With no known surviving World War I veterans it is crucial to safeguard artifacts of the era, but history is being lost every day – thrown away, destroyed or just forgotten. Lonoke County Museum at Lonoke and the Museum of American History at Cabot have partnered to preserve the history of any Arkansan who served during World War I, though there is great interest in Lonoke County residents.

Directors Sherryl Miller and Mike Polston ask for donations of artifacts to the museums where they can be preserved for future generations. If donation is not an option, museum staff members can preserve copies – diaries and letters can be transcribed, and photos copied and returned. Artifacts such as uniforms and war souvenirs are gladly accepted for display.

These recently discovered photos are examples of endangered history. Although the photos record the soldiers’ service during the war, there is little indication of who they are, no note of hometowns – it is lost history.

There are last names of the soldiers in the group picture written in faint ink on the back, but no first names – from left: Pvt. Craig, Sgt._____, Pvt.______, Pvt. Tipton, Corp. Blackwood. Perhaps someone can help identify these young soldiers.

Anyone with such heirlooms is invited to contact the museums for help in recording and preserving that history, or any item of area history, may contact Mike Polston at 501-286-9665 or Sherryl Miller at 501-676-6750.