Although pregnant and a mother-in-waiting, she celebrated Mother’s Day in a different way.

By filming her own abortion and posting it on-line.

Yes, Emily Letts, a 25-year-old abortion counselor who works in a New Jersey abortion clinic, decided she wanted to inspire other women on the safety of abortion by having hers videotaped. She also published an essay on describing how wonderful the whole experience was for her.

In that article she describes how a first trimester abortion only takes 3-5 minutes and is safer than giving birth. She added, "There is no cutting and risk of infertility is less than 1 percent; yet, women come into the clinic all the time, terrified that they’re going to be cut open, convinced they won’t be able to have kids after the abortion."

Letts then lambasts "the few representations of abortion on film as fictional and tend to portray it extremely negatively, typically depicting it as far more dangerous than it actually is."

So, to disprove this distortion, she’s shown smiling and laughing during her actual procedure — making sure the video is only shown from the waist up. No pictures of the doctor or reminders of the baby she’s aborting. And, when it was finished, she smiled and said, "I feel good. I’m done."

One month after the abortion Letts was interviewed by ThinkProgress, the company that filmed the sordid event, and she said "I don’t feel like a bad person. I don’t feel sad. I knew that what I was doing was right — it was right for me and for no one else."

"No one else," huh?

Wonder if the baby inside her womb would have agreed if given the opportunity?

What Ms. Letts and the abortion culture-of-death advocates do is describe the developing child as a non-entity, something non-human. That’s why they give it names like fetus, embryo, zygote, etc., forgetting the baby is a gift from God and precious to Him (Psalm 139).

They also blame society for women feeling guilty about having abortions. That’s why Ms. Letts wrote "I know there are women who feel great remorse. I’ve seen the tears. Grieving is an important part of a woman’s process, but what I really wanted to address in my video is guilt … I’m thankful that I can share my story and inspire other women to stop the guilt."

But, she forgot that sin brings guilt and shame, not society. And, nothing can erase those except the shed Blood of Jesus. Nothing.

For over 100 years, our society has been working hard to bury guilt in the background, portraying it, as Sigmund Freud described it, as "the lingering residue of the Christian conscience that imposes oppressive, moral judgments."

Even so, Emily Letts knew the baby within her was a life. In her haunting narrative, she described her abortion by writing "I was focused on staying positive and feeling the love from everyone in the room. I remember breathing and humming through it like I was giving birth. I know that sounds weird, but to me, this was as birth-like as it could be. It will always be a special memory for me. I still have my sonogram and, if my apartment were to catch fire, it would be the first thing I’d grab."

It’s a shame that she’d rescue the sonogram of her child but not save him/her from an abortion. Truly, the depths of depravity.

In reality, Ms. Letts assumed the role of God by granting herself the power to give life. And, sadly her bottom-line theology is "Emily giveth and Emily taketh away." She felt like she’s the creator and judge of her own moral universe, forgetting there is One Who one day will show her the error of her way.

I can only pray that one of these days she’ll come to the place that Norma L. MCorvey, the "Roe" in Roe v Wade that legalized abortion in 1973, did in 1995 when she gave her heart to Christ. In 1997 she founded the Roe No More Ministry designed to expose the lie of that legislation. She even wrote a book, entitled Won by Love, in which she shows how her work in the abortion industry ultimately led her into drugs and suicide attempts.

Here’s hoping that you’ll also join me in praying for Ms. Letts and that one day legalized abortion in this country will be no more.

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