About 5,000 children ride Cabot school buses each day, the statewide total is more than 250,000 ride in about 7,000 buses. The numbers make bus safety a crucial issue for everyone, "Our buses carry the most precious cargo we have. We ask all Cabot motorists to exercise care and patience when a school flashes its red lights" Charlie Donham, Cabot Public School District director of transportation, said in a press release.

Between Aug. 12 and Aug. 30, CSD will be part of Flashing Red - Kids Ahead, a statewide public awareness campaign to remind students, parents, and motorists about the importance of school bus safety, and that it is illegal to pass a school whenever the red warning lights are flashing, or students are getting on or off the bus.

School bus safety is critical for Arkansas schools and families, Donham said. Remember to obey traffic laws; do not pass a stopped school bus whenever the red warning lights are flashing.

Please help keep Arkansas students safe. Remember: Flashing Red. Kids Ahead.