According to information from the Lonoke County Sheriff’s Office, the Saturday drowning of a Sherwood man at a recreational area near Cabot, remains under investigation. Sheriff’s spokesman Lt. Jim Kulesa said Tuesday that information is still being collected, but there is no sign of foul play.

Alvis Aaron Jordan, 19, of Sherwood was found by members of the Cabot Fire Department dive team several hours after he apparently entered the lake after becoming overheated.

At about 7:50 p.m., Saturday, June 16, a report of a possible drowning at Indian Lakes was made to the sheriff’s office. Indian Lakes is a recreation area on West Lewisburg Road in north Lonoke County.

Sheriff’s dispatch sent fire-rescue personnel and deputies to the scene. The Cabot Fire Department dive team made a search of the area where Jordan last was seen.

The sheriff’s report notes that witnesses said Jordan became hot while changing two flat tires, went into the lake to cool off and went under the water.

The dive team found Jordan at about 10 p.m.

Kulesa said Tuesday that the death remains under investigation. "We still have a couple of interviews we want to do, and we are waiting for the results from the [State Crime Laboratory]. But there is no sign of foul play. We are just trying to find out exactly what caused him to drown," Kulesa said.