It’s amazing when fiction becomes reality.

Little did George Orwell realize that his book, 1984, published in 1949, would become a template for how life in these United States would be in 2013. Written as a “dystopian novel,” which is a speculative look at the future that envisions a world that is anything but a utopia (perfect, idyllic society), Orwell’s book looks like a commentary on today’s headlines.

In it, he described a world of perpetual war where there is omnipresent government surveillance and public mind control. This is governed by a political system of socialism under the control of a privileged elite that persecutes all individualism and punishes independent thinking as “thought crimes.”

This tyranny is under a ruler named Big Brother, whose Party justifies their rule in the name of “the greater good.” Within this government there is a member of the Outer Party who oversees the “Ministry of Truth” — and they’re responsible for propaganda and the revision or rewriting of history and past newspaper articles.

Quite the prophetic book, wasn’t it?

Without a doubt.

And, it will be interesting to see how much more our world will resemble this in the coming days—particularly with regard to Orwell’s vision of “thought crimes” and a “thought police.”

Truly, in our ever-increasing, “politically correct” world, anyone who writes or speaks otherwise is suspect. Years ago they were simply called “mavericks,” “lone rangers” or “free thinkers;” now they’re called terrorists and accused of hate crimes.

Almost every day now we read a headline about someone being attacked or arrested for voicing an opinion that’s not P.C. (politically correct) — particularly if it addresses some of the social sins like homosexuality, abortion, etc. Sadly, the courts are even upholding this “new normal” or standard, finding the accused guilty-as-charged.

Consequently, the fear of reprisal has silenced the majority (at least in public forums). School boards kowtow to the threat of lawsuits. City councils bow down to the same. Preachers refuse to proclaim the timeless, changeless truths from God’s Word for fear of offending others or being fired.

And, then we wonder why our nation is following the same downward path toward self-destruction the Roman Empire took.

So, what are we to do?

Cower in the shadows, wringing our hands as we mournfully sing “Que sere, sere, whatever will be, will be”? Quietly limit our objections to coffee shop whining while doing/saying nothing in public?

Our answer reveals more than we think.

Dear Reader, none of us want to be thought of as a rabble-rouser or troublemaker; neither are we, by nature, prone to “rock the boat,” particularly if we think it’ll ultimately amount to naught.

But, the fact remains that things will continue their downward slide if no one does anything. Government overreach through oppressive regulations and excessive taxation will continue. Sin will continue escalating and be embraced as “normal” by an increasing majority. And, as Paul said, those who dare to speak out will “be hated even though they speak the Truth” (Galatians 4:16).

So be it.

Life’s too short to stick our head in the sand and pretend all’s well. Likewise, as someone said “Eternity’s too long to be wrong.” Therefore, as long as I have life and breath I’ll continue standing on God’s Word, seeking to live with courage and conviction. That way I’ll have no regrets when the Lord calls me Home, knowing my time here has not been spent in vain.

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