Staff Reports

Lonoke County deputies, assisted by the Arkansas State Police, rounded up about 40 underage drinkers Thursday at party near Cabot. The deputies found the violations after responding to a complaint of loud music and suspected minors consuming alcohol, making one arrest and issuing citations to others.

Resident Martha Dubois, 74, was arrested under the Arkansas Host Law and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The sheriff’s report states Dubois became belligerent, and attempted to empty a bottle of alcohol.

A sheriff’s office press release noted the report was made at about 7 p.m., Thursday, May 9. Officers arrived at the Rye Drive residence, found about 40 individuals, including teenagers as young as 17 and up to 19 years old, and discovered and seized alcoholic beverages.

Dubois reportedly became belligerent with deputies and attempted to pour out a large bottle of an alcohol beverage.

According to information from the Sheriff’s Office, citations were issued to Austin Bates, 18, Austin; Robert Dixon, 18, Ward; Robert White, 18, Cabot; Brian Grisham, 18, Cabot; Richard Perry, 18, Austin; Clay Gray, 19, Jacksonville; Cassidy Stokes, 18, Cabot; Robert Ball, 18, Cabot; Tori Hanley, 18, Austin; John Hankins, 18, Cabot; Pamela Gatliss, 19, Cabot; and Robert Wilkie, 18, Cabot; and nearly 30 citations were issued to juveniles.

In the press release, Sheriff John Staley said underage drinking will not be tolerated, and anyone allowing teenagers to possess or consume alcohol beverages would be held accountable.

The Arkansas Host Law, Act 976 of 2009, holds responsible anyone who controls private property and knowingly allows a person younger than 21 years old to consume alcohol. First violation is a class C misdemeanor; second violation is a class A misdemeanor; third, and subsequent, violation is a class D felony.