Cabot Police and Fire Committee members approved heard comments Monday by city attorney Jimmy Taylor on a proposed street-parking ordinance. The police and fire committee had taken up a review of the city’s parking ordinance on the request of the code enforcement officer.

Taylor had reviewed Sherwood’s existing ordinance in view of being adopted by Cabot, and after several street-parking sub-committee meetings.

Copies of the draft ordinance with the recommended changes were given to committee members to review. The ordinance would be on the committee’s January 2014 agenda for final review, Taylor said.

Taylor recommended the committee members review the penalty section of the ordinance. While state law provides for a fine of $250 per day, up to $500, the committee had recommended $50 per day to a maximum of $250. "I’d like you to keep that in mind," he said.

Two definitions were added, for "personal vehicle" and "vehicle," Taylor said.

Also, classification of vehicles is not used, only truck capacity in limiting parking, he said.

As revised, the ordinance would not allow trucks with a capacity greater than two tons, "To remain parked on city streets, except as allowed in a pickup or delivery."

Enforcement of the parking restrictions is designated to police and code officials.

The ordinance would prohibit parking in front of a driveway; within four feet of a driveway; or to block a curbside mail or trash receptacle.

Impeding or blocking traffic flow would be prohibited.

When parked, vehicles would have to be no more than 18 inches from the curb, and be in the direction of the traffic flow.

Parking would be prohibited within 30 feet of an intersection, stop sign or traffic signal.

Other no-parking zones include fire hydrants, mail boxes and pedestrian crosswalks or sidewalks.

Other areas could be posted as no-parking zones at the decision of the mayor.

Any vehicle posing an immediate traffic hazard could be towed immediately, or if not moved within 24 hours after being cited.

The proposed ordinance would replace existing city parking ordinances.