"A House of Horrors."

That’s how some of the witnesses in Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s trial described his abortion clinic last week in Philadelphia. He was convicted of three counts of first degree murder and one count of involuntary manslaughter in the deaths of four babies who were born alive after his botched abortion attempts.

Also convicted on more than 200 counts including racketeering, infanticide and performing abortions that violated Pennsylvania law, Gosnell was spared the death penalty. But, that still doesn’t mean justice was served for the babies he murdered by snipping their spinal cords with scissors, even while they were moving their arms and legs and gasping for breath.

Dr. Gosnell’s arrest in 2011 made national headlines. However, there was hardly a mention of his trial in the mainstream media until a major outcry in social media and the Internet forced them to address it. And, even then their coverage was restrained and some writers — like Kate Pickett and Adam Sorensen of TIME magazine — tried to justify their lack of coverage by saying "this was not a case about the morality of legal, late-term abortion."

It wasn’t?

Dear Reader, the entire case was about the morality of all abortions, not just "legal, late-term abortions!"

How in the world could he be convicted of pre-meditated murder of these precious, helpless, struggling infants AFTER they were born when nothing would have been said if the abortion had been completed while still in their mother’s wombs?

Something doesn’t compute!

It just goes to show how perverted, immoral and illogical the mind becomes when it’s been "blinded by the god of this world" (II Corinthians 4:4). When the conscience becomes calcified (callused) by sin, such atrocities occur and the one doing them thinks nothing of it.

Look at Hitler and the doctors who worked for him. They thought nothing about signing the death warrants for the millions of Jews who were executed by gas or guns; neither did they argue against putting people in altitude chambers to see how much pressure they could withstand before their bodies exploded … or using human fat to make candle wax … or using the skin of the executed to make lampshades for their offices.

The same was true with some of the Japanese soldiers who threw Filipino babies up in the air and caught them on their bayonets in World War II. Again, like Dr. Gosnell, it was just "another day at the office."

Oh how deep the darkness of the depraved, reprobate mind (Romans 1:17-32)!

Dear Reader, for 40 years now abortion has been legal in this country. It’s safe to say that over 60 million babies have been murdered during this time. But, isn’t it time to reverse Roe v. Wade and begin protecting these most innocent members of our society?

The issue isn’t about women’s rights; it’s about the sanctity of life.

And, God help us if Dr. Gosnell’s conviction doesn’t bring us to our senses and the place of national repentance. Our failure to do so will ensure our nation’s demise.

Don’t just read this article and say "You know, he’s right" while getting another piece of pie as you watch the evening news or "Dancing With the Stars." Do something!

Call your senator or representative. Write them a letter or e-mail. Go visit them. Actively campaign for those candidates who are pro-life. Don’t be intimated by groups like Planned Parenthood who say that even when a baby is born alive after a failed abortion that its mother and her doctor should decide if the baby lives or dies.

Enough is enough! Dr. Gosnell isn’t the only one with babies’ blood on his hands. We’re all guilty. Here’s praying there are enough of us whose consciences are still alive and whose hearts are still soft enough — coupled with moral courage — to remove this scourge from our land.

May it be soon. May God have mercy on us all.

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