THERE ARE ANGEL’S IN YOUR TOWN…. When we think of angel’s we most times picture the white robes, halo’s, etc. The town of Cabot has two angels disguised as two men who work for your local automatic sprinkler company. Their names are Dustin and Kerry. They work for the above company and are our HEROES.

On October 7, 2013, my husband and I was traveling by your city and had to exit off to the Wal-Mart parking area to secure a load of furniture we had in the back of our truck. We were in route to see my husband’s doctor in Little Rock.

Upon trying to stabilize the load my husband fell on the pavement and broke his hip. He was laying on the pavement when we looked up to see this truck pull up.

Two men, Dustin and Kerry from Cabot asked if they could help us. I was truly so glad to see them. One of the men continued to stabilize our truck load and the other helped me to get my husband into to our truck.

How can we say thank you to these caring, compassionate men who took the time to help? In this day of hurry, hurry with all that we have to do, I praise these men for their commitment to be the type of person to not ignore their fellow man in time of need. I ask God to bless them and their families. If you we’re to see these men in their every day lives please give them a big hug for me and let them know how much you appreciate their community service.

To Dustin and Kerry: we again say thank you !!

— Ken and Marilyn Culp

DeQueen, Ark.