Lonoke County marriage licenses Jan. 23 through Feb. 15, 2013:

Adam Benjamin Coats, 38, of Cabot to Kristen Marie Murphy, 33, of Cabot

Douglas Owen Thompson, 47, of Cabot to Dana Darline Anderson, 49, of Cabot

Kendrick Obryan Harper, 32, of Carlisle to Stephanie Roshan Robinson, 33, of Carlisle

Herbert Lee Doody Jr., 46, of Jacksonville to Linda Jean Rector, 54, of Jacksonville

Erik James Ellyson, 36, of Ward to Toni Marie Hicks, 34, of Ward

Trey Manuel Moore, 26, of Carlisle to Stacey Danielle Singleton, 26, of Carlisle

Cody Dewayne Crawford, 23, of England to Cortney Danielle Barnes, 21, of England

Michael Jonathan Jones, 32, of Lonoke to Andrea Lynn Brown, 30, of Lonoke

Rickey L Broadway, 54, of North Little Rock to Brenda Faye Dobbins, 52, of North Little Rock

Kendrick Jerome Sinclair Harris, 21, of Lonoke to Velma Yvonne Gay, 23, of Lonoke

David Christopher Ashley, 34, of Ward to Farah G. Byers, 36, of Ward

Marcus Glyn Royal, 48, of Greenbrier to Ladonna Rachelle Hocutt, 40, of Cabot

James Howard Goodman, 75, of Beebe to Ola Lee Edwards, 74, of Beebe

Vernon Matthew Kimbrough, 29, of Ward to Melinda Jo Lerette, 30, of Ward

Presley William Caoley Jr., 50, of Lonoke to Sharon Kay Adams, 55, of Scott

Jason Bradley Vandiver, 38, of Lonoke to Kelly Joann Wall, 47, of Lonoke

Charles Lynn Jones, 66, of North Little Rock to Earlene Alice Sheets, 70, of Jacksonville

Christopher Lee Daniel, 43, of Cabot to Jadie Elizabeth Slayton, 39, of Cabot

Eric Brandon Williamson, 33, of Jacksonville to Tina Marie Davis, 42, of Lonoke

Jonathan Caleb Caudle, 23, of England to Candice Louise Clark, 23, of England

Bryan C. Powell, 27, of England to Julia Kay Alberson, 24, of England

Jason Mark Rainey, 41, of Lonoke to Laurie Ann Marie Evans, 39, of Lonoke

Marvin Jason Samople, 36, of Cabot to Victoria Magdalene Golden, 37, of Ward

Kyle Jay Beadle, 27, of Austin to Sarah Nicole Leuck, 25, of Austin

Brian Scott Buchanan, 44, of Cabot to Laura Lee Wheeler, 47, of Cabot

Bobby Raburn Sullivan, 23, of Carlisle to Sarah Denise Isbell, 20, of Carlisle

Kenneth Eugene Powell III, 23, of Cabot to Melissa Sue Blackwell, 23, of Cabot

Robert Marino Jr., 50, of Jacksonville to Mary Ann Marino, 55, of Jacksonville

Shannon Bovaughn Walters, 23, of Jacksonville to Kristen Kayla White, 22, of Jacksonville

Shannon Dale Walters, 45, of Jacksonville to Carol Jean Mccombs, 47, of Jacksonville

David Wayne Kinder, 45, of Austin to Margie Denise Hobbs, 45, of Austin

Ray Allen Murry, 30, of Beebe to Heather Marie Burgess, 32, of Beebe