Dancing with the Cabot Stars returns 7 p.m., March 28, in the Cabot Fine Arts Auditorium.

This year’s competition features seven couples: Chris Coleman and Tara Thurman; Drew Glover and Ashley Petit-Leopoulos; Skylar Bartlett and Casey Hanna; Harold Jeffcoat and Sherri Jennings; Ronnie and Jerri Tollett; John and Paula Shirron; and Aaron Randolph and Dawn Verkler.

Dance instructors are Priscilla Morris of Priscilla’s School of Dance, and Lisa Cotroneo of Cabot Dance Academy.

Tickets are $12, and are available at the Cabot High School office; Cabot School District Central Administration Office, 605 North Lincoln St. (across from the Panther Stadium parking lot); Priscilla’s School of Dance, 205 South Adams St.; and Cabot Dance Academy, 232 Willie Ray Dr.

Dancing with the Cabot Stars is sponsored by the Cabot Panther Foundation, a non-profit corporation founded in 2006 to support the educational purposes of the Cabot School District, including funding research, education, athletic, scholarships and other activities to promote public education.

For more information call 843-3363, extension 1059.