Looking for its new leader, North Little Rock’s Network Data Services opted not to look any further than within its corporate walls.

Ryan Flynn of Cabot has been named the company’s new president. Ryan was promoted from within after a successful 15 year career with the company. The promotion is effective Jan. 1.

"I joined Network Services Group in 1998. My job was first servicing and then selling telephone systems. I was 18 when I joined the company and was much more interested in computers than telephones so naturally I tried to keep up with the guys at Network Data Services," said Flynn.

About a year after he started working, Southwestern Bell came out with DSL service in Little Rock and finally businesses could inexpensively allow most of their workers access to the Internet.

"It was at this time that business started using email as the tool that it is for all of us today. This period of time was extremely busy for NDS. During the time frame of 2000-2006 we evolved from a ‘build and fix call us when you need us’ company into a proactive support company," he said.

Today the company specializes in Managed IT services. One of the services included is help desk support.

"Our help desk support consist of three tiers of service. Ninety percent of our users problems are solved in by our tier one engineers remotely," Flynn said. "To be able to support our customers we have engineers, for much higher end issues as well. We also employ engineers dedicated to solving problems that cannot be addressed remotely. We also require that our clients have back-up’s not only onsite but offsite as well. This is an area we are extremely proud."

Flynn said the company’s offsite back-up is at a data center on equipment that it owns and maintains.

"This means we are not reliant on the Internet speeds for recovery during disasters. We have been tested in disaster recovery for our clients by things like fire and hardware failure," Flynn said. "Early this year we had a situation when a building fire destroyed a server for a local medical practice. We were able to restore the server from back-up and install it on a server that we allowed them to use in less than an hour. Our support is offered 24 hours a day seven days a week."

Much has changed in the business since his first days in the late 1990s – especially in the area of Internet access.

"When I started AOL dominated Internet access and used standard telephone lines and modems," Flynn said. "This was a very slow and extremely expensive way to access the Internet. Another huge difference is that email was not used for business communication much at all. Network Data Services consisted of three employees that primarily built desktop computers."

While his career at Network Services Group started in the technical side, he progressed to sales and then management positions developing branch offices in Ft. Smith and Rogers.

He then specialized in telephone system sales and in 2000 was the number one sales agent nationally offering Southwestern Bell products.

For the past year he has focused on the Network Data Services division.

Flynn is a past President of the Cabot Rotary Club and serves as an alderman for the city of Cabot.

Network Data Services was founded in 1995 as an IT support company specializing in server hosting, server monitoring, back-up, spam filtering and NOC support.

Some of his other activities include:

- Served as President of Razorback and Northshore Chapter’s of BNI;

• Served as Vice President for the KTF Foundation;

• Served as a School Board Member for Faith Baptist Academy;

• Member of Little Rock Executives Association;

• Served as a Commissioner for the Cabot Park and Recreation;

• Currently serving my second term on Cabot City Council.

NDS also offers consultation and implementation of network infrastructure and server deployment. NDS currently has 11 employees.

Flynn said one of his missions is keeping up with all of the changes has always been and will continue to be a challenge for companies in the business.

"One of the ways we hope to stay ahead of this is we pay for and set aside time during normal hours for training. Our engineers average about eight hours a week of training on our existing products and services as well as products that may help our clients in the future. Our business is constantly changing mostly away from the current expensive on premise server to cloud based servers. We use our data center to host servers for many of our clients creating a cloud locally. Doing it this way we are able to keep their cost down and take away the burden of purchasing and upgrading server hardware. We also have partnered with national data centers to offer their cloud services as well," said Flynn.

He said the most exciting part of becoming the president of NDS is the people.

"Our staff cares about our customers. As we continue to grow that is the one trait that we will look for first. To me regardless to what happens with technology, having well trained people that care about our customers business is the key to allowing our clients business to excel," he said.