.m.-62 Seminole Cir

142-7:22a.m.-Chickasaw Dr/Seminole Cir

142-7:22a.m.-Seminole Cir/Sioux Dr

142-7:24a.m.-116 Seminole Cir

142-7:26a.m.-Shenandoah Way/Shiloh N(Jhn,Hs Stop Only)

142-7:27a.m.-Cumberland Dr/Cumberland Cv (Jhn ,Hs Only Stops)

142-7:28a.m.-Confederate Dr/Shiloh S

143-7:01a.m.-Cardinal Ln/Kerr Station Rd

143-7:02a.m.-Kerr Station Rd/Shane Dr

143-7:03a.m.-Earnhardt Cir/Kerr Station Rd/Winners Cir

143-7:06a.m.-Earnhardt Cir/Kerr Station Rd/Shaded Oak

143-7:08a.m.-Campground Rd/Nottingham Dr

143-7:10a.m.-Warren St/Wilson St

143-7:12a.m.-Hunters Cv/Kerr Station Rd

143-7:12a.m.-Kerr Station Rd/Marian Cv

143-7:13a.m.-Kerr Station Rd/W Plaza Blvd

143-7:14a.m.-Kerr Station Rd/Robin Ln

143-7:15a.m.-31 Timber Ln

143-7:16a.m.-Ivanhoe Dr/Timberlane Dr

143-7:17a.m.-Bent Tree Dr/Ivanhoe Dr

143-7:18a.m.-Ivanhoe Dr/Pond St

143-7:18a.m.-Kaye St/Pond St

143-7:19a.m.-S Pine St/Mills Cv

143-7:20a.m.-Wendell St/S Pine St

143-7:22a.m.-608 S Pine St

143-7:23a.m.-700 S Pine St

143-7:08a.m.-505 Campground Rd

143-7:10a.m.-Broadmoor Cir/Warren St

147-6:35a.m.-Hwy 5/Fulmer Rd

147-6:40a.m.-Cooper Cv/Lakeland Dr

147-6:41a.m.-Ashlee Dr/Lakeland Dr

147-6:42a.m.-Elizabeth Ln/Lakeland Dr

147-6:42a.m.-Lakeland Dr/Lauren Cv

147-6:43a.m.-Brett Ct/Lakeland Dr

147-6:44a.m.-Chetay Dr/Lakeland Dr

147-6:45a.m.-Jonathon Cv/Lakeland Dr

147-6:46a.m.-Danya Dr/Lakeland Dr

147-6:47a.m.-Lakeland Dr/Sarah Beth Dr

147-6:48a.m.-Emma Dr/Lakeland Dr

147-6:50a.m.-Emily Cv/Lakeland Dr

147-6:55a.m.-15540 Hwy 5

147-7:00a.m.-11 Kirkland Dr

147-7:02a.m.-24 Kirkland Dr

147-7:04a.m.-44 Kirkland Dr

147-7:05a.m.-54 Kirkland Dr

148-7:09a.m.-7 Marshall St

148-7:10a.m.-Griffin St/Langford St

148-7:10a.m.-Griffin St/Stephens St

148-7:11a.m.-13 Ariel St

148-7:12a.m.-Ariel Dr/Brittani Dr

148-7:12a.m.-Ariel Dr/Heather St

148-7:13a.m.-100 Pintar St

148-7:13a.m.-Heather St/Pintar St

148-7:14a.m.-Pintar St/W 2nd St

148-7:15a.m.-2 Opal St

148-7:16a.m.-14 Opal St

148-7:16a.m.-Opal St/Willow Lake Dr

148-7:17a.m.-Lakeside Dr/Opal St

148-7:17a.m.-Lakeside Dr/Willow Cv

148-7:18a.m.-Helen St/Willow Lake Dr

148-7:18a.m.-Lakeside Dr/Willow Lake Dr

148-7:19a.m.-16 Helen St

148-7:19a.m.-2 Helen St

148-7:21a.m.-18 Fawn Dr

148-7:21a.m.-Deerfield Dr/Fawn Dr

148-7:22a.m.-Deer Run Dr/Ten Point Ln

148-7:23a.m.-11 Deer Run Dr

148-7:24a.m.-W 2nd St/Whitetail Dr

151-6:59a.m.-N Stagecoach Rd/Charles Dr

151-7:00a.m.-786 N Stagecoach Rd

151-7:00a.m.-Leaning Pines Rd/N Stagecoach Rd

151-7:01a.m.-Glenna Ln/N Stagecoach Rd

151-7:01a.m.-N Stagecoach Rd/Pamela Dr/Windwood Loop(1st Entrance)

