Corridor plans, rezoning and re-appointments were the business matters attended by the Cabot City Council during the Oct. 21 meeting.

Mayor Bill Cypert and aldermen Ed Long, Ann Gilliam, Rick Prentice, Ryan Flynn, Kevin Davis, Angie Jones, Jon Moore and Dallan Buchanan attended the meeting.

Among the approvals is the agreement between the city and Cabot School District for the construction of two traffic circles, or roundabouts, on Lincoln Street — one at Locust Street and the other at Spirit Drive that would also serve the Panther Stadium parking lot.

A third roundabout is being built entirely on school property by the district.

The city agreed to pay 55 percent of the cost of construction of the two roundabouts; the city’s share would be a total of about $435,000.

All the roundabouts are in preparation for the opening next fall of the freshman academy.

In the re-zoning requests, Cabot Planning Commission chairman James Reid recommended the approval of the rezoning of two lots facing Campground Road, adjacent to the Pine Street intersection, from residential to commercial-2 (C-2).

The re-zoning is requested for the construction of a Walmart Neighborhood Market.

In regard to the Pine Street corridor, "This is exactly what we were looking for at the major nodes, we are looking for larger businesses … to serve the east side of the city," Reid said.

"This goes along with our long term plan for a business corridor," Reid said.

At the request of Stephen Giles, attorney for the developers, asked for the second and third readings of the re-zoning to be suspended. The council also approved an emergency clause to allow the re-zoning to take effect immediately.

The re-zoned lots are at 810 and 900 Campground Road.

The third rezoning is for 210 West Locust Street, changing the lot from residential to office-1 (O-1). Reid said the proximity of the lot to other commercially-used property makes the re-zoning appropriate.

It would meet the requirements of a quiet business, and would use the existing house for the business, Reid said.

The council adopted the future land-use plan for the Pine Street business corridor. The plan establishes properties aligning South Pine Street, from the intersection with Second Street to the city limit near Mt. Tabor Road, for commercial, office or planned unit developments (PUDs), and establishes a number of requirements and limits for development of the properties.

Among these are limiting properties near or adjacent to the high school to offices or light businesses.

There are several business corridors established or being planned in the city: West Main Street corridor, Kerr Road corridor, Highway 321 corridor and Highway 5 corridor.

The aldermen also approved a resolution beginning condemnation proceedings to open the way for wastewater system projects. The three projects are among those being funded with

The Water and Wastewater Commission during the Sept. 26 meeting voted ask for the proceedings to begin when negotiations with the railroad stalled.

Waterworks general manager Tim Joyner said the easement agreement forwarded by the railroad puts unreasonable stipulations on the city.

"[The railroad] told me the agreement is not negotiable," Joyner said at the commission meeting. That leaves the city in the position of condemning the crossings for public use, he said.

Aldermen also approved tax liens on 18 properties for non-payment of costs incurred in correcting code violations. The liens are for amounts ranging from $79.22 to $13,805.52, including a 10 percent penalty, and are for actions from grass cutting to demolition of a house.

Also approved were the re-appointment of Maggie Cope, serving as chairman, and the appointment of Nick Whitaker to the Cabot Parks and Recreation Commission.

The appointments expire in September 2018.