Details have not been released in the death of Lonoke native Charles “C.J.” Martin in Columbia, S.C. Martin is the son former Lonoke County Sheriff Charles “Charlie” Martin and his wife, Mavis.

On Tuesday, Richland County (S.C.) Coroner Gary Watts confirmed that Charles Martin died Feb. 8.

C.J. Martin, a 2002 graduate of Lonoke High School, was stationed at Fort Jackson as a drill instructor in the Army.

On Monday, Charlie Martin said he and his wife, Mavis, still had scant details. “They haven’t told us much yet, so we don’t know much about what happened,” he said.

“I do know they are going to have a memorial service for him on Wednesday,” Martin said. “I can hardly think. We can’t do anything, set something up, until the military releases [the body]. I don’t know when that will be,” Martin said.

On Tuesday, Martin said it is possible that his son’s body could arrive on Thursday. If so, a visitation would be held Friday with funeral on Saturday. Arrangements are being made through Boyd Funeral Home, he said.

Martin said many of his son’s fellow soldiers have messaged their intention to come to Lonoke for the funeral. “They all know [C.J.] from being in Iraq with him,” he said.

C.J. Martin completed three tours in Iraq, and was honored with a number of medals, Martin said. “He got a Purple Heart, and a lot of other medals. He got a medal for saving a little Iraqi boy; and he got the Audie Murphy medal. That was pretty prestigious, he is one of five in the battalion that got it,” Martin said.

His son had only recently begun duties as drill sergeant at Fort Jackson, Martin said. “He just graduated his first class,” Martin said.

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