Cabot school patrons - a good 500 or more in number - had nothing but praise Sunday afternoon for the new cafetorium and elementary classroom building. They marvelled at the two new structures following open house dedication at 2 p.m.

In the cafetorium, where 66 tables were set up along with 528 chairs, the patrons heard Superintendent Foy Evans say "today is like frosting on a cake. We want you to have a look while everything is new."

Board President J. M. Park expressed his and the board’s appreciation to the people who made possible the building program. While he noted it would be impossible to recognize all who made some contribution to what was being dedicated, Mr. Park recognized the faithfulness of the faithfulness of the PTA, the patrons, the architect, engineer, contractor, custodians, teachers and local people who have worked to create the present school plant system…

Patrons closely inspected the cafetorium and elementary building and they viewed the redecorated junior high school plant.

The cafetorium can seat 528 students at one time. Two serving lines in the gleaming cafetorium kitchen are arranged so students can obtain meals without delay.

New kitchen equipment will enable cafetorium personnel to prepare delicious meals, including baked bread, with a minimum of effort.

Mrs. J. T. Gunter is cafeteria supervisor. Personnel in the kitchen include Mrs. Myrtle Martin, Mrs. Gracie Gray, Mrs. Viola Spires, Mrs. Callie Glover, Mrs. Lillian Bramlett, Mrs. Cororean West, Mrs. Bessie Williams, Mrs. Odie Waymack, and Mrs. Marie Reid.

Building custodians are A. W. Carpenter and Floyd Witcher at Cabot, and Murphy McGill at Ward.

Bus drivers, in whose care are entrusted the safety of carrying students to and from school to the rural areas, include J. H. Ballard, Roy Bulice, Lee Colclasure, ‘Marvin Gunter, W. T. Hicks, H. E. Hoggard, James Magness, Frcd Mulkey, Wayne Bland, James William Taylor, Julious Vann, Otha F. West, Ed Williams and L. E. Johnson.

Members of the Cabot School Board include J. M. Park, president, Fred H. Wood secretary, Oris E. Spence, vice president, Rev. Elmer Dicus, J. T. Gunter, Olin Lasiter, and Calvin Marshall. All members were present for the dedication except Mr. Wood, away on vacation, and Rev. Dicus, who couldn’t attend because of a previous engagement.