The Lonoke County Justices of the Peace will meet March 20 to decide to put the Lonoke County Museum on the County Budget or not. The County Treasurer says this is legal but, as anything else, must be voted on.

Here is a list of the J.Ps and their phone numbers. Please call them and ask them to vote for the approval of the money request for support of the Lonoke County Museum. This money only covers 1/5th of what is spent annually.

We feel that is about the amount the Museum does on behalf of the County with the care and upkeep of the documents of which we have been entrusted. We have held these books since 2007. We did for a short time receive the "volunteer tax money," perhaps as much as six months.

Please call your J.P. before the [budget] meeting which will be held about 5 p.m. on the 20th or come and show your support at 6 p.m. at the Court House Annex Building, across from the Courthouse.

Not only are we "Saving Lonoke County History One Document At A Time" but we have a pretty good Museum too!

Dist. 1 Brent Cannon Austin, 350-1757

Dist. 2 B.J. Weathers Ward 941-9417

Dist. 3 Henry Lang Cabot, 563-6328

Dist. 4 Darrin Waymack, Cabot 941-9701

Dist. 5 Tim Lemons, Cabot, 605-7565

Dist. 6 Lee Linville, Austin, 772-6744

Dist. 8 Mike Verkler, Cabot, 831-2828

Dist. 9 Roger Lynch, Lonoke, 676-3913

Dist. 10 Bill Ryker, Lonoke, 266-2960

Dist. 11 Mike Dolan, England, 842-3693

Dist. 12 Matt Sanders, Cabot, 827-0031

Dist. 13 Larry Odom, Cabot, 843-7151

Linday Acrey, Lonoke