151-7:02a.m.-N Stagecoach Rd/Windwood Loop(2nd Entrance)

151-7:07a.m.-Cedar Creek Cv/Cedar Creek Lp

151-7:08a.m.-E Main St/Cedar Creek Lp

151-7:09a.m.-E Main St/S Stagecoach Rd (90 Stagecoach Rd)

151-7:10a.m.-E Main St/Talbert Dr

151-7:11a.m.-E Main St/Rebecca Ln

151-7:21a.m.-Linda Ln/Willow Dr

151-7:22a.m.-Country Wood St/G St

151-7:23a.m.-G St/Red Oak Dr

151-7:24a.m.-38 G St

151-7:25a.m.-Cottonwood Dr/Woodbridge Dr

151-7:25a.m.-Haywood Dr/Woodbridge Dr

151-7:26a.m.-30 Woodbridge Dr

151-7:26a.m.-Stonewood Dr/Woodbridge Dr

151-7:28a.m.-20 Cedarwood Dr

151-7:29a.m.-Applewood Dr/Wedgewood Dr

151-7:29a.m.-Stonewood Dr/Wedgewood Dr

151-7:30a.m.-Ashwood/Wedgewood Dr

151-7:32a.m.-Diamond Dr/Emerald Cir

151-7:34a.m.-Berry Patch Dr/Blueberry Ln

151-7:35a.m.-Berry Patch Dr/Eastern Ave/Forrest Loop

151-7:36a.m.-1000 Eastern Ave

151-7:36a.m.-900 Eastern Ave

151-7:38a.m.-95 S Pine St

152-7:01a.m.-S Pool St/W Verser St

152-7:02a.m.-3244 Hwy 367 N

152-7:03a.m.-E Main St/N Pool St/S Pool St

152-7:04a.m.-306 N Pool St

152-7:04a.m.-N Pool St/W Allison St

152-7:05a.m.-109 Wyate St

152-7:05a.m.-Lenny Penny Day Care(3639 Hwy 367 N)

