Smart911 Safety Profile service is available to all Arkansans through an act of the State Legislature. The service is paid for, it is ready for residents to use – all that needs be done is for individuals to sign up .

Reason No. 4 – Physical disabilities/special needs: Knowing if a person has a disability or special need is an immeasurable benefit for first responders. Smart911 can help in situations involving limited mobility, deaf or hard of hearing, limited vision or blindness. In fact, no matter what the special need, information in a Safety Profile can likely help. That is why organizations from Arkansas Chapter of Autism Speaks to the Arkansas Department of Human Services to the Arkansas Association for the Deaf support Smart911.

Is a person unable to easily navigate through their home or evacuate on their own? Aided by Smart911, the proper response teams can be dispatched when needed. If special equipment is needed, responders will be aware of this and be able to arrive on scene with that equipment, saving precious time.

Remember Reason No. 1 - mobile telephone service, unlike landline service, does not provide name and address for 911 calls. As mobile service increases, so do the calls 911 dispatchers receive without location information, increasing the time it takes to learn caller locations – and most 911 calls are made from home.

Create your Smart911 Safety Profile online at - just sign in and then follow the instructions.

For those without home Internet service, public-access computers are available at

Cabot - Arlene Cherry Memorial Public Library, 506 North Grant St.

Carlisle - Carlisle Public Library, 105 E. Fifth St.

England – William F. Foster Library, 100 East Taylor St.

Lonoke - Marjorie Walker McCrary Memorial Public Library 204 E. Second St.

Ward - Ward Public Library, 405 Hickory St. (Ward City Complex).

There is also a public access computer in the lobby of Cabot city hall, 101 North Second St.