On Thursday, May 1, the Woodlawn Community Center opened its doors at 10:30 a.m. Those attending were: Roy Kittel, Ruby Kittell, George Wilson, Rebecca Wilson, Sue Grady, Cecelia Anderson, Doyle Anderson, Dorothy Henry, Alice King, Janet Ray, Jackie Maxwell, Anita Weathers, Britty Dooms, Karen DeVinney, Sue Swayne, James Baldwin, Martha Hicks, Sherry Stracener, Cricket Findley and J.O. Issac.

President Cecelia Anderson opened the program, leading the attendees in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, and singing "God Bless America," accompanied by Anita Weathers at the piano.

George Wilson gave the invocation remembering Shirley Jackson, Jettie Moore, and others, in need of prayer.

After group singing and ending with "Amazing Grace," the Woodlawn Community Center enjoyed having James Baldwin (a great pianist) to enlighten everyone with his music. Some of the music played was: "It is no Secret," "In the Garden," "Come to the Church in the Wildwood," "Jesus hold my hand," " In the sweet by and by," "When they ring them golden Bells," "At the cross," "Love lifted me," and "How great thou art."

George Wilson blessed the food and everyone enjoyed their dinner.

On Thursday, May 8, will be a fun day at Woodlawn, everyone will enjoy playing "Gift Bag Bingo."

Come and enjoy the Woodlawn Community Center’s special Thursday events at 10070 Arkansas Highway north. Come early for a cup of coffee and bring a dish for potluck.

Submitted by Dorothy Williams