Weekly versus bi-weekly paychecks, preparation for the bond issue election and salary for the interim parks director were on the agenda for the Parks and Recreation Commission meeting held Wednesday.

Commissioner Ken Kincade led the discussion about weekly/bi-weekly paychecks. Parks and Recreation employees are currently paid weekly and, from the results of a survey, would rather remain weekly. But using the bi-weekly method would be a money-saving measure, he said.

The commission members voted to switch to the bi-weekly payroll beginning May 3.

Commissioners also discussed locations for the proposed baseball/waterpark complex but did not settle on a choice.

The area of the Lonoke County Regional Park would likely be costly to develop into the ballpark, chairman Maggie Cope said. With the hills of the area it was described as "geographically challenged" as far as such construction is concerned.

The Commission also considered the interim parks director salary.

Former parks director Larry Tarrant resigned from the post effective Feb. 3, assistant director Joe Ferguson is filling the post while a permanent director is sought.

"As long as [Ferguson] is director, he does have a little more on his hands … So we feel we should pay him a little more for the next couple of months," Cope said.

The full director’s annual salary is $57,950, assistant director is $48,657, Cope said.

Kincade said salaries for facilities supervisors in cities of comparable size to Cabot ranged from $32,857 to $48,880. Earlier Cope noted that the range for directors is $51,000 to $77,000.

Cope said it is hoped to have the position permanently filled by the middle of March. The position is being advertised and inquiries have already been made, she said.

After discussion, Kincade made the motion to increase the interim director salary to $62,650. The salary would be prorated by month, and Ferguson would be paid according to taking the interim position a week earlier.