A Lonoke County Sheriff’s Office press release reported the arrest of husband-wife deputies on domestic battery charges. According to the release, Jack Fitzhugh, 41, and Kathrine Fitzhugh, 40, were arrested Feb. 4 after deputies responded to a disturbance call at their Blackjack Road residence.

Jack Fitzhugh is a corporal assigned to the Lonoke County Sheriff’s Office patrol division; Kathrine Fitzhugh is a volunteer auxiliary deputy with the sheriff’s office and a full-time police officer with Pulaski Tech. Both have been placed on administrative suspension pending the completion of a State Police investigation.

The report of a husband-wife disturbance was made at about 8 a.m. Sheriff John Staley and Chief Deputy Mike Kindall responded to the call. The arrests, for third-degree domestic battery, were made on initial investigation of the incident. Afterward, Staley called for further investigation by the Arkansas State Police.

Staley, in response to a question, said he currently sees only unfortunate coincidence in this incident and the capital murder charge against former Lonoke County deputy sheriff Charlie Bryant in the Dec. 19, 2013 death of his wife, Sharae Bryant, outside their rural home east of Cabot. He said he did not see job-related stresses as the factor in either incident.

Staley reserved further comment considering the requested State Police investigation in the Fitzhughs’ incident, and court proceedings against Bryant.

Bryant had resigned, citing personal problems, as deputy three days before the shooting.

Staley did say he would direct an internal investigation in the Fitzhughs arrest.

In an unrelated incident, four Cabot residents were arrested early Tuesday morning in a cooperative action between the Lonoke County Sheriff’s Office and Cabot Police Department.

"It was an early start and the weather was against us, but I am pleased with the results. It was a good team effort," Staley said in a press release.

According to information from the Sheriff’s office, those arrested are Blair Baldwin, 33; Melissa Goode, 35; Jonathan McIntosh, 35; and Stephen Deluna, 29.

The arrests were made after Staley, with investigators, and Cabot police officers executed a search warrant at about 6 a.m. at 72 Sycamore Circle. The warrant was obtained on information collected in a narcotics investigation.

The press release notes that numerous items of drug paraphernalia, firearms, prescription drugs, and about 1 oz. of suspected methamphetamine were seized at the residence.

Baldwin, Goode, and Deluna were arrested for simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms; possession of a controlled substance with the purpose to deliver; felony possession of drug paraphernalia; maintaining a drug premises, and possession of a controlled substance.

McIntosh was arrested for possession of firearms by certain persons.

Goode was also arrested for delivery of a controlled substance.

All were taken to the Lonoke County Detention Facility.