Percentage-wise, re-funding of Cabot’s sales and use tax and six bond issues for improvement projects were approved by a lopsided, 72 percent margin in the special election held Tuesday. Total of the bond issues for projects ranging from wastewater system improvements to building an addition to the Cabot Community Center would be about $51 million.

There were 833 votes cast in the election; there are about 12,900 voters registered in Cabot - a turnout of about 6.5 percent.

Mayor Bill Cypert said he is excited about the changes coming to the city. "Now it is time get things moving," he said.

Cypert repeated his pledge to keep "hands-on" for all the projects. "As chief executive officer of the city, I will make sure everything remains on time and as promised," he said.

Unofficial results of the election:

•Refunding the 2005 bond and sales tax ($11m) 613-213

•North Terminal Interchange and connector railroad overpass ($9.5m) 594-238

•Highlands Drainage improvements ($500,000) 546-277

•Library Expansion and Renovation ($2.6m) 612-215

•Community Center Expansion And Renovation ($5.46m) 602-225

•Wastewater Collection System Improvements ($8.2m) 598-231

•Parks and Recreation New Infrastructure ($13m) 594-238