Think you want a speed bump? City officials have a process to follow to determine whether or not to install a "speed calming device."

The process begins with a request for a device, better known as a speed bump.

The request may be done online at, or by calling Public Works at 843-4819.

On the city website, select "site tools" on the top tool bar, then select "action center" from the drop-down menu, then select ‘traffic complaint’ from the form menu. Fill out the requested information.

After receiving the request, the public works director will evaluate the location.

If the director feels the request is valid, the resident will be notified and provide the resident with a petition, for signatures of residents of the location, for a traffic study .

With a completed petition, the director will request the Police Department do a vehicle and speed check at the location.

The results of the speed check will be discussed by the residents and city staff, and then the director will decide whether or not a calming device is needed.