bottom photo by Jim Hellinger, copyright 1979, used by permission

The gleaming B-58 Hustler, tail number 55-0668, now on display at Little Rock Air Force Base Heritage Park bears little resemblance to the sad state to which it had deteriorated in 1979. The barely discernible serial number 0668 on the nose gear door is the only hint that the airplane in the bottom picture is the sleek, beauty now on display. B-58, tail number 55-0668, is the last one to leave Little Rock Air Force Base in 1970. Destined for scrap, the supersonic bomber was first rescued for the Lone Star Aviation Museum at Galveston, but was later battered beyond recovery by Hurricane Ike. It was brought to Little Rock Air Force Base in 2011 where volunteers from the 19 Airlift Wing Maintenance Group rescued the plane a second time, volunteering for months of work to bring the historic aircraft to its present condition.