Payment of the costs for operating district courts at Lonoke and Carlisle since 2011 was made Wednesday, March 12; the payments were made following a special meeting held Tuesday, March 11. The payment is the result of a judgment in a lawsuit brought against the county by the city of Lonoke.

County Judge Doug Erwin and Justices of the Peace B.J Weathers, H.L. Lang, Darrin Waymack, Lee Linville, Bill Ryker, Tim Lemons, Mike Dolan and Larry Odom attended the meeting.

Funds for the payments were approved at the Feb. 20 quorum court meeting, but County Judge Doug Erwin and County clerk Larry Clarke explained Tuesday that the quorum court needed to affirm from which fund the money would be drawn.

Lonoke had also made it known preparations were under way to take action for non-payment.

After the meeting last week, Erwin assured the payments would be made the next day.

Clarke said there would be two checks, $45,451.07 to Carlisle; $43,030.58 to Lonoke.

Also at the meeting Tuesday, county attorney Geoff Thompson told JPs that the grievance meeting originally set for that time had been postponed. A possible resolution to the grievance filed by a former assessor’s employee is being discussed, Thompson said.