I just turned 60 this past Monday. Six decades come and gone.

And, oh, the changes I’ve seen!

Unlike those born in the first 10-15 years of the 20th century, who saw the advent of the horseless carriage (car) and the flying machine (airplane), I still saw my share of life-altering changes: The arrival of television … computers … the Internet … remote controls … microwave popcorn (and a zillion other foods) … travel in outer-space … cruise controls … cell phones … ATMs, etc.

But none of them can compare to the drastic changes I’ve seen in our society’s mores and values.

I grew up in a time when young people always said "Yes sir" and "No ma’am" and were to be seen, but not heard. You could go to town and leave your doors at home unlocked and even leave your keys in the car if you wanted. Church buildings never had to have bars on their windows and security systems. And, the worst trouble you could get into at school was getting into a fistfight at recess or cheating on a test.

My, how times have changed.

And, not for the better.

Almost every day (it seems) we go farther and farther down the road of degradation and depravity. Things that used to make us blush 40 years ago don’t even faze us anymore; we’ve grown accustomed to them and even embrace them as the "new normal," if we’re not careful.

But, dear Reader, some things never change — and one of them is God’s Word. Even though "tolerance," "pluralism" and "inclusiveness" are the new catchphrases these days, they still don’t undo the fact that our Creator has clearly stated what’s acceptable and what’s not. And, when any society/nation begins to think that they know better than Him, the handwriting of their decline and demise is on the wall.

And, that’s where America is right now.

This past week the Supreme Court addressed California’s Proposition 8, which defines marriage as the union between a man and a woman, and the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Although their rulings on the legality of these two issues isn’t expected until late June, most pundits believe they’ll overturn them, giving equal rights to homosexual and lesbian couples.

Yet, in doing so, they’ll be rejecting God’s clear condemnation of homosexuality and saying "We know better" — which invites His Judgment and gives further evidence of His having turned our nation over to a "reprobate (perverse) mind" (Romans 1:17-32).

If that weren’t enough, a professor at Florida Atlantic University instructed his class to take out a sheet of paper, write "Jesus" on it in big letters, place it on the floor and then stomp on it. Supposedly, the exercise was intended to show the emotional attachment we have to religious symbols.

One student, Ryan Rotela of Coral Springs, Fla., refused to participate and was later accused of threatening the professor. He then received a letter from FAU’s associate dean telling him he was barred from the class and forbidden to have any communication with the other class members until the matter was resolved.

Since then, Rotela has received an apology from the school’s Dean of Students and the university has publicly apologized for the incident. But, the fact that something like that could even happen shows how deluded and deceived we’ve become when it comes to right-and-wrong.

I can only hope there are enough parents out there who’ll stand firm on God’s Word and raise their children accordingly so we can see this downward spiral slowed or reversed in the next 10-20 years. Otherwise, the only America I knew growing up will be relegated to the yellowing pages of history books — and, even then, modern revisionists will probably leave it out or portray it as a time of misguided, unenlightened individuals. May God have mercy on our souls.

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