We hope you enjoyed your summer and are ready for an exciting new year at Cabot Public Schools. Faculty and staff have been preparing for the studentsí return and are ready to welcome them back on August 19.

The primary mission of our school district is to provide an outstanding academic program for every student. We fully recognize that students will not be successful, regardless of the quality of instruction, if they do not feel safe, respected and appreciated in our classrooms. It is my goal to ensure, working in partnership with our building administrators, that we do our very best each day as a school district to provide a secure environment that presents every student the opportunity to be successful.

Many improvements have been made throughout the district since school dismissed in May. Additional parking area was added at Ward Central Elementary. A dining room expansion is also underway at Ward Central that will be completed in early spring. The construction of the Freshman Academy continues to progress with plans for a grand opening in the fall of 2014.

We remodeled the press box and added a band shell at Panther Stadium. Our technology department added additional wireless access points in our schools to support our expanding use of technology.

Every school in the district received attention from our custodial and maintenance staff over the summer preparing for that exciting first day of school.

My request to parents is that we work together. I would be ecstatic if we never had a concerned or upset parent anywhere in the district. While this may be wishful thinking, I do believe that we can alleviate a lot of frustration by keeping the lines of communication open at all times between school and home. Please keep in mind that it is hard for a student to be positive about learning when they hear negative comments about the school, teacher, principal or even the superintendent.

Rather than being frustrated with a situation, call or visit the school as soon as possible to address the problem. Most issues can be resolved through communication with the teacher. If a problem is not resolved at that level, then contact the building principal. I cannot assure you that we will always solve every issue to the degree that you may want, but I do believe that we can work together, compromise when appropriate, and agree to disagree at times with the understanding that we are all in this for the sake of our kids.

As you can see, a lot has been going on this summer and we are ready for the 2013-14 school year. I thank you for your continued support and participation and look forward to a new school year.