152-7:06a.m.-Hwy 367 N/Brewer

152-7:07a.m.-3330 Hwy 367 N

152-7:08a.m.-203 N 1st St

152-7:08a.m.-E Austin/N 1st St

152-7:09a.m.-105 E Allison St

152-7:09a.m.-E Allison St/N 2nd St/N 2nd St

152-7:11a.m.-Pershing Cv/Pershing Dr

152-7:13a.m.-Orange Cv/Orange St/Peach St

152-7:13a.m.-Peach St/Plum Dr

152-7:14a.m.-Apricot St/Plum Dr

152-7:15a.m.-Peach St/Tangarine St

152-7:15a.m.-Plum Dr/Tangarine St

152-7:20a.m.-607 N Jackson St

152-7:21a.m.-701 N Jackson St

152-7:22a.m.-705 N Grant St

152-7:23a.m.-102 W Locust St

152-7:24a.m.-N 5th St/W Olive St

152-7:25a.m.-N 6th St/W Olive St

152-7:26a.m.-21 Spring St

152-7:26a.m.-N 8th St/Oak Grove Cir

153-6:45a.m.-Cardinal Ln/Kerr Station Rd

153-6:46a.m.-Earnhardt Cir/Kerr Station Rd/Winners Cir

153-6:46a.m.-Kerr Station Rd/Shane Dr

153-6:48a.m.-Earnhardt Cir/Kerr Station Rd/Shaded Oak

153-6:50a.m.-Broadmoor Cir/Warren St002

153-6:52a.m.-Campground Rd/Nottingham Dr

153-6:53a.m.-Kerr Station Rd/Marian Cv

153-6:54a.m.-Kerr Station Rd/W Plaza Blvd

153-6:55a.m.-Ivanhoe Dr/Timberlane Dr

153-6:56a.m.-Barnwell St/Pond St

153-6:57a.m.-Barnwell St/Oak Meadows Dr/Robinson St

153-6:58a.m.-Barnwell Dr/Oak Meadows Dr

153-7:00a.m.-Kaye St/Pond St

153-7:00a.m.-Meadowlark Dr/Robinson St

153-7:01a.m.-Berry Patch Dr/Eastern Ave/Forrest Loop

153-7:03a.m.-Honeysuckle Ln/Linda Ln

153-7:05a.m.-203 S Stagecoach Rd

153-7:10a.m.-Diamond Dr/Emerald Cir

153-7:11a.m.-26 Diamond Dr

153-7:12a.m.-G St/Linda Ln/Woodbridge Dr

153-7:13a.m.-Forest Dr/G St/White Oak Dr

153-7:14a.m.-Ashwood/Wedgewood Dr

153-7:15a.m.-20 Cedarwood Dr

153-7:18a.m.-Aleatha Cv/Linda Ln

153-7:18a.m.-Linda Ln/Willow Cv

153-7:19a.m.-Daisey Cv/Magnolia Dr

153-7:21a.m.-57 Rosebud Cr

153-7:22a.m.-87 Rosebud Cr

153-7:24a.m.-Krooked Kreek Cir/Krooked Kreek Dr

153-7:25a.m.-Krooked Kreek Cir/Willow Dr

153-7:29a.m.-S Pine St/Mills Cv

157-(1st load) 7:05a.m.-Sandy Ave/Tripp St

157-(1st load) 7:06a.m.-Fox Run Cir/S 1st St

157-(1st load) 7:07a.m.-Pheasant Run Dr/S 1st St

157-(1st load) 7:09a.m.-Pheasant Run Dr/S 1st St

157-(1st load) 7:10a.m.-1005 S 1st St

157-7:07a.m.-(1st Load) Cajun Cv/S 1st St

157-7:25a.m.-(2nd load) Cmss Bus Lane

157-7:38a.m.-(1st load) Alexis Dr/Frances St

157-(2nd load) 7:28a.m.-Barnwell St/Pond St

157-(2nd load) 7:29a.m.-Barnwell St/Liberty Ln

157-(2nd load) 7:30a.m.-Barnwell St/Pear St

157-(2nd load) 7:32a.m.-Barnwell Dr/Oak Meadows Dr

157-(2nd load) 7:33a.m.-Oak Meadows Dr/S Jackson St

157-(2nd load) 7:35a.m.-Meadowlark Dr/Robinson St

157-(2nd load) 7:36a.m.-Frances St/Meadowlark Dr

157-(2nd load) 7:37a.m.-Frances St/Jay Cir

157-(2nd load) 7:39a.m.-12 Frances St

159-6:38a.m.-53 Lindulake Dr

159-6:39a.m.-48 Lindulake Dr

159-6:40a.m.-33 Lindulake Dr

159-6:41a.m.-19 Lindulake Dr

159-6:46a.m.-80 Spring Valley Rd

159-6:48a.m.-1116 Valley Creek Dr

159-6:49a.m.-1442 Spring Valley Rd

