Planning commission members had a one-item agenda for its July 3 meeting, and that item was tabled to the August meeting.

Chairman Ron Craig and members Dallan Buchanan, Gina Burton, Dennis Hyland, Claude Irvin, Chuck Prater, James Reid and Jim VonTunglen attended the meeting.

After discussion, a request to rezone 500 E. Mountain Springs Road, a one-acre tract at the corner of East Mountain Springs Road and Locust Street, from Residential-1 to Commercial-2, was tabled to the August meeting.

Tim Lemons of Lemons Engineering spoke for the owners, Brenda Horn and Donald W. Skillern.

He said mixed-use lots surround the property. A C-2 lot is across the street; an Open-1 lot is on the other side of the street. School property borders the lot on the north and west side.

The prospective buyer intends to use the lot as a day care center, Lemons said.

Reid said he is concerned about having adding a C-2 lot on the corner of an already congested area because of the traffic flow.

Regardless of the purpose of the business, a C-2 business would draw a significant amount of traffic to the cluster of side streets in the area, he said.

Locust, Olive, Spring and East Mountain Springs have junctions within a block.

"I do not see an ingress and egress that would be safe for traffic," Reid said.

After discussion, Lemons advised the owners that it might be best to table the request to the August meeting. If the vote was taken and the zoning request was not approved, it could not be presented again for 12 months, he warned.

In the meantime, options could be sought to address the traffic concerns, he said.

The owners agreed, the request was tabled.