A task force responsible for reviewing Pulaski County’s zoning law affecting the Lake Maumelle Watershed will hold its first meeting Thursday, Aug. 15.

The meeting is the kickoff for what’s expected to be a months-long process for the 31-member Lake Maumelle Watershed Task Force.

The meeting, scheduled for 6 p.m. at the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service state headquarters at 2301 S. University Ave. in Little Rock, will be open to the public. Task force members will be asked to establish rules of operation and set an agreed to calendar for meeting their goals.

"We will also give task force members the opportunity to share their interests and concerns," said Tom Riley, director of the Public Policy Center. The Extension Service and its University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture Public Policy Center are serving as facilitator for this issue.

The Lake Maumelle watershed includes the primary drinking water source for Central Arkansas and has many other uses, including residential and recreational. The task force will be looking at a Pulaski County zoning law affecting land use and development in the watershed.

The extended review comes after Pulaski County Quorum Court members heard concerns and complaints from residents in the watershed that they were not included in earlier discussions on the law. Recommendations from the task force will be forwarded to the county planning board and the Quorum Court.

To learn more about the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture Public Policy Center, visit http://ppc.uaex.edu.