A 22-year-old Jacksonville man was arrested Thursday morning after he allegedly carjacked a school bus along the 1000 block of North First Street at about 7:17 a.m.

Nicholas Miller was apprehended after the efforts of the Arkansas State Police and the police departments of Jacksonville and Cabot resulted in no injuries to the 11 school children and one bus driver, said April Kiser, public information officer for the Jacksonville Police Department.

Nicholas John Miller is being charged with one count Vehicle Piracy, a C Felony; 12 Counts Kidnapping, a Y Felony; and two Counts of Aggravated Assault, a D Felony.

Police became aware that Miller had seized the Pulaski County Special School District school bus after receiving a call from a woman who resides along North First Street and alerted police of the carjacking, Kiser said.

"He attempted to take a vehicle from the woman but she had no vehicle to take," Kiser said.

Once Miller realized the woman had no vehicle to steal, the school bus stopped along the 1000 block of North First Street, which led to Miller getting on board and taking over the driver’s seat.

"He had a knife," Kiser said, saying she was not sure if the weapon had a big or small blade.

Kiser said the department at the present time does not know if Miller has a criminal record or a history of mental illness.

Once Miller gained control of the bus, he headed northbound on Arkansas Highway 5 and continued until stopping at the intersection of Arkansas Highway 5 and Mountain Springs Road in Cabot.

The school bus was stopped after law enforcement officers laid a set of tire spikes on the roadway.

"He veered off the road to avoid the spikes," Kiser said.

Once he stopped the school bus, law enforcement officers approached the bus and Miller surrendered to police.

Officials from the Pulaski County Special School District took possession of the school bus at the scene and the children were taken to the Jacksonville city police station.

In the hours following the incident, the children were picked up by their parents and guardians, Kiser said.

"I am not aware of any similar incident taking place in Jacksonville," Kiser said.