In a two-page press release, Cabot mayor Bill Cypert said he is seeking re-election to the post he has held since Jan. 1, 2011.

The election will be in fall 2014. Cypert said he would continue meeting his promise to be, "A hands-on mayor 24/7," and to listen to and be available to citizens.

Cypert said he has the background and demonstrated experience and leadership to continue serving the community and encourage higher goals and objectives for the city. "We need to continue to improve services through cost containment and value engineering," he said.

Cypert said he wants to continue the progress and make sure all projects are completed on time and on budget.

"Cabot is still prime for significant growth and development with regards to rooftops, retail, work centers and light industry," Cypert wrote.

Strong commitment, excitement, and consensus of all the community combined with strong executive management and leadership from the mayor and city council is needed, he said.

Cabot’s past has been one of reacting to growth, but there has been much done in the past three years to reverse that into being proactive, Cypert said.

The Planning Commission process has been strengthened with support from Public Works; corridor plans have been developed and urban planning adopted by the City Council.

Expansion of city facilities is under way; procedures have been put in place or activated to ensure orderly growth, maintenance, and attractiveness, Cypert said.

2014 will be a challenging year with the city providing overall project management and financial oversight of about $40 million in projects.

Significant investment has been made in drainage, street, and sidewalk improvements, Cypert said.

Other improvements include expanded animal control services; the Recycle Center has become financially self-sufficient while providing more services; public facilities and services have been improved.

Other major projects include the soon-to-be-opened fire station to serve the Arkansas Highway 5 area, with plans for two more fire stations in the city; the West Main Street StreetScape project is to begin; Magness Creek Safe Routes to School walkway to the school; the Community Center renovation to correct design and construction defects and inadequate maintenance will be completed; a traffic signal at the junction of Arkansas Highway 38 with Highway 367 is to be installed; partnership projects with the school district.

Consensus and partnerships are extremely important for the City of Cabot not only in Lonoke County but all of central Arkansas, Cypert said.

Cypert is currently serving as president of Metroplan, the Central Arkansas Planning and Development District and vice-chairman of the Central Arkansas Chief Elected Officials Consortium.

Cypert is also a member of the Little Rock Air Force Base Community Council, Camp Robinson Community Council, the Legislative Arkansas Blue Ribbon Committee on Local 911 Systems, and the Lonoke County Republican Committee.

Cypert said has been awarded the Life Member Order of Merit by the Republican National Committee. He previously served on the Cabot Water and Wastewater Commission, which was responsible for re-engineering the water and wastewater departments in Cabot.