High point of the June 17 city council meeting was to honor a lifesaving move by a young Cabot man. CenterPoint Energy presented a grant to improve fire department communication and the council moved to strengthen school security, proceeded with an annexation and other matters.

Mayor Bill Cypert and council members Ed Long, Ann Gilliam, Rick Prentice, Ryan Flynn, Kevin Davis, Angie Jones and Dallan Bucahanan attended the meeting; Jon Moore was absent.

In a mayor’s proclamation, Tristan Wall of Cabot was declared a “true Cabot hero” for saving the life of 2-year-old Laythan Webert when they were in a car accident on April 3.

Tragically, Wall’s friend Jaden Cain Herlacher, 15, was fatally injured in the accident.

The proclamation notes that Wall, “Without regard for own life, used his own body to protect Laythan Webert … as the vehicle spun out of control.” The citation also notes that it is very possible that Webert, “Would not be alive today if it were not for the heroic act of Tristan Wall.”

In other actions, the council approved $34,520 to fund a fourth School Resource Officer. The funds will also be used for equipping the officer.

The additional officer is supplied under a memorandum of understanding with the school district. The district will supply 45 percent of the cost, up to a maximum of $100,000.

The district supplies the officers with workspace, computer access, phone service and communication with school officials, while the officers remain city employees.

Cypert said the additional officer is the result of a study done after the Newtown, Conn., school shootings, and agreement between Cabot chief of police Jackie Davis and Cabot School District superintendent Tony Thurman.

Firefighter response to calls will be improved using an $1,800 grant from CenterPoint Energy, regional manager Keith Craig said, before presenting a check to Cypert.

The grant, under the 2013 CenterPoint Community Partnership Grant Program, will be used to install a public address system linked to department dispatch center. By connecting the PA system to the base stations, emergency radio traffic can be heard throughout the station and on the station grounds, the application notes.

The council also approved rezoning 705 South Pine From O-1 (light office) to C-2 commercial.

While the council made the second reading on annexation of land adjacent to Fire Station No. 2 on West Main Street, approval of the annexation under amended rules failed for lack of a majority. Amending the rules would have allowed final approval during the meeting on Monday; annexation will now be completed at the July city council meeting.

In other matters, on a call by Jones, a resolution to reappoint Brian Knowles to the Advertising and Promotion Commission was tabled to the July city council meeting. After the meeting, Jones said she made the call for a procedural reasons, that the council members had agreed that anyone being appointed or re-appointed to a position should be at the meeting at which the action is taken. “I have no problem with Brian. He’s done a wonderful job. It is just that this is the way we agreed to do things,” she said.

Another re-appointment resolution, naming Richard Gray to the Cabot Water And Wastewater Commission, was approved.

Ordinance No. 19 would give the Cabot Water And Wastewater Commission authority to condemn, or take possession of land in an eminent domain action, in the Ford Bottoms area, south of West Main Street. The parcel, currently owned by Entergy, is needed to for the extension of sewer improvements. Water and Wastewater Commission chairman Gary Walker told the council that the action is a “friendly” condemnation.

In a previous commission meeting, it was explained that Entergy is favorable to transferring ownership of the parcel, but requested that it be done in a condemnation action to satisfy legalities the company needs to meet.

The council voted to approve the ordinance.