Charges have been filed against a second person in the investigation of a Lonoke woman reported missing in July 2013.

Steven D. Boulanger, 36, Austin, has been charged in Lonoke County Circuit Court with abuse of a corpse; hindering apprehension or prosecution; and tampering with physical evidence; all are felonies. Prosecuting attorney Chuck Graham based the charges on an affidavit filed by investigators from the Lonoke County sheriff’s office.

The affidavit is from the investigation into the disappearance of Rebecca Lauer, 36, of Lonoke, who was reported missing by family members on July 28, 2013.

In January, Dennis R. Harrington, 41, was charged with capital murder and abuse of a corpse in Lauer’s disappearance. Capital murder is a class Y felony, with either life in prison without parole or the death penalty the only sentencing options.

At the time of Lauer’s disappearance, Harrington was on parole after serving confinement in Arkansas Department of Correction for terroristic threatening and aggravated assault. Parole was revoked after his Sept. 22, 2013, arrest for kidnapping and domestic abuse in connection with Lauer’s disappearance. He was returned to ADC Oct. 8, 2013.

Investigators claim Boulanger helped Harrington destroy Lauer’s body by burning it. Lauer was last seen at Harrington’s residence on Clay Hill Road in rural, northeast Lonoke County.

According to the affidavit, investigators acting on other information interviewed Boulanger in September 2013 concerning Lauer. At first, Boulanger said that he did not have information on Lauer’s disappearance, that he did not know whether Harrington had done anything to her or where she could be.

However, after he was "further interviewed," Boulanger revised his account.

Boulanger detailed how in July 2013 Harrington had come to his residence asking for help, and that [Boulanger] had seen the body of a female lying on the rear floor of Harrington’s truck.

The account tells of obtaining tires at another location, and of going Harrington’s house where, Boulanger said, he was sent into the house for some items.

Boulanger said that when he returned, Harrington’s truck was parked with the passenger side of the truck facing materials piled for burning and the materials were set afire.

Boulanger said that after about two to four hours, Harrington took him home and while en route [Boulanger] looked in the back and the body was gone.

Boulanger at first said that he did not see the body being put on the fire, but he believed that while he was at the house Harrington had placed the body in the burn pile and covered it. Boulanger also said Harrington never spoke to him about the body, and that he had not asked Harrington about it.

Acting on a search warrant on Sept. 24, 2013, investigators searched the area of Harrington’s residence, collecting "several items that were consistent with burned bones and bone fragments…"

A video was made of Boulanger describing the events and locations on the property. After the search, Boulanger revised his account. Harrington, Boulanger said, had told of being in a fight with Lauer and that Harrington did not know if she was struck unconscious or was dead, but it was decided she was dead.

Harrington had asked him to help burn Lauer’s body, and, Boulanger said, he helped put the body burn pile and burn her body.

The Arkansas State Crime Lab sent the fragments found in the search to the Center for Human Identification Laboratory of Forensic Anthropology at Denton, Texas. Two of the fragments were identified as human bone. However, due to the bones being burned, DNA could not be identified.

In other court actions - charges filed in Lonoke County Circuit Court, Jan. 25 – Feb. 7, 2014:

Stange, Michael William, 29, Austin, CR14-25: possession of controlled substance – schedule I/II (methamphetamine or cocaine)(felony); habitual criminal – small.

Goss, Donald Eugene, 41, Austin, CR14-26: possession of controlled substance – schedule I/II (methamphetamine or cocaine)(felony); maintaining a drug premises (felony).

Melton, Corey, 5-88, Alexander, CR14-27: fleeing (felony); reckless driving (misdemeanor); driving with suspended license (misdemeanor).

Deleon, Fabian Rock, 4-29, Cabot, CR14-28: possession of methamphetamine or cocaine with intent to deliver (felony); use or possession of paraphernalia to manufacture methamphetamine or cocaine (felony); possession of drug paraphernalia to ingest or inhale (felony); possession of controlled substance – schedule VI/I (misdemeanor); possession of drug paraphernalia (misdemeanor); refusal to submit to arrest (misdemeanor); fleeing (on foot)(misdemeanor); habitual criminal – large.

Kirtley, Charles Allen, 31, Lonoke, CR14-29: criminal mischief (felony); habitual criminal – small.

Miller, James E., 62, Lonoke, CR14-29: criminal mischief (felony).

Carson, Christopher Robert, 31, Cabot, CR14-30: simultaneous possess of drugs and firearms (felony); possession of methamphetamine or cocaine with intent to deliver (felony); possession of drug paraphernalia to ingest or inhale (felony); habitual criminal – small.

Allen, Juan Marcel, 36, North Little Rock, CR14-31: possession of methamphetamine or cocaine with intent to deliver (felony); use or possession of paraphernalia to manufacture methamphetamine or cocaine (felony); possession of controlled substance – schedule III (misdemeanor); possession controlled substance – schedule IV/V (misdemeanor); possession of controlled substance – schedule VI (misdemeanor).

Williams, Jimmy Carrel, 30, Lonoke, CR14-32: furnishing prohibited articles (felony).

Pearson, Mark, 12-70, Tumbling Shoals, CR14-33: commercial burglary (felony); theft of property (felony).

Rudd, Justin, 19, Cabot, CR14-35: possession of controlled substance – schedule I/II (not methamphetamine or cocaine)(felony); possession of controlled substance – schedule VI (misdemeanor).

Martin, Stephen, 3-78, Lonoke, CR14-36: use or possession of paraphernalia to manufacture methamphetamine or cocaine (felony); habitual criminal – large.

Jenkins, Raymond, 53, Crossett, CR14-37: escape (felony); domestic battery (misdemeanor); criminal mischief (misdemeanor); resisting arrest (misdemeanor).

Sinkey, Shawn Hunter, 24, Cabot, CR14-38: residential burglary (felony); protection order violation.

Dolphin, Andrel, 38, Scott, CR14-39: aggravated assault (felony); possession of firearm by certain persons (felony).

Clark, Ronald Dean, 44, Lonoke, CR14-40: engaging children in sexually explicit conduct for use in visual or print medium (felony)(eight counts); distributing/possessing or viewing sexually explicit conduct involving a child (felony)(nine counts); habitual criminal – large.

Boulanger, Steven Douglas, 36, Austin, CR14-42: hindering apprehension of prosecution (felony); abuse of a corpse (felony).

Hitchcock, Wayne II, 30, Cabot, CR14-44: theft by receiving (felony); habitual criminal – small.

McGahey, Traci D., 40, Cabot, CR14-45: forgery (felony)(six counts); theft of property (felony).

McClure Larron, 27, Gilbert, CR14-46: theft of property (felony).

Rousch, Jonathen Charles, 9-90, Austin, CR14-47: theft of property (felony).

Seiter, Bradley, 36, North Little Rock, CR14-48: theft by receiving (felony).