On Oct. 5, 25 Cabot High School FCCLA members participated in a fundraising event in Little Rock for Autism Speaks.

This specific event aims to raise money and awareness for autism, a disorder that is growing rapidly among children. It brings together hundreds of thousands of participants to show support and love for those who suffer from autism and the families of those individuals.

FCCLA raised more than $300 and participated in the one-mile walk in downtown Little Rock to raise awareness for autism.

"My favorite part of the day was seeing how many people were there to show their support even when nasty weather was predicted," said Kristen Thigpen.

Another fellow FCCLA member, Rebeka Guttery, said "I loved being able to walk side by side with a person who has autism. Just seeing them be able to live their life to the fullest makes me feel proud!"

The FCCLA members got to have a fun day out for a great cause, according to teacher Jayme Nyborg.