On Thursday, April 18, the Woodlawn Community Center opened their doors at 10:30 a.m. Friends and neighbors who attended were: Dorothy Williams, Dorothy Henry, Cecelia Anderson, Doyle Anderson, Roy Kittell, Janet Ray, Bruce Ray, Kevin Ray, Diana Ray, Anita Weathers, Andy Childress, Mary Thate, Alice King, Jackie, Maxwell, Sue Swayne, Dallas Swayne, Cricket Findley, Jimmy Taylor, Logan Connely, Judy Connely and Wayne Connely.

Cecelia Anderson invited everyone to join her in saying the "Pledge of Allegiance."

With Anita Weathers at the piano, everyone enjoyed singing "God Bless America." Bruce Ray gave the opening prayer, also praying for our friends and neighbors who are sick.

Before group singing , Janet Ray opened the program by singing "I don’t know about tomorrow?" More songs were sang, ending with "Amazing Grace."

It was with great pleasure to welcome their guest, Wayne Connely. He sang the following religious songs: "Who am I?", "One day at a time," "The anchor holds me, in spite of the storm," "I’d rather be in a deep dark grave, than in a house of gold," And the country songs that he sang were: "You are always on my mind," "Crazy," "I can’t stop loving you," and "Walking after midnight, searching for you."

Bruce Ray blessed the food for potluck. Everyone enjoyed their dinner and fellowship.

This Thursday, April 25, Pastor Jim Schmidt will be our inspirational speaker.

On Saturday, April 27, beginning at 4:30 p.m. the Woodlawn Community Center will be hosting a barbecue supper. (Bubba’s Bar-B-Que) $10 for adults, with plenty of drinks and desserts. This is a fundraiser to help the Woodlawn Community Center with its needs and expenses. Come early, enjoy your supper, and visit with your friends and neighbors at 10070 Arkansas Highway 31 North. For more information, call 501-676-3695.