According to a Cabot police report, a possible kidnap attempt was made Thursday at the Richie Road baseball field, while the ploy was unsuccessful, police were not called immediately. “Anytime something like this comes up, call the police. It is a lot easier to clear up any misunderstanding, instead of having worse,” Cabot police department spokesman Lt. Brent Lucas remarked Tuesday.

According to the report, Vera White of Cabot reported the apparent attempt happened at about 9:30 p.m. Thursday.

White reported that an unknown female had approached the coach of her son’s baseball team, claiming the son was hers and that he had been kidnapped from her.

The female was described as having dirty blond hair, and wearing a blue tank top and jeans. She was seen in a white Isuzu Trooper, accompanied by a male wearing a cap emblazoned with “LSU.”

The woman said she would return the next day with sheriff’s deputies.

White asked for police presence the following day, saying she feared for her son’s safety.

Lucas said the woman failed to appear the following day. “I am not surprised,” he said.

However, Lucas said failing to immediately call police hampered, perhaps prevented, catching the person unless there is another attempt.

“Don’t hesitate. Call the police,” Lucas said. If it is a misunderstanding, it can be straightened out, he said. “It is a lot easier to clear up any misunderstanding, instead of having worse to happen,” he said.