Lonoke county marriage licenses Nov. 16 through Jan. 4, 2013:

Bobby R. Pfaff, 35, of Austin to Michelle A. Gardner, 42, of Austin

Rodney Lynn Spradlin, 36, of England to Kaylea L. Sontag, 32, of England

Roy E. Oldfield, 53, of Jacksonville to Judy E. Roberson, 52, of Jacksonville

Caleb John Pierce, 25, of Ward to Carissa Renee Kessell, 19, of Boulder, Colo.

Monte Alan Johnson, 42, of Cabot to Andrea Leigh Woodle, 35, of Beebe

David Scott Belmarez, 34, of Cabot to Tristen M. Dague, 31, of Cabot

Tyke Jordan Roper, 19, of England to Hayley Dawn Carver, 24, of England

Jeffery Kyle Smith, 35, of Cabot to Courtnie Shai Christensen, 22, of Cabot

Albert J. Mcdougal, 64, of Cabot to Bobbie Renna Payne, 36, of Cabot

Adrian L. Martin, 31, of Scott to Monique Nicole Robinson, 28, of Scott

Michael Kellar Gebhardt, 45, of Cabot to Sheila Dianne Johnson, 44, of Cabot

Jason T. Curtsinger, 37, of Beebe to Daphane Dee Barger, 36, of Beebe

Jason Mike Graff, 32, of Austin to Kristi Dawn Weeks, 27, of Austin

Bryan Matthew Cearley, 28, of Ward to Jennifer Monday, 30, of Ward

Samuel Richard Hardin, 27, of Cabot to Talmor Jarman, 27, of Cabot

Richard S. Greenwood, 42, of Ward to Dana L. Plunkett, 37, of Ward

Douglas Wayne Reeves, 65, of North Little Rock to Beverly Joyce Burks, 68, of Jacksonville

Robert L. Bridges, 48, of Cabot to Loneta Marie Wuneburger, 40, of Cabot

Dustin Shane Mikeall Dishler, 22, of Cabot to Christie M. Mccormick, 26, of Cabot

Robert Nathaniel Bailey, 56, of Cabot to Rosalinda L. Rhein, 48, of Cabot

Derek Traver Weir, 41, of Cabot to Brooke Amber Navolt, 30, of Cabot

Jimmy Weldon Huffman, 57, of Jacksonville to Betty Carol Swiderski, 54, of Jacksonville

Daniel Lawrence Sage, 37, of Cabot to Christina Marie Sage, 40, of Cabot

Logan Douglas Wise, 19, of Carlisle to Jessica C. Miller, 20, of Carlisle

Scott Anthony Hendrickson, 35, of Jonesboro to Melissa Denise Crowder, 36, of Cabot

Shawn M. Waddell, 36, of Ward to Kristin Michelle Powell, 27, of Ward

Jerry Louis Beugin, 64, of Lonoke to Elizabeth C. Alvarez, 39, of Little Rock

Ronnie Colbert, Jr., 46, of Ward to Maria Kay Williams, 39, of Ward

Shannon K. Booles, 39, of Lonoke to Deborah S. Oldham, 44, of Lonoke

Jared Scott Brewer, 29, of Ward to Samantha Lynn Stewart, 28, of Ward

Cody Lynn Overturf, 23, of Cabot to Kerby Michelle Dailey, 20, of Cabot

Andrew Jacob Wilkerson, 23, of Cabot to Amber Roxanne Stewart, 22, of Cabot

Joshua C. Cantrell, 32, of Amity to Andrea Jeanette Gilbert, 31, of Sherwood

Jessie Aaron Murry, 22, of Jacksonville to Sherie Leighan Anglin, 20, of Carlisle

Caleb L. Belote, 27, of Ward to Abby Renee Vidimos, 28, of Austin

Donald Anthony French, 36, of Redfield to Sarah Elizabeth Martin, 32, of England

Robert Carrol Hammonds, 44, of Ward to Peggy Ann Thomas, 36, of Ward

Kelly Andrew Riggs, 42, of Carlisle to Jennifer Rose Weatherly, 36, of Carlisle

Roy Lee Thomas, Jr., 41, of Ward to Jessica D. Doherty, 30, of Ward

Phillp Lewis Gilson, 81, of Jacksonville to Beryle Louise Kirkpatrick, 73, of Jacksonville

