Beginning July 29, students new to Cabot School District in grades kindergarten through sixth will register at Central Administrative Office, 602 North Lincoln St., 501-843-3363

New students in seventh through twelfth grade will register at the appropriate building:

High School, 401 North Lincoln St., 501-843-3562

Junior High North, 38 Spirit Dr., 501-743-3572

Junior High South, 38 Panther Trail, 501-743-3573

Middle School North, 1900 North Lincoln St., 501-743-3571

Middle School South, 2555 Kerr Station Rd., 501-743-3570

Prior to a child’s admission to an Arkansas public school, the parent, guardian, or other responsible person shall provide the school with the following:

1) Copy of child’s Social Security card - the district assigns a student identification number used on documents that are public.

2) One of the following is needed to verify the child’s age: birth certificate; statement by the local registrar or a county recorder certifying the child’s date of birth; attested baptismal certificate; passport; affidavit of the date and place of birth by the child’s parent or guardian; previous school records; military ID

3) Health Records: up-to-date immunizations; emergency information form; home language survey; verification of residence.

Details of entrance and residence requirements and AAA guidelines regarding parental custody are available online at

Students who have attended school in another district should bring their latest report card, if available.

Students receiving special education services should bring a copy of the current Individualized Education Program (IEP).