Harold Jeffcoat, deputy school district superintendent, said Monday that no one was injured when a Cabot school bus tipped over June 13 on a steep road shoulder.

He said there was one student on the bus, which was on Arkansas Highway 5 approaching Magness Creek when the accident occurred. He said the driver reported having swerved to miss a dog when the bus wheels went onto the road shoulder.

Once on the shoulder, the bus was caught in the steep road embankment, causing the bus to tip onto the right side. Emergency crews were dispatched to the accident, but no one was hurt, Jeffcoat said.

Fire Chief Phil Robinson said city fire crews responded to the accident, but by the time the crews arrived the driver and student already had exited the bus. Both elected not to be taken for medical treatment.

The fire crews also stanched the flow of fuel from the bus and directed traffic around the accident, Robinson said.