Tyler Lee Ramm, 20, of Cabot to Jessica Lillian Corley, 22, of Ward

Steven Michael Adams, 27, of Lonoke to Diana Christine Fulmer, 20, of Lonoke

Walter Andrew Moore, 22, of Scott to Amberley Lauren Peterson, 20, of Scott

Randolph John Mathis, 27, of Ward to Mallory Chass Young, 27, of Ward

Jimmy Lee Coffman, 22, of Lonoke to Samantha Ellen McGuirt, 20, of Lonoke

Jason Derrick Duck, 37, of England to Lucy Nicole Gay, 33, of England

Leroy M. Couch Jr., 29, of Carlisle to Cynthia B. Byrd, 31, of Carlisle

Andrew Thomas Hardy, 23, of Great Falls, Mont. to Kristin Taylor Madding, 19, of Cabot

Stephen Craig Hallet, 50, of Cabot to Terri Elizabeth Yarbrough, 45, of Conway

Clayton Bradley Gorbet, 27, of Cabot to Ashley Elizabeth Thornton, 26, of Cabot

Roger L. Light, 55, of Cabot to Velma May Hughley, 53, of Cabot

Kenneth Darrel Feagan, 32, of Ward to Heather Anne Townsend, 37, of Ward

Eddie Floyd Hughes, Jr., 37, of Lonoke to Donna M. Clemons, 37, of Lonoke

Michael David Joslin, 45, of Stuttgart to Connie Willis Stone, 47, of England

Joshua Blake Suter, 23, of Austin to Christina Marie Hawkins, 19, of Austin

Carlos Dion Houston, 30, of Humnoke to Desha Nicolle Martin, 23, of Humnoke

Randell Graham, 64, of Cabot to Melissa Bowen, 42, of Cabot

Christopher A. Wooldridge, 24, of Austin to Cheri Nicole Lames, 26, of Austin

Dylan DeWayne Brock, 19, of Beebe to Laura Elaine Miessner, 19, of Austin

Christopher Wayne Almond, 46, of Wichita, Kan. to Kimberly C. Culpepper, 44, of Carlisle

Christopher Dion Tayor, 40, of Austin to Holly Anne Hodges, 35, of Austin

Thomas F Vanderpole, Jr., 25, of Cabot to Lauren Jo Harrington, 24, of Beebe

Robert Alan Lott Jr., 27, of Carlisle to Valorie Kay Miller, 22, of Carlisle

Sam Walter Bostic Jr., 38, of Jacksonville to Lindsay D. Dugger, 28, of Beebe

Cody Brandon Webster, 22, of Cabot to Doris Taylor Gay, 22, of Little Rock

Nicholas Michael Putney, 22, Harrisburg, Pa. to Kelsey Alizabeth Eason, 21, Harrisburg, Pa.

Matthew J. Cookro, 23, of Cabot to Catolyn Louise Cox, 21, of Ward

James Daniel Davis, 54, of England to Amber P. Haggins, 31, of England

Ricky Dean Bankston, 53, of Cabot to Kelly Cruse Whiddon, 54, of Cabot

Jason Wayne Fortner, 27, of Lonoke to Kylee Dayle Abshure, 23, of Ward

Cody Brennan Box, 23, of Austin to Cobie Nicole Logan, 19, of Austin

George Edward Mohrman, 31, of Ward to Shaunna Lynn Fisher, 28, of Ward

Johnny Robin Fletcher, 49, of Cabot to Lisa Wood Gallogly, 47, of Cabot

Jeffrey Michael Robinson, 35, of Keo to Amanda Henry Mullins, 33, of North Little Rock

William Roy Paul, 72, of Austin to Freda Mae Pierson, 67, of Cabot

Mark Anthony Davis, 37, of Carlisle to Rebecca Suanne Ferguson, 38, of Carlisle

Curtis James Anderson, 22, of Austin to Tiffany Gene Wilson, 24, of Wilson

Jeffrey Neal Trent, 51, of Cabot to Dawn Amile Newell, 49, of Cabot

Joseph William Mills, 35, of Ward to Christina Marie Barnard, 34, of Ward

Joshua Louis Lacy, 25, of Cabot to Amber Debra Kaye Wall, 21, of Cabot

Benjamin Samuel Woodson-Kenon, 28, of Cabot to Jennifer Luree McCray, 23, of Cabot

Thomas Alan Moore, 31, of Lonoke to Emily Marie Taylor, 27, of Conway

Steven Daniel Nader, 38, of Austin to Ronnell Ola Patton, 41, of Austin

Kyle Christopher Kowalski, 20, of Lonoke to Christina Ryan Crossman, 35, of Lonoke