"John Dock" was the pen name used by the writer of an opinion column seen in the Cabot Star-Herald, Lonoke Democrat and Carlisle Independent in 1963 and 1964; the writer remarked on events and developments of the time. Confirmation of the identity of the writer, who offered an often satirical view, has not yet been determined.

July 3, 1964

There’s a heap of interestin’ things to be seen around the U. S. of A. I jest got back from one of them so called vacations, you know, the kind where you drive as hard as you can go to get there - then take a deep breath and drive back the same way. When you gets home, you have to rest up a couple of days afore you can go back to work. Sounds foolish, don’t it? It is - but I bet that fully 75% of the folks what takes vacations does jest that. It’s gonna be real nice when they git them super highways all finished - right now it’s awful confusing though.

I spent more time trying to git on and off them things than I could save by driving on them. Why, there was one place where the road ended a good five miles from the nearest paved road. I aint figured out yet what reasons the road builders has for picking certain sections to build first. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if politics had something to do with it though. From what I’ve heard, if they could git politics out of the super highway program, the system all over the country would be finished in no time at all. ‘Course that may jest be talk, but I did hear it!

Another thing I noticed on my trip was the beauty of certain stretches of our highways. I aint never seen the like of roadhouses, used car lots, dumping grounds, and junkyards in all my born days. It aint gonna be long til we’ll be able to walk all the way from New York to Los Angeles on beer cans and never touch the ground. And to think that the Lord let us take this country away from the Indians. It warn’t all bad though, there’s still some mighty purty country and some mighty fine folks left - I jest hope there’s enough of ‘em.


John Dock