"John Dock" was the pen name used by the writer of an opinion column seen in the Cabot Star-Herald, Lonoke Democrat and Carlisle Independent in 1963 and 1964; the writer remarked on events and developments of the time. Confirmation of the identity of the writer, who offered an often satirical view, has not been determined.

It looks like we’re gonna have a direct telephone line between the White House and the Kremlin – I guess that’s so we can tell Russia quicker where we’re gonna give in next!

Mr. Kennedy said he was upset ‘cause he couldn’t get in touch with Mr. Kruschev quicker during the last Cuban crisis. If you ask me, Mr. Kruschev got the word quick enough when Mr. Kennedy put the blockade up and moved the troops to Florida. From the looks of things now, we’d a been better off if they’d never done any talking at all.

I hope they hide that phone at the White House real good. I’d hate to think what’d happen if some red blooded, patriotic American boy got on that phone and skipped the diplomatic talk in telling ole Mr. Kruschev what he thought of him. Or what if Caroline and some of her friends got to playing around with it and asked Mr. Kruschev if he had Prince Albert in the can?

Another thing, I don’t know if Mr. Kruschev speaks English or Mr. Kennedy speaks Russian, but if one or the other don’t, things are gonna get mighty confusing on that long distance line – Why, there might be enough of a misunderstanding that we would come out on top for a change!

Getting back to Cuba, I hear tell that the government is trying to spread out the refugees and break ‘em up into smaller groups so they caint do anything that might embarrass us – like trying to throw Mr. Castro out for instance. I asked it before, and I’m gonna ask it again, "Whose side are we on anyway?" I remember Mr. Kennedy’s campaign when he wanted to be president. He said he was going to do something about "Cuber". Do you reckon he meant somewhere else from what we thought? At any rate what he’s done about Cuba is not what I thought he meant when he said that, and I think there’s some other folks what feels the same way as I do.

‘Course he’s probably got good reason for his way of doin’, I just wish he’d let us in on them.

Well, I hope that there telephone line at the White house aint a "party line*" – if it is, the Republicans aint never gonna know what’s said over it!

Editor’s note: A party line was a single telephone line shared by a multiple users, and were notorious for the listening in on conversations done by some who shared the line.