If we want to preserve a free America to pass to our children, one they can give to their children, we need to set aside a few minutes each school day to remind them what it means to be an American.

My concern is that I found out that it had been several months since the Pledge of Allegiance was said in my child’s school along with the moment of silence and The National Anthem.

I immediately called the school and the Pledge was said that day, but then stopped again. I was told that on days that they have other activities it is not done.

Another excuse was they didn’t have the program. After several days many parents expressed the same concern about the Pledge of Allegiance not being said, or the moment of silence, or the National Anthem.

It has since started back up after the calls of concern from parents. I hope that this will continue every day. It is my hope that when I drop my children off at school that I see an American Flag waving proudly over our school.

Being an American is unique. We have certain unalienable rights given to us by God, rights that are recognized in our Declaration of Independence and protected by the Constitution. Without liberty and freedom there is no pursuit of happiness.

With freedom, our dreams have no limits, no limits to fulfilling those dreams, and no limits to passing dreams on to our children. If I were asked to describe America in one word, it would be "freedom." In my opinion, freedom is the greatest gift. It is also the most fragile and must be protected. So, how do we instill the concept of freedom in our children, its value and how it is preserved?

Taking a few minutes at the beginning of each school day for teachers and students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance is a simple, meaningful, way to give thanks for our nation, our freedom and those who have preserved it.

It comes through teaching what freedom is, how important it is, how it allows us to live, and about the sacrifices made by Americans to preserve it. These sacrifices include public service, through the Constitution, making laws, enforcing laws and interpreting laws, and through military service protecting America, with many making the ultimate sacrifice.

The flag, a symbol of freedom, can teach our children about America. Our schools, public and private alike, have an obligation to teach our children about America, its history, the Constitution and the value of freedom.

We all took for granted that this was being done daily. I repeat that our schools both public and private have an obligation to teach our children about American history, the Constitution and the value of freedom.

Did your child recite the Pledge of Allegiance today? If not, why not?

Maria Turner