159-6:51a.m.-Spring Valley Rd

159-6:54a.m.-295 Valley Creek Dr

159-6:55a.m.-300 Valley Creek Dr

159-6:55a.m.-385 Valley Creek Dr

159-6:57a.m.-820 Spring Valley Rd

159-6:58a.m.-122 Spring Valley Rd

159-7:01a.m.-Mountain Springs Rd/Witcher Dr

159-7:03a.m.-Mountain Springs Rd/Pioneer Dr

159-7:04a.m.-12 Thompson Dr

159-7:04a.m.-Back Forty St/Thompson Dr

159-7:05a.m.-1501 Mountain Springs Rd

159-7:07a.m.-Blanchard Dr/Cossatot Cir

159-7:10a.m.-254 Mt Springs Rd

159-7:10a.m.-288 Mt Springs Rd

160-6:54a.m.-(1st Load) Cedar Hills Dr/Pine Tree Rd

160-7:00a.m.-(1st Load) 3 Cedar Hills Dr

160-7:07a.m.-(1st Load) 29 Brentwood Cv

160-7:08a.m.-(1st Load) 19 Brentwood Cv

160-S (1st Load) 6:57a.m.-18 Evergreen Rd

160-S (1st Load) 6:58a.m.-10 Evergreen Rd

160-S (1st Load) 7:04a.m.-20 Thunderbird Dr

160-S (1st Load) 7:05a.m.-Corvette Dr/Thunderbird Dr

160-S (1st Load) 7:06a.m.-Jaguar Dr/Mustang Dr

160-(2nd Load) Ce 7:20a.m.-Jr High South Start 2nd Load

160-(2nd Load) Ce 7:24a.m.-Bluebird Ln/Red Bird Cv

160-(2nd Load) Ce 7:25a.m.-132 Cardinal Ln

160-(2nd Load) Ce 7:25a.m.-Cardinal Ln/Hummingbird Ln

160-(2nd Load) Ce 7:26a.m.-82 Cardinal Ln

160-(2nd Load) Ce 7:27a.m.-Kerr Station Rd/Shane Dr

160-(2nd Load) Ce 7:28a.m.-Earnhardt Cir/Kerr Station Rd/Shaded Oak

160-(2nd Load) Ce 7:28a.m.-Earnhardt Cir/Kerr Station Rd/Winners Cir

160-(2nd Load) Ce 7:29a.m.-Earnhardt Cir/Talladega Dr

160-(2nd Load) Ce 7:30a.m.-57 Earnhardt Cir

160-(2nd Load) Ce 7:32a.m.-Earnhardt Cir/Talladega Dr/Talladega Loop

160-(2nd Load) Ce 7:36a.m.-Campground Rd/Nottingham Dr

160-(2nd Load) Ce 7:37a.m.-Kerr Station Rd/Marian Cv

160-(2nd Load) Ce 7:38a.m.-Hunters Cv/Kerr Station Rd

160-(2nd Load) Ce 7:39a.m.-Ivanhoe Dr/Plaza Blvd/W Plaza Blvd

160-(2nd Load) Ce 7:39a.m.-Ivanhoe Dr/Robin Ln

160-(2nd Load) Ce 7:41a.m.-14 Timber Ln

160-(2nd Load) Ce 7:42a.m.-31 Timber Ln

160-(2nd Load) Ce 7:42a.m.-Bent Tree Dr/Ivanhoe Dr

160-(2nd Load) Ce 7:44a.m.-11 Bent Tree Dr

164-7:04a.m.-221 S Stagecoach Rd

164-7:07a.m.-Diamond Dr/Emerald Cir

164-7:08a.m.-Cottonwood Dr/Woodbridge Dr

164-7:09a.m.-Haywood Dr/Woodbridge Dr

164-7:10a.m.-Stonewood Dr/Woodbridge Dr

164-7:13a.m.-Stonewood Dr/Wedgewood Dr

164-7:14a.m.-Ashwood/Wedgewood Dr

164-7:15a.m.-Linda Ln/Wedgewood Dr

164-7:16a.m.-805 Linda Ln

164-7:17a.m.-600 Linda Ln

164-7:18a.m.-405 Linda Ln

164-7:19a.m.-Eastern Ave/Linda Ln

164-7:21a.m.-Berry Patch Dr/Blueberry Ln

164-7:22a.m.-39 Berrypatch Dr

164-7:23a.m.-Berry Patch Dr/Eastern Ave/Forrest Loop

164-7:24a.m.-907 Eastern Ave

164-7:33a.m.-Jr High South

164-7:11a.m.-Cedarwood Dr/Wedgewood Dr

164-7:13a.m.-Applewood Dr/Wedgewood Dr

167-(1st Load) 6:55a.m.-Crum Dr/S 2nd St

167-(1st Load) 6:59a.m.-Ewing Ln/Southfork Dr

167-(1st Load) 7:00a.m.-Mcneill Cv/Southfork Dr

167-(1st Load) 7:01a.m.-2695 S 2nd St (Steeplechase Apts)

