The Cabot Panther Foundation fundraiser "Dancing with the Cabot Stars" will be 7 p.m. Thursday, March 28, the Cabot High School Fine Arts Auditorium.

The Cabot Panther Foundation was organized in 2006 to support the educational purposes of the Cabot School District. CPF supports research, education, athletic and other activities to promote public education.

Dancing with the Cabot Stars puts seven pairs of dancers, each a Cabot school and community member, in competition before a live audience.

The dancers are Chris Coleman and Tara Thurman; Ronnie and Jerri Tollett; Skylar Bartlett and Casey Hanna; Drew Glover and Ashley Pettit-Leopoulos; Aaron Randolph and Dawn Verkler; John and Paula Shirron; and Harold Jeffcoat and Sherri Jennings.

The dancers begin preparing for the competition months in advance, under dance instructors Priscilla Morris, of Priscilla’s School of Dance, and Lisa Cotroneo, Cabot Dance Academy, learning routines and preparing for the big event.

Judges for the competition will be state Senator Eddie Joe Williams, Sara Beth Wyatt, Kendal Wells, David Fry and Michele French.

Tickets are $12, and can be purchased at the Central Administration Office, 602 North Lincoln Street.