Dr. Suess characters The Cat in the Hat (Charles Stacks), Thing 1 (LeeAnn Reed) and Thing 2 (Ashley Gonyea) are this week’s escorts for the Cabot School District Reading Bus. Bus coordinator Kelly Riggs said more than 150 customers used the bus in the first three days of the summer schedule. The books are available to anyone, and the reading-level ranges from toddlers and up. "Yes, we have books for grown-ups, too," Riggs said. The bus is a lending-library style system and does not require a card or registration. There is a large supply of books and a variety of interests to choose from, she said. All the books are donated. "If people have books they would like to donate, then they can bring them in when they see the bus," Riggs said. See Page 7A for the bus itinerary. (Ed Galucki)