167-(1st Load) 7:04a.m.-Lancashire Ln/Palisade Dr

167-(1st Load) 7:05a.m.-Palisade Dr/Versailles Dr

167-(1st Load) 7:05a.m.-Toccata Ln/Versailles Dr

167-(1st Load) 7:06a.m.-Canterbury Ct/Canterbury Ln

167-(1st Load) 7:06a.m.-Canterbury Ln/Versailles Dr

167-(1st Load) 7:07a.m.-Bluestone Ln/Canterbury Ct

167-(1st Load) 7:08a.m.-2418 Bluestone Ln

167-(1st Load) 7:09a.m.-S 1st St/Ryleigh Cir

167-(1st Load) 7:10a.m.-Fieldcrest Dr/S 1st St

167-(1st Load) 7:11a.m.-Country Village Cir/S 1st St

167-(1st Load) 7:11a.m.-S 1st St/Trinity Dr

167-(1st Load) 7:12a.m.-S 1st St/Stonehaven

167-(1st Load) 7:12a.m.-S 1st St/Winchester

167-(1st Load) 7:13a.m.-S 1st St/Sandy Ave

167-(1st Load) 7:13a.m.-Sandy Ave/Tripp St

167-(2nd Load) 7:16a.m.-Allison Dr/S 1st St

167-(2nd Load) 7:16a.m.-Pheasant Run Dr/S 1st St (2nd Entrance)

167-(2nd Load) 7:17a.m.-Pheasant Run Dr/S 1st St (1st Entrance)

167-(2nd Load) 7:18a.m.-1204 S 1st St

167-(2nd Load) 7:22a.m.-Richie Rd/Sharon Cv

167-(2nd Load) 7:23a.m.-Park Cir/Richie Rd

167-(2nd Load) 7:24a.m.-Mcarthur Dr/Richie Rd

167-(2nd Load) 7:24a.m.-Parkview Dr/Richie Rd

167-(2nd Load) 7:26a.m.-28 Murray Dr

167-(2nd Load) 7:27a.m.-Mcarthur Dr/Parkview Dr

167-(2nd Load) 7:28a.m.-26 Parkview Dr

167-(2nd Load) 7:31a.m.-Collins St/Saint John St

167-(2nd Load) 7:32a.m.-S 10th St/Saint John St

167-(2nd Load) 7:33a.m.-109 Rodney Guthrie Dr

167-(2nd Load) 7:33a.m.-Bellaire Dr/Saint John St

167-(2nd Load) 7:34a.m.-Rodney Guthrie Dr/Waymack Rd

167-(2nd Load) 7:35a.m.-S 10th St/W Myrtle St

167-(2nd Load) 7:37a.m.-Park Dr/S 2nd St

167-(2nd Load) 7:39a.m.-617 S 2nd St (Oak Lane Trailer Park)

