On Thursday, May 30, the Woodlawn Community Center opened its doors doors at 10:30 a.m. with 25 neighbors and friends present.

Cecelia Anderson invited everyone to join her in saying the "Pledge of Allegiance."

With Anita Weathers at the piano, everyone enjoyed singing "God Bless America."

Bruce Ray gave the opening prayer, praying for our friends and neighbors who are sick and unable to attend.

Group singing was led by song leader, Janet Ray, who ended with "Amazing Grace."

Lary Weathers, along with several other talented singers and musicians, enlightened everyone with a wonderful program. "Old Hank Didn’t Do It That Way" was Lary’s opening song, followed by "I Want To Stay Home."

Randy Staley sang, "What can I do?" followed by Lary singing "Kansas City," "I saw the light," "I’ll fly away," "Keys of Heaven, Hanging on a Nail," "Don’t be Angry with Me Darling," Lary and Randy sang the gospel melody "May the Circle Be Unbroken." Lary sang "Rambling fever," "Can’t you see," "All I can do is pray," and "Dixie Highway." His final song was "Poke Sally, Annie,"

Lary gave the closing prayer and blessed the food for pot luck. Everyone enjoyed their dinner and Fellowship

Next Thursday, June 6, the Woodlawn Community Center will have another wonderful program, staring Darrell Tullos’ "Harmony Trio." So come and enjoy the day with us at the Woodlawn Community Center at 10070 Arkansas Highway 31 north. Come early for a cup of coffee and bring a dish for potluck.