Final actions for 2013 made for a brief quorum court meeting on Dec. 19.

County Judge Doug Erwin and justices of the peace Brent Canon, B.J. Weathers, H.L. Lang, Tim Lemons, Lee Linville, Mike Verkler, Roger Lynch, Bill Ryker, Mike Dolan, Matt Sanders and Larry Odom attended the meeting. Justices of the peace Darrin Waymack and Adam Sims were absent.

Erwin unveiled a new public address system for the Quorum Court meetings. Erwin said the system was installed by County Clerk Larry Clarke. "We haven’t got all the kinks out of it, but Larry is working on it," he remarked.

"I know in the past, out in the audience, you all weren’t able to hear what was said," so the system has been needed, Erwin said.

No committee reports were made; there was no old business to complete.

A resolution renewing the voluntary tax for soil conservation and the sheriff’s drug control fund was read and approved. The rate would be established at .00125 mills.

The list of two taxes is, "A lot simpler than last year," Lemons remarked.

The former list of organizations that benefited by collection of a voluntary tax was challenged by the Joint Legislative Audit Committee, and the county was directed to end the practice.

The Soil Conservation and Sheriff’s Drug Control Fund taxes were not challenged because they are collected for a government agency.

A second action approved payment of a bill for equipment added for court security.

Circuit Judge Sandy Huckabee explained that two more security monitor screens for the courtroom entries were added, and that the funds are available for the payment though an appropriation ordinance is required.

All at the meeting were invited to a reception afterward, hosted by Erwin’s wife, Gail Erwin. "This is the third year my wife has prepared dinner for everybody. It’s not out of county funds, it is out of her pocket," he said.

"She’s done the cooking; she’s done the preparation," Erwin remarked.