Former State Sen. Bobby L. Glover of Carlisle has been reappointed by Governor Mike Beebe to a seven year term to the Arkansas Board of Corrections. The Board oversees the operations of the Arkansas Department of Correction (ADC), Arkansas Community Correction (ACC), and the Arkansas Correctional School System.

Glover’s re-appointment was announced in a press release. Glover said law enforcement issues have been in important part of his 28-year legislative career. "I’m very grateful to Governor Beebe for this reappointment. I look forward to continuing my work with the other members of this Board and the administrators of all the prison units in Arkansas,"

"Our prison officials continue to face tremendous challenges because of the dramatic growth in the inmate population we’ve witnessed in the past two decades. I will work with them to the best of my abilities on solutions to these long-term problems," Glover said.

The Arkansas Department of Correction has 18 prisons in locations throughout the state with more than 4,100 employees responsible for more than 17,400 inmates, including about 2,700 who are being held in county jails. The annual budget for the ADC is about $316 million.

Arkansas Community Correction also has six centers with about 1,500 residents, and about 1,300 employees who supervise more than 53,000 persons on probation and parole. ACC has an annual budget of about $77 million.

The Arkansas Correctional School System has classrooms in 20 ADC and ACC locations with 90 teachers and staff members. Every year about 800 inmates earn a GED. Riverside Vocational Technical School, also a part of the Correctional School System, provides programs at eight ADC and three ACC facilities.

The press release noted that Glover, as a member of the state Legislature, sponsored legislation changing the laws on pardons and paroles to strengthen the ability of prison officials to keep habitual offenders off the streets. Also, he was chairman of the Legislative Ad Hoc Committee on Pardons and Paroles that wrote the law.

In his career has been director of governmental affairs for the Arkansas State Police Association. He currently serves on the Arkansas State Police Foundation Board.

He served as chairman of the University of Arkansas Criminal Justice Institute Advisory Board. Also, he has been Executive Director of the Arkansas Municipal Police Association.

As a Senator he served as Chairman of the Legislative Penal and Correctional Institutions Committee.

"Again, I am extremely grateful to the Governor for my reappointment to the Arkansas Board of Corrections, and the confidence he has bestowed in me," Glover said.