167-6:58a.m.-(1st Load) Browning Cv/Southfork Dr

167-7:23a.m.-(2nd Load) Brookwest Cv/Richie Rd

167-7:25a.m.-(2nd load) Burns Dr/Richie Rd

167-7:26a.m.-(2nd Load) Burns Dr/Parkview Dr

167-7:30a.m.-Chalet St/Collins St

167-7:38a.m.-(2nd load) Chapel Ridge Apts

168-6:43a.m.-46 Forbus Rd

168-6:45a.m.-Mahoney Loop/Staggs Ln

168-6:46a.m.-174 Mahoney Loop

168-6:46a.m.-348 Mahoney Loop

168-6:47a.m.-1217 Mahoney Lp

168-6:48a.m.-923 Mahoney Rd

168-6:49a.m.-861 Mahoney Rd

168-6:50a.m.-404 Mahoney Rd

168-6:51a.m.-235 Harris Rd

168-6:52a.m.-331 Harris Rd

168-6:52a.m.-418 Harris Rd

168-6:54a.m.-113 Mahoney Rd

168-6:54a.m.-Mahoney Rd/Tommy Ln

168-6:57a.m.-Oglesby Rd/Strain Rd

168-6:58a.m.-Kala Ct/Oglesby Rd

168-6:59a.m.-Williamsburg Dr/Williamsburg Cv

168-7:00a.m.-10 Williamsburg Dr

168-7:03a.m.-305 Barrett Ln

168-7:06a.m.-180 Russell Rd

168-7:07a.m.-Bertha Ln/Russell Rd

168-7:09a.m.-Jeffery Ln/Jeffery Park

168-7:10a.m.-318 Jeffery Ln

168-7:11a.m.-401 Jeffery Ln

168-7:13a.m.-428 Pickthorne Rd

168-7:14a.m.-Lamar Dr/Pickthorne Rd

168-7:16a.m.-1003 Pickthorne Rd

168-7:21a.m.-162 Lassiter Ln

168-7:24a.m.-1703 S Pine St

168-7:26a.m.-Diederich Ln/Jackson Park Cv

168-7:27a.m.-Diederich Ln/House Ln

168-7:28a.m.-471 Mark Lynn Cr

168-7:29a.m.-381 Mark Lynn Cr

168-7:30a.m.-Bradley Dr/Mark Lynn Cir

168-7:31a.m.-12 Thunderbird Dr

168-7:32a.m.-25 Thunderbird Dr

168-7:33a.m.-Corvette Dr/Thunderbird Dr

168-7:33a.m.-Mustang Dr/Thunderbird Dr

168-7:34a.m.-Jaguar Dr/Mustang Dr

168-7:34a.m.-Jaguar Dr/Porsche Dr

168-7:36a.m.-Dina Ln/Mt Carmel Rd

169-6:50a.m.-Greystone Townhouse Covered In The Back Parking Area

169-6:50a.m.-Greystone Townhouse Office

169-6:53a.m.-122 Spring Valley Rd

169-6:57a.m.-290 Valley Creek Dr

169-6:58a.m.-305 Valley Creek Dr

169-7:03a.m.-3 Kirkland Dr

169-7:11a.m.-336 W Mountain Springs Rd

169-7:11a.m.-Cedar Ridge Cv/W Mountain Springs Rd

169-7:12a.m.-706 W Mountain Springs Rd

169-7:14a.m.-Goode Ln/W Mountain Springs Rd

169-7:15a.m.-1924 W Mountain Springs Rd

169-7:21a.m.-254 Dorman Dr

169-7:21a.m.-Dorman Dr/E Earlene Cv/W Earlene Cv

169-7:30a.m.-Hwy 5/Hilltop Rd

169-7:31a.m.-Clearwater Ln/Magness Creek Dr/Village Creek Dr

169-7:32a.m.-Elk Horn Ln/Magness Creek Dr/Village Creek Dr

169-7:33a.m.-Magness Creek Dr/Twin Lakes Dr

169-7:34a.m.-High Plains Dr/Lakeview Ln/Magness Creek Dr

169-7:34a.m.-Magness Creek Dr/Overlook Cv

169-7:35a.m.-Magness Creek Dr/Oak Tree Ct/Sagebrush Ln

169-7:36a.m.-Magness Creek Dr/Pecan Ln/Spillway Cv

169-7:37a.m.-Corbin Cir/Magness Creek Dr

169-7:37a.m.-Corbin Cir/Magness Creek Dr

169-7:38a.m.-35 Lakeview Ln

169-7:39a.m.-21 Lakeview Ln

170-6:52a.m.-36 Magness Creek Dr

170-6:52a.m.-Bowman Cv/Magness Creek Dr(16030 Hwy 5)

170-6:53a.m.-Boxwood Cv/Magness Creek Dr

170-6:54a.m.-Clearwater Ln/Magness Creek Dr

170-6:56a.m.-Elk Horn Ln/Magness Creek Dr/Village Creek Dr

170-6:57a.m.-Alpine Ln/Magness Creek Dr

170-6:57a.m.-Magness Creek Dr/Twin Lakes Dr

170-6:58a.m.-Magness Creek Dr/Overlook Cv

170-6:59a.m.-High Plains Dr/Lakeview Ln/Magness Creek Dr

170-7:00a.m.-Magness Creek Dr/Oak Tree Ct/Sagebrush Ln

170-7:01a.m.-Magness Creek Dr/Pecan Ln/Spillway Cv

170-7:02a.m.-Corbin Cir/Magness Creek Dr

170-7:04a.m.-Lakeview Ln/Village Creek Dr