FAYETTEVILLE – Hayden Elliott from Cabot has been selected from more than 500 applicants to receive a University of Arkansas Honors College Fellowship.

The fellowship award of $50,000 largely covers tuition, books, room and board, and registration over four years. The fellowship funds can also be combined with other scholarships and grants for study abroad and research projects.

Elliott is the son of Dan and Melissa Elliott and attended Cabot High School. As a freshman he will be an engineering first year major in the College of Engineering.

Students must score at least 32 on the ACT exam and have a 3.8 grade point average to apply for the fellowship. The rigor of applicants’ high school course work, their letters of recommendation and community involvement also count.

The Honors College fellowships and grants are made possible by a portion of the Walton Family Charitable Support Foundation’s historic $300 million gift to the university.

"These fellowships were created to help students realize their academic and professional dreams, to allow them to explore," said Bob McMath, dean of the Honors College. "We look forward to welcoming them to